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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/25/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells the group that they have tried everything to get rid of Quinn but she has agreed not to make trouble around here so they may as well accept her. They are not friends but he will accept her. Though they hate to, they do acknowledge that her jewelry accentuates his new designs beautifully. Ridge says she even brings out the best in his father so he will take a page from him and learn to mellow out too. The reunion has begun; Liam brings Steffy home and they both say the divorce is final and there is nothing to stand in their way now. He can’t believe it is true, that she is not married to Wyatt anymore. She tells him Wyatt was quiet nice and made it all easy. He says he loves his brother but after earlier today he was not expecting this. He will have to thank him and he wishes he could be happy too. Wyatt tells Eric and Quinn that it was hard to let Steffy go but she did not love him as much as Liam so there was no reason for him to hold onto her. He has been grateful to live here but it is time to go now. Quinn says go on with his life and have a good one. He hopes it will be as good and trusting as their own.

Quinn thanks Eric for all he has done and then adds perhaps they have been too harsh on Ridge by giving the CEO position to Steffy; perhaps that was too hasty. One thing she learned in S.F. is beyond all that bluster he is a very sensitive guy. He has hurt and betrayed Eric but he felt that rejection in return too. She says she has learned to accept Ridge and now she hopes the family can too. Eric asks how and she says perhaps a win/win situation with making peace in the family by bringing him and Ridge closer together. Just think about bringing Ridge in too as CEO. Liam waltzes Steffy around the floor and welcomes her home……taking off her clothes and guiding her to the bed. She says this is nice but she still feels awful all the things she put him through. He says it was hard as he felt her slowly slipping away. She assures him she is never going to slip away from him again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and Gabi decided to come up with a way to end the war with the DiMeras, Kiriakises, and Hernadezes.  Chad and Sonny met to talk about the war between their families.  Dario was determined to get the hard drive back.  Brady told Deimos that he made Chloe tell Nicole the truth.  Roman told Nicole that her situation was serious.  He told her the guy she stabbed was still alive.  Chloe called Belle so she could sue for custody of Holly.  Brady told Deimos what happened when Nicole found out the truth.  Chloe told Belle why she had to sue for custody of Holly.  Nicole wanted Roman to get her baby, but he said he couldnít do it.  He said there was nothing he could do for her.  Abby and Gabi talked about them being in love with Chad.  Gabi didnít want to talk about that and talked about their plan.  Gabi told Abby to come on to Myron to get the chip back from him.  Sonny told Chad that they could work together to work against Dario, but Chad wasnít interested.  Belle wasnít interested in helping Chloe because Nicole wanted a baby.  Chloe threw up in Belleís face that Nicole stole Sidney from Sami.  Chloe continued to convince Belle to help her.  Abby went to see Myron and tried to come n to him.  Sonny said he could talk to Deimos and Chad could talk to Andrť in order to end the war.  Deimos went to see Nicole, but she was upset with him for not telling her the truth.  He said he was getting her out of prison and getting her child back.  Belle agreed to help Chloe.   Belle told Chloe that her chances werenít good. Brady showed up at Chloeís hotel to talk to her.

Chad didnít think Sonnyís plan could work.  Abby asked Myron what he was working on.  He told her it was top secret.  Deimos told Nicole that he would fix her mess.  He said Chloe would be behind bars.  Brady found out Belle was going to be Chloeís lawyer.  He tried to talk Belle out of helping Chloe.  He said Nicole was going to get Holly once she made bail.  He also warned Chloe that someone was watching her to make sure she didnít take Holly away.  Belle told Brady that Chloe was Hollyís mother, but Brady didnít buy it.  They ended up arguing until Chloe left.  Belle talked to Brady about Chloe getting custody of Holly.  Myron started to tell Abby about the plan, but Dario showed up before he could finish.  Abby lied about why she was in the office.  Sonny asked Deimos if Dario sent the hit man after him.  Deimos said he would take care of it.  Sonny didnít want any violence and tried to talk him out of it.  Roman showed up at Chloeís room.  Deimos went to see Dario to confront him about putting a hit on him.  Deimos warned him to watch his back.  Roman told Belle that they were giving Holly a paternity test.  Brady told Nicole that Chloe got a lawyer.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis and Jordan kiss passionately and make their way to the bed. Jordan stops him though before they go any further. She is with Andre and doesn't want to go back to him or so she claims. Curtis thinks that is not true but Jordan demands he leaves her room. Kiki and Dillon are on a mission together to get Franco's phone to work. Dillon has a way to get it to work which leads them to them to the storage facility and across the hall from where Franco is being held captive. Meanwhile, Sam and Elizabeth are arguing about what to do with information on Franco and if Alexis could have been Tom Baker's killer.

Jason is poisoned by Julian. At General Hospital, Monica is the one to try to figure out what is wrong with him. She and Tracy discuss what could possibly be going on outside his hospital room. Inside, Julian has found his way in and explains the situation with Rudge. While this is going on Alexis is at home dealing With Diane who wants her to go to her board meeting to get her license back. Alexis is reluctant but Diane insists. She leaves a bottle of wine for Alexis which Alexis ends up opening out of stress.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack admits to Phyllis that he used Gloria to sabotage Lauren's potential investors. Lauren manages to find another investor whom she is keeping a secret from everyone. She plans to meet with the investor tomorrow. Billy and Victoria have a big argument, because Victoria is upset that Billy didn't tell her that he had the sex talk with Reed. Reed thinks Victoria is cold and mean for treating Billy so badly for giving him advice and advises Victoria not to cut Billy out of Johnny and Katie's life. Kevin informs Paul that Fisk has been arrested, but Dylan is still missing. Paul continues to look for him, but he is relieved that the blood found at the warehouse didn't belong to Dylan. Fisk tells Paul that he has no idea where Derek is, and he thinks that one of his associates took him. Paul finds a bracelet that Dylan wears as part of his disguise while he is undercover and worries that Dylan may be dead. Christine tells Sharon that Dylan did his job and has gone missing. Sharon hopes that Dylan will come home soon. While she is looking at a picture of the two of them, Dylan arrives home.

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