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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Ridge that his martini is not quite as good as his father makes but it is passable. He thanks her that if he becomes CEO again it is all because of her, and he will never forget that. Katie comes over while Pam is working in the kitchen and they discuss Quinn, of course, how she wants to cut all sugar out of Eric’s diet. Pam says she will mention kale but in reality she will be making a big batch of new lemon bars. Then Katie whispers what does Pam know about Ridge becoming CEO as per Quinn’s wishes. Pam says she must have misunderstood. There is no way Quinn would want Ridge as CEO. Rick tells Steffy if he was she he would just elope right now and take a nice long honeymoon of a few months, heck the entire year if she likes. He would not mind stepping up and taking over in her absence. Wyatt tells Liam that he is going to find a woman who does not even know Liam. He is tired of playing second fiddle to him. They hug. When Steffy comes home, Liam greets her welcome home with a glass of wine for her in his hand. He confides in her that for the first time he thinks he might have a real relationship with his brother.

Katie tells Pam not to get ahead of herself, it is only in the talking stage right now until Eric gets back to town. Pam thinks it is something between Ridge and Quinn, they can’t stand each other but they do seem to be chumming it up more and accepting each other. Maybe they are having real feelings for each other. Ridge tells Quinn that it turns out he had nothing to worry about and he wants to thank her. He thought she was encroaching on the family and trying to take over and influence Eric and the company. Liam tells Steffy that they have talked about their future a lot…..and he told her when that tattoo was off then they need to secure that future. He pulls out the ring box and asks her if she will spend the rest of her life with him. She says yes of course and he slips the ring on. Then he says she needs a guy like a rebel who will mutilate himself so he proposes they get matching tongue piercings. Brooke calls and talks to Katie. She says not to stay away too long as Ridge is really looking forward to them getting married. Ridge tells Quinn that he can really be charming at times. Look at them, they are still here and the sky is not falling. She calls him Chicken Little. He says he is pretty sure the fox does not kiss Chicken Little in the end. He likes her better than that portrait; she is a real lady and he will owe his CEO to her. He grabs her up around the waist and twirls her around just as Katie walks in and wanders what they are up to.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole saw Danielís ghost.  She told him about Holly and how she stabbed someone.  Chloe told Maggie and Victor that Holly is Danielís daughter.  Brady went to see Nicole and told her that Holly is her daughter.  He said Justin was ready for a fight.  Chloe told Maggie and Victor how she became Nicole and Danielís surrogate.  Deimos interrupted Chloe to let them know that she kept the baby from Nicole.  Victor and Deimos ripped into Chloe about keeping Holly.  Chloe told them she was suing for sole custody.  Nicole apologized to Brady for getting upset with him when he told her the truth about Holly.  She told him she was grateful to him for telling her.  He told her that Chloe had Holly.  Chloe told Victor and Deimos that she was going to be able to keep Holly because she is a great mother and her name is on Hollyís birth certificate.  Maggie wanted to talk to Chloe.

Chloe let Maggie hold Holly.  Chloe told Maggie why she was keeping Holly from Nicole.  Maggie thought Chloe should let Nicole keep Holly, but Chloe didnít agree.  Shane told everyone that the photos of Stefano werenít him.  One of the pictures ended up being a match for Stefano.  Rafe wanted to go after Stefano, but Shane stopped him.  Steve suggested that they bring Stefano down themselves.  Marlena wanted to be the bait to take down Stefano.  Deimos tried to reach out to Chloe.  Justin told Nicole that he posted her bail.  Deimos apologized to Chloe for what heís done.  Deimos warned Chloe that she was going to lose Holly.  Chloe told him she would see him in court.  Nicole went to see Chloe to get her baby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Dante confronts Alexis at her house and wants to ask her questions about Tom Baker. Alexis refuses to be asked such things and will not without her lawyer. After Dante leaves Diane shows up and Alexis is unsure she wants to go to her hearing. At GCPD Elizabeth confronts Seth Baker who has shown up to find out why Franco isn't in jail yet. She ends up following him home where he insists that Franco did it. Meanwhile, Sam follows up on the where Kiki found the paper. She ends up finding Franco and freeing him, however she doesn't tell Kiki in time and Kiki goes to Dante to inform her that Sam might be in trouble.

At General Hospital, Hayden and Finn come back after being on Medical leave. Brad greets them at the elevator where he goes on about getting credit and money for his helping in finding a cure. Hayden doesn't have time for this conversation and goes off where Amy confronts her. She wants to know about her and Finn dating. Hayden eventually admits they are. Meanwhile, Griffin discusses Finn supposedly having back pain and writes him a prescription for 20 pills. Brad hears this and blackmails him into giving him credit and money. Otherwise he will tell the hospital board and Hayden.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan has arrived home to Sharon's. Sharon urges him to let her go away with him, so they can be together. There is a knock on the door and it is Paul. Paul and Dylan hug. Dylan tells Sharon that he would like to see Nikki before he leaves. After Sharon leaves, Paul and Dylan discuss what happened with the drug dealer. Dylan recounts how he fought with one of the henchmen and got shot. Sharon rushes into Nikki's and tells her that Dylan needs to see her immediately. Nikki rushes out to go and see Dylan. Lauren meets with Eric Forrester of Forrester Creations at Newman Towers. After discussing family for a few minutes, Eric asks her why she didn't call him sooner. Back in his office at Jabot, Jack is determined to get his hands on Fenmore's no matter what the cost. Nikki finds out what had been going on while Dylan was gone and that he was having to go into Witness Protection and would never be able to come back. Nikki lets him know how sorry she is about things and that  she loves him. Dylan says he understands.

Sharon wants to see Faith, but Victor says that she is gone. Victor tells Sharon that she can show herself out. Kevin goes by Sharon to give Dylan all the information that he needs to start his new life with a new identity. Sharon comes in and tells them that she will go upstairs to pack. Dylan, Paul, and Kevin are speechless. Lauren gets a call from Jack to meet him in his office at Jabot. Jack wants to know Lauren's decision when he presents her with the papers to sign for him to gain ownership of Fenmore's. Lauren declines because she has another offer. Eric lets himself be known. Jack and Lauren come to a major decision which will allow Lauren to keep ownership of Fenmore's much to Jack's regret that he won't have the highest percentage of the company.

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