Monday 1/30/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie asks again to Ridge and Quinn if she was interrupting something. Quinn admonishes her for just showing up again without notice. Katie gives the story that Pam was out of eggs and she came right over with them, not knowing that Quinn and Ridge were in the middle of something. Then she even jumps ship by asking why Quinn suddenly changed her mind and now wants Ridge to even help Steffy be CEO. Liam jokes that this ring, his ring is not like a tattoo as it is never coming off. He says he needs the ying to his yang. They are totally opposite but they fit. She says she loves him and cannot wait to be his wife again. Quinn asks Katie what is it she suddenly thinks she knows. On second thought, she is not going to stand here and be questioned in her own home, so just go and do not come back unless invited. She leaves but guess what – Katie doesn’t. She questions Ridge and tells him to be careful. She does not want him to fall for Quinn’s beguiling ways. He says his father is the softie, not him. She reminds him that he is marrying her sister so he does not need Quinn ruining his life. There are two sides to this woman. She has seen it firsthand. He knows this woman’s history and she wants him to keep his distance. She is like the kiss of death. Quinn is on the stairs and overhears it all.

Liam says he has a question for Steffy. What about Wyatt? Why did she pick Liam over Wyatt when he is the charming one, the one with an edge, who never does wrong and there is never another girl in between. She says simply that she just knows that she is the center of Liam’s world and she does not want it any other way. They disrobe and begin making love. Quinn slowly comes downstairs while Ridge is staring at the portrait of Quinn. She is in sexy nightgown and loose robe. She says she did not know he would still be here but she did hear what Katie said. He apologizes and says Katie does not know her like he does. They stare at each other and then he grabs her and kisses her. Quinn grabs her head and her heart – it was her fantasy nothing more. Ridge leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Chloe she was taking Holly home with her.  Chad told Gabi that he chose Abby.  He asked if she was okay with it.  Raines ordered JJ to work with Lane to find out whatís going on with the DiMera/Hernandez/Kiriakis feud.  Nicole told Chloe that she was going to get custody of Holly. Chloe didnít want to talk to Nicole without a lawyer.  Nicole reminded Chloe that she agreed to be her surrogate.  Nicole tried to convince Chloe to let her see the baby.  Chloe gave in when she threatened her.  Chad wanted to talk to Gabi, but she wasnít interested in hearing that his marriage was working.  JJ and Lani talked about working together.  Nicole tried to appeal to Chloe again, but Chloe didnít fall for it.  Chloe reminded her that she stabbed someone. 

Deimos threatened the guy Nicole stabbed.  Deimos told him his family would be sorry if he didnít help Nicole.  JJ and Lani worked on the case.  Lani wondered if Gabi knew what was going on with her family.  Brady showed up while Nicole and Chloe were arguing.  Nicole and Chloe told Brady what happened.  Nicole asked to hold Holly.  Nicole said Chloe was making an enemy with the wrong people.  Brady took Chloe out of Chloeís room.  When JJ and Lani went to TBD, he saw Gabi and Chad together.  JJ asked if Abby knew they were together.  Brady tried to keep Nicole calm so she wouldnít go after Chloe.  Gabi told JJ that she didnít owe him an explanation.  Chad told JJ that he and Abby were working things out.  Nicole wanted Brady to talk to Belle so she wouldnít help Chloe, but he said she would get another lawyer.  Nicole told Brady about her fear that Chloe would bond with Holly.  Chloe called Belle and told her that Nicole went to see her.  Brady told Nicole that she would get Holly back.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna shows up at General Hospital to discuss Griffin’s feelings after he found out about Claudette. He believes Valentin killed her. Anna promises that she is going to find out what Valentin is up to. She goes into his history. While this is going on, Nina and Valentin are at the Floating Rib for mac and cheese. Valentin explains how Charlotte came to be with Lulu's embryo and his sperm. Later, Anna shows up telling him that she gets why he kept the picture of her. This makes Nina question what is going on.

Sam finds Franco at the storage facility and gets him to assure her that he won't give up Alexis to the police. She believes he really has changed. At the police station, Kiki begs Nathan and Dante to go find Sam and Franco. While Dante has to stay back with Alexis, Nathan goes to find Franco and takes him to General Hospital where he is too weak to answer any questions. Nathan tells them that he last saw Elizabeth at the station leaving with Seth Baker. Kiki tells Franco she loves him and kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, back at the station, Alexis willingly goes through with a confession. Diane shows up trying to stop her, but she continues on with the lawyer next to her. While looking at a photo of dead Tom, Alexis comes to the realization that she didnít kill him, and Dante believes her. Diane thinks that looks like a murder in the crime scene and Alexis would have been acting in self-defense. Dante agrees. He still thinks Franco did it.

At his house, Elizabeth tries to get Seth to realize that Franco didnít kill Tom, but he doesnít believe her. When she decides to leave, she finds an album filled with photos of women in town, herself included. Seth realizes that his brother was still stalking and hadn't changed. Elizabeth tries to leave with the album to show the police, but Seth blocks her at the door. Franco at the hospital remembers where he had seen the basketball trophies and comes to the conclusion that Elizabeth is in trouble.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Underground has an electronic dance music party with an electronic dance music artist and the club is filled with people. Michael and Lauren have some fun and celebrate her getting a great deal with Jack to save Fenmore's. Phyllis and Lauren enjoy telling Gloria that she still owns Fenmore's, and she will never have a job there. Jack and Gloria later get drunk at Top of the Tower and almost kiss. Ashley decides to accept Ravi's invitation to go to the Underground after work to enjoy the electronic dance music. Phyllis realizes while she is watching Michael and Lauren dancing that she is lonely, so she puts a profile up on a dating website. Sharon and Nikki share their pain over not being able to see Dylan again. Paul arrives to tell them that Dylan arrived safely at his new undisclosed location, and he asks Sharon to tell everyone that Dylan left her, because he couldn't forgive her for lying to him about Christian. Sharon doesn't want to do that at first, but she agrees to the lie to keep Dylan safe.

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