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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende and Thomas talk over lunch about their lives. Thomas was with Caroline and Douglas and sorting out his personal life. Zende is still concerned with his future with Nicole. He vows to do what is right with Nicole. Thomas says he was not even considered for the CEO position so now it is those who are with Steffy and those who are not. So Zende should look out for himself and his own future. Zende tells Thomas to hang in there and not feel so unappreciated. It will all work out. Ridge tells his dad that it sounds like his trip to Genoa City was a success. Eric says yes and the flight home gave him time to think what he wants to do now with the CEO chair for the future. Quinn says it is time to put their past aside and move forward with the company. Eric says he is very pleased with Steffy’s performance with the company but he also is very pleased with Ridge for staying when he was passed over. He praises Quinn for showing him the way to forgiveness. Eric says he was disrespected and betrayed but he chooses not to think that way now. It is time to move on. He loved it when they ran the company together and he hopes it will be that way again with Steffy and Ridge running it. Ridge says he cannot be grateful enough and he’d like to tell Steffy himself. Eric says he owes it all to Quinn; Ridge catches her eye and smiles.

Ridge makes it to Steffy’s office and lays it on her that Eric wants him to be co-CEO with her. Of course it catches her by surprise. He assures her quickly that she is not being demoted and he is not brought in to help her because she cannot do the job, but Eric wants them both to be the future of this company and Quinn helped him see that. They can do this. They can take it to new heights. He agrees with Eric, he thinks they can complement each other. And working with her like he did with his dad will make him very happy. Zende sneaks up and takes pictures of Nicole saying she is the hottest new executive. A total female stranger walks up and tells Thomas she would like to change his mood. She wonders if it is money worries. He says no, it is family business and nothing she can say now will change his mood. Zende tells Nicole that he knows he messed up and he will always regret hurting her. He still loves her and maybe that is not what she wants to hear, but it won’t go away. He will not give up on her. He is fighting for them and if he has to prove it he will. Ridge wants to hear Steffy’s thoughts. If she thinks she cannot accept this he can make the phone call. After careful thought she says she would be honored. She holds out her hands and says she cannot wait to start. He says before the announcement there is one phone call to Thomas first. He calls and tells Thomas he needs to see him at the office the first chance he has. the young woman is surprised to hear his name is Forrester and parts with saying they probably will meet again. She tells the waiter that her name is Sally…..Sally Spectra. Ridge tells Steffy that he is grateful they get to do this together and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told Paul that she had to be the one to bait Stefano.  She said she could take advantage of Stefano.  Steve, Rafe, and Kayla thought Marlena was risking her life.  Rafe agreed and said they could beat him at his game.  Eric continued to take care of Hope, but he didn’t have the medicine she needed.  He snuck out and went to the hospital.  She was hallucinating and thought she heard Ciara talking to her.  Ciara was upset when Claire wanted to make a movie about Hope being on the run.  Ciara told Claire that she was worried about Hope.  Eric ended up seeing Jennifer and Julie at the hospital.  Paul was still convinced that Marlena’s life is in danger if she goes after Stefano.  Julie was upset with Jennifer for writing the story on Hope.  Shawn told Jennifer and Julie that Raines wanted the police to use force to find Hope.  Jennifer asked if Shawn heard from Hope.  He told her about the email he got.  Julie wanted to see the email.  Eric snuck in a drawer and got the pills Hope needed.  Paul wanted to call John to Prague so he could talk Marlena out going after Stefano.  She wanted to talk to him alone.  Steve and Kayla talked about Marlena being bait.

Theo told Ciara that he talked to Abe about Hope.  Theo told her that Abe is going to make sure nothing happens to Hope.  Ciara was grateful to him for talking to Abe.  When they hugged each other, Claire saw them.  Eric ran into Jennifer at the hospital.  She wondered if he broke out of prison too and he said that he was on parole.  She wondered if she would ever see him again.  He said that she wouldn’t.  Jennifer found out that Anne is going to work with her on the paper.  Marlena tried to convince Paul that she could be the bait to bring down Stefano.  Paul finally agreed to let her do it, but he was going to keep his eye on her.  When Eric got back from the hospital, he saw that Hope was gone.  Shawn went to Raines to stop him from using force on Hope, but it didn’t do any good.  Eric found Hope outside and kept her from getting caught.  Jennifer was upset that Anne was working for her.  Anne told Jennifer that Lucas talked Adrienne into hiring her.  Jennifer was upset again, but agreed to let her work for her.  Claire used Hope as an excuse to get Theo to comfort her.  Shawn continued to look for Hope.  Eric gave Hope the medication she needed.  Rafe told everyone about a ball that Stefano would go to.  He said Stefano’s alias was on the invitation.  Rafe also said the invitations went out so they were going to have to find a way to get in the ball.  Paul said they would find a way to get in the ball.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason attempts to leave the hospital but Sam walks in. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her about him being admitted. Jason explains what Julian had told him about other’s being involved. While this is going on, Sonny is trying to get information out of Ava. Ava claims to be done with the business though and has no ideas. Jason calls up Sonny and asks if he can get over here. He needs to see his old friend. While this is going on, Alexis is cleared of not killing Tom Baker. Julian shows up at the station at the request of Dante. He thinks that he is responsible for Franco’s disappearance. Alexis walks out and Julian tries to convince her that he wants to be her friend. Diane is still with her and wants her to go to her hearing. Alexis isn’t ready to practice law yet though.

Franco realizes that Elizabeth is in danger and when he cannot find Nathan he makes a run for it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds out that Seth is responsible for Tom’s death and kidnapping Franco. Franco shows up and starts beating him up. Elizabeth gets him to stop and Seth is taken away in handcuffs. Elsewhere, Valentin admits to Nina how he knew Anna and how he used to be a hunchback. At Anna’s house, she explains to Laura and Lulu how she used to know Valentin back in the day. She thought he was a good person back then. She suggests that Lulu try getting shared custody until someone can find proof otherwise that Valentin is a bad person. Lulu leaves. Laura warns Anna to watch out for Valentin. Nina shows up at Anna’s house later wanting to know what she wants with her husband. At the Floating Rib Lulu and Valentin meet to discuss what to do about Charlotte.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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