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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Thomas that he wants to brief him on something. There will be some changes here at Forrester. Steffy tells Liam the same thing. She will now be sharing the CEO office with her father. She is okay with it and so is Liam. She is glad Quinn and Ridge have buried the hatchet. Now all she has to worry about is Thomas. Aunt Sally calls her niece, Sally, and asks how is her girl. She is having a ball with the horses and her boy toys. Now she wants to know if Sally Jr. has looked into the state of the building like she asked. She says she knows she has heard it all before but get that tuchus off that barstool and make Spectra sing again. Shirley Spectra shows up and says CJ is dead set on selling. Sally says they are on their way. Ridge tells Thomas that his sister has done a remarkable job in her job but Eric has asked him to step up and be co-CEO. The Spectra women look the old place over and it feels like the original Sally never left; at least her spirit is still here. Sally Jr. says it is up to them to revive that spirit. CJ joins them and wants to know what this is all about. He wants to sell this to someone who can tear it down. He hates to see it go as he grew up in this place but he can’t keep it.

Sally Jr. tells him they can do it. She just spoke to Sally and they can revive this place. CJ tells Shirley to talk to Sally. They have to sell this place before it falls down around them. He knows this is where Sally ruled the roost; he was there. Shirley says this would make his mother proud and they can make it like the good old days. He says that is not him; he does not have his mother’s magic. Sally says okay then sell to her. She is crazy like a fox and thinks it can work. DJ thinks it is a huge risk. She argues that it is an heirloom, a landmark and he is selling it to her. He finally says he will give her six months, deal. Sally says they are going to turn this ragtag old building into a thriving business just like Sally would have wanted. Steffy tells Liam that she is worried about Thomas as now he is being passed over again. Thomas does take it rough; now he will be down another place in line after Ridge and his sister. Thomas tells him it should be them running the company. They are the designers; Steffy will be gone in six months to do whatever she wants to do. This is a cop out. Ridge says this is what is best for all of them and not over-react. Thomas reminds him that even if Steffy steps down later there is always Rick that will want to jump back in. Thomas says he was not consulted at all. It is like he does not exist. They are making major decisions without him. He is dealing with Caroline and his baby being away but now he has to come back and deal with this. This may be what is best for Ridge but now it is time for him to look out for his own future.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer told Adrienne about a story she’s doing on the docks.  Jennifer said it involved influential families.  Adrienne asked if Sonny was involved.  Dario busted Gabi in the office at TBD.  She asked him about the work Myron does.  Dario wondered if she was up to something.  Jennifer told Adrienne that Titan is involved in whatever is going on at the dock.  Jennifer told Adrienne what she knew about the dock.  Adrienne went to find out what was going on.  Deimos told Nicole she would get her daughter back, but she didn’t believe it.  Brady assured her that she would get her daughter back.  Gabi met Abby and told her she was almost caught in the office.  Gabi said they couldn’t go back to the office.  They had to use people they knew to help them.  Gabi though they could ask Sonny.  Andre and Chad talked bout getting the Orwell back.  Deimos, Brady, and Sonny talked about the power of the Orwell.  Adrienne overheard them talking about the key that can activate the Orwell.  Deimos busted her outside of the room.  Chad told Andre that he wanted to end the war.  Chad wanted to protect the family.  Deimos wanted to know why Adrienne was at the mansion.  She lied about why she was there.  When Adrienne left, Deimos told Brady and Sonny how important the Orwell is.  Brady and Sonny were hesitant to help Deimos.  Maggie comforted Nicole about Holly and Daniel.  Nicole was convinced she would get Holly back.

Brady and Sonny agreed to help Deimos with the plan.  Eduardo was upset that Dario tried to kill Deimos.  Eduardo said he would handle it if someone had to be killed.  Dario told Eduardo that something was coming in the docks tonight.  Eduardo wanted Dario to call him if something went down.  Sonny met Gabi at the pub to find out what was going on, but he wouldn’t tell her.  Adrienne told Jennifer about the shipment coming to the pier.  Jennifer went to the dock to see if she could see what was going on.  Gabi told Sonny that she wanted to help with the war, but he said he had to go.  Abby made a copy of Sonny’s keys so they could get in the Kiriakis mansion.  Jennifer tried to open up the crate at the dock.  Two guys showed up at TBD when Dario was about to go to the dock.  Jennifer opened the crate and was surprised by what was inside.  The two guys at TBD beat up Dario.  Andre got sick after drinking his champagne.  When Nicole found Dario, he told her Deimos had him attacked.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina confronts Anna about Valentin. She accuses Anna of being a snob which Anna doesn’t agree with. It does however make Anna start to cry the further Nina accuses her. Nina then notices a picture on Anna’s screen. She realizes that it is Valentin before the surgery. Nina still thinks that he is and was an amazing man and storms off. Anna later looks into Valentin’s files and something comes up as restricted. She calls up the agency only for them to delete everything off her computer. At the Floating Rib, Lulu tries to get Valentin to agree to joint custody. Valentin doesn’t want to do that anymore though. He doesn’t want to share Charlotte. Nina shows up and Lulu leaves angry promising that she will win. Nina admits to going to confront Anna and seeing the picture. It changes nothing about how she feels about him.

Michael finds Nelle at the park and admits he knows about her boyfriend. Nelle tries to claim she doesn’t know what it is she is having the man but it feels right for her right now. Michael understands and still wants to be friends. At Sonny’s house, Carly and Bobbie are looking for photos for a school project that Joslynn has. Nelle and Michael show up so that Nelle can have the photos copied. Nelle becomes increasingly angry around Carly and when everyone leaves the room Bobbie confronts her and it ends with them screaming at each other. Michael and Carly return and Nelle leaves. Carly wants to know what was going on. Bobbie promises it wasn’t her fault. Michael agrees and explains that Nelle is dealing with family things today. Carly understands. At General Hospital Sonny is escorted by a police officer after he claims to have back issues. Griffin checks up on him. While this is going on Sam is yelling at Julian in the lobby. Sonny requests to wait in Jason’s hospital room until his X-rays are done. Griffin agrees to this. In Jason’s hospital room Sonny and Jason stage a falling out that Julian overhears. He believes it to be true and calls up his sister Olivia to confirm they have nothing to worry about.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon makes Mariah a cohost on GC Buzz and Hilary surprises everyone by telling the audience that she caused Mariah to fall and she asks her to forgive her. Billy shows Victoria the meme that Zoey posted calling her a wicked witch and tells her that Reed was embarrassed when he saw it. Victoria apologizes to Reed for embarrassing him in front of his friends. Victoria gives Reed tickets to a concert by a music group he likes, and he invites her to go with him. Jill is upset that Lauren made a deal with Jack without consulting her and plans to buy Jack's 49 percent of Fenmore's, but Colin persuades her to think about it for a day. Jack and Lauren sign the partnership deal, which makes Jack very happy.

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