Thursday 1/26/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/26/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Clearly things are not all that great with Thomas as he makes a snarky remark to Steffy about him being passed over for CEO. He wonders if his name was even mentioned when it was handed out. Steffy says she earned the position as her grandfather gave it to her. And if it had not been her, then it would be Quinn. The Foresters came before them and they will after them. Katie stops by to return something to Eric and he tells her the old district where Sally used to work is being razed. The last he heard of Sally she was lolling around, sipping rum out of her coconut attended to by hot and cold cabana boys. Quinn speaks with Ridge and says she hopes she did not overstep but she went to Eric last night and wants to offer the company more experience by naming him a Co-CEO. He wonders why she would do that. She says she minds him a lot less these days. Eric’s health is improving but she is afraid of him coming back to work so she would like another seasoned hand at the wheel. She wants them all to get along. She used to think he was the most conceited man in the world. Now maybe that is only the second or third. She mentions Wyatt. She does not want him to remember her as the mother who was overbearing so she is willing to be better too.

Nicole brings in a tray of Quinn’s jewelry and Ridge wants to properly place one around her neck to take a better look. He says the stones are misfits but they complement each other nicely. Quinn confides in Ridge that the doctor gave Eric permission to fly now and he is making a one night flight to Genoa City. Their hands touch and linger when he hands back her jewelry tray. He goes to see Eric and asks what this trip is about. He says Lauren Fenmore wants him to come. When he comes back he’d like to take some time to sit down and talk. He feels like he may have been a little harsh on Ridge. He does not like them being estranged, distant and disappointed. He’d like to re-assess his position in the company. He can thank Quinn for that. Ridge says more than anyone else in this world he loves and respects Eric so have a safe trip. He then stares at the portrait of Quinn above the fireplace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Chad that she and Gabi were working on their relationship.  Abby told him that she was strong enough to help him fight the war with the DiMeras and Titan. He told her that it wasn't her fight. She told him it was her fight.  He liked her response and kissed her.  She wanted to take him to bed.  André told Kate that they were going to get the Orwell device back.   Adrienne and Lucas met to talk.  They talked about how he and Justin were in limbo. She told him that she couldn't be with anyone right now. He told her that she was worth the wait.  She told him that she needed someone to cover for her when she is sick.  When Anne walked in, he suggested her to take her place. Anne joined them to talk about a job. He said Anne would be perfect for the job, but Adrienne said the position was filled.  She told Anne that there was a manager job, but she had to talk to Jennifer.  Anne didn't have a problem with working for Jennifer.

Marlena told Rafe that she, Steve, and Kayla showed Stefano's picture around, but didn't get anywhere.  Rafe had nothing.  Paul was retracing their steps. When Kayla said they should go get ice cream, Rafe was furious. He thought they didn't care about Hope, but Steve told him to calm down.  Rafe got upset again.   Marlena tried to calm him down.  When Steve and Kayla left, Rafe said he wasn't upset with Steve. He was mad at the situation and how they weren't getting anywhere.  Eric took care of Hope. She called him a good person who messed up. She knew that he would trade places with Daniel. When she fell asleep, he said he couldn't be redeemed.  Kate and André showed up at the DiMera mansion to talk to Chad. Chad told Kate and Abby that André sunk a Titan ship. André explained why he had to retaliate against their enemies. Chad told André and Kate to figure out a way to get the Orwell back.  Steve and Kayla saw a fortune teller. The fortune teller told them they were in love and that a wedding was in their future. The fortune teller got upset. She saw a fire, deception,  and a phoenix. When they went back to the hotel, Rafe apologized to them.  Shane called and said there was one more chance to prove that Stefano is alive.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth pays Dante and Nathan a visit at GCPD and is able to convince them that Alexis might be responsible for the murder of Tom Baker. Dante decides to look into it. While this is going on, Sam informs Alexis and notices the bottle that is open on her desk. Alexis promises that she isn't going to open it and will not let anyone in, later on when she is emptying the bottle outside though Dante shows up to ask her questions in regards to Tom Baker. Sam ends up finding a piece of paper on the ground at the Floating Rib that is a rescue letter from Franco Elsewhere, Lulu is dealing with the after math of telling Charlotte she is her mother. She goes to Laura to seek advice and Kevin ends up upsetting her with his own advice.

Carly shows up at Sonny's and notices that there is mail addressed to Morgan. When she tells Sonny, he admits he hasn’t been able to read any of it. Carly and he try reading some of it and notice a credit card statement. Morgan was gambling. They cannot handle this and Carly leaves. Meanwhile, at the Metro Court Kiki and Dillon are on a date but Kiki doesn't want to call it a date. Carly shows up and is angry at her. Kiki confronts her though and they leave on a good note. In her office, Carly finds Michael and Nelle. She sends Nelle on a job. While alone Michael admits to having feelings for Nelle but Carly doesn't think they are returned because Nelle is seeing a married man. Nelle shows up to Sonny's house to search through Morgan's mail. They have a confrontation and Sonny tells her that if she keeps feeding her anger, it will consume everything else she cares about.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria talked to Nikki about her troubles with Reed. Nikki helped Victoria put things in perspective and gave her advice on parenting a teen. Nikki bonded with Reed and urged him to give Victoria a break. Sharon and Dylan had a happy reunion. Dylan told her that his cover had been blown, so he had to leave to protect himself and everyone he loved. Sharon said that she would go with him. Paul flew home from Miami, and he and Chris were elated when Dylan called Paul. Neil was thrilled when Lily told him she'd been hired as spokesperson for Brash and Sassy's men's line. Cane told Billy off for hiring Lily without discussing it with him first, and Lily saw them arguing. Lily and Cane went to dinner, and she urged him to tell her how he felt about her taking the job. Cane admitted that he was unhappy that she'd gone back to modeling. Victoria and Billy ran into each other at Brash and Sassy.

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