Tuesday 1/24/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/24/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks Quinn is she is fine and she says yes and wants to know if he is. They agree they are on the same page. She says he made a promise that he would not tell what they did. Katie drops in and Ivy tells her that she is worried about Quinn. Liam continues to whine to Bill that if Steffy really doesn’t walk through that door soon he is walking out of town. She should have been here by now. He will be gone out of her life, out of the country. All he does is wait and wait. She either wants to be with him or not. She is late, and is not answering the phone and yet she is not in touch…….what could that mean? Wyatt winces as the doctor begins his tattoo removal. Steffy tells him this may sound strange but this has been kind of fun. He gives her the papers and says congratulations as they are now officially divorced. She says he made it a lot less painful that it could have been. He says she was never his to begin with and he owes it to his brother to man up and do this. They give each other a big hug. Bill tries to convince Liam that Steffy just lost track of time so call her again. But he is on the phone to the jet pilot by now. Bill says it looks like Steffy is not going to show, so take the jet and go anyplace he wants and blow it all off and then return. Liam says he is so tired and he is not going to put up with it anymore.

Steffy walks in and finds Bill and says she lost all track of time. Bill says Liam gave up and is on his way to the airport so she better hurry to stop him. Katie tells Ivy that she has no idea why Quinn is so worked up if she did not mention her visit to Eric the other day. Quinn tells Ridge that she does not think she will ever forget S.F. and she won’t think about it again but they do need to keep this a secret. Ridge says he has come to think of her in a different way. Steffy finds Liam’s car in the parking lot and runs to find him but then sees a plane overheard. She is distraught; she has missed him. But miraculously she spies him at the other end of the lot and calls out his name and they run toward each other. She shows him the papers that it is final and they kiss repeatedly.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady made Chloe tell Nicole that Holly is her baby.  Chloe ended up telling Nicole the truth.  There was tension between Ciara and Claire when they moved in their apartment.  Shawn and Belle showed up at the apartment.  Claire told Shawn about what was going on between her and Ciara.  Claire told Shawn that Ciara should stay with Jennifer because she needed adult supervision.  Shawn agreed to talk to Ciara.  Ciara talked to Shawn and Belle about Claire and Theo’s relationship.  Nicole couldn’t believe that Holly was her baby.  Chloe told her how she became pregnant with Holly.  Abe showed up at the apartment to talk to Theo and Claire.  Abe wanted to make sure they stay in school.  When Nicole wanted to hold Holly, Chloe wouldn’t let her hold her.

Chloe gave Holly to a police officer and took her out of the room.  Nicole was upset that she took her baby.  Brady calmed her down.  Nicole asked how long Brady knew.  He said a few weeks.  Brady told Nicole that Deimos knew.  He told her how they figured it out.  Nicole was upset that no one told her.  Nicole was upset with Chloe for not telling her.  Chloe tried to justify why she didn’t tell Nicole the truth.  They got into an argument over Holly and Deimos.  When Nicole tried to get Holly, she found out she was getting charged with attempted murder.  Chloe took the baby and left.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

After Sam discovers Julian at Alexis' house, her mother tells her the truth about her drinking, Julian blackmailing her into taking care of him after she ran him over, and her possibly killing Tom Baker. Although she apologizes to her daughter, Sam can't hear that yet and rushes out. Julian asks to meet Jason and succeeds in poisoning him, since his boss keeps insisting on neutralizing him. Although Carly is back with Sonny, she can't live with him, because she and Josslyn are struggling with his violent lifestyle. Michael & Nelle manage to convince Josslyn to fight through her grief for Morgan and give Sonny another chance. They take Joss to Sonny's house where she hugs him and asks to visit with Avery.

Stuck in Baltimore due to his truck breaking down, Jordan & Curtis stay in a hotel and reminisce about old times. She wants them to try to get Buzz back to Port Charles to prove that Sonny is innocent in the car bombing. To get her mind off work, Curtis brings her take-out from a place they used to frequent which they both loved. Then they play a game of poker, and he teases her about not being able to keep a straight face. All their playful banter then leads to kissing. Elizabeth confides in Kiki about finding Franco's cell phone in the back alley of the roadhouse. Kiki volunteers to take the damaged phone and get it working again, promising to leave the police out of it for now.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

While Cane and Lily have lunch at the Athletic Club, she is very preoccupied. Lily finally tells him that Devon remembers everything, and he should kick Hilary to the curb. At the offices of Brash and Sassy, Jill and Billy go over the proofs of the pictures that Lily made for their new fragrance. Jill wants to run the idea being the new spokesperson for Brash and Sassy by Cane before she mentions it to Lily. At home, Victoria tries to talk to Reed, but he is not listening to her. Victoria reprimands him for missing school yet again. Billy and Jill discuss parental instincts and how Jill hadn't always been there for him, but she always loved him. They also discuss how Billy is there for his children as well as for Reed. Lily tells Cane that Devon could have died in that accident, and it would have been Hilary's fault. Cane wants Lily to cut Hilary some slack and for them to work it out. They both get a text from Jill to come to the Brash and Sassy offices. Victoria tells Reed that she has a babysitter coming to take care of Johnny and Katie. Reed is against the idea of having a babysitter.

Jill tells Lily and Cane as well as Victoria about Lily being the new face of Brash and Sassy. Lily eagerly accepts the offer. Cane is less than enthused. Lily, Victoria, and Billy go off to sign the contracts while Jill and Cane discuss Lily. Cane tells Jill that it is Lily's decision, and he will stand by her whatever she decides. Hilary decides to give everything back to Devon and to just walk away from him. Chelsea joins Hilary while she is packing and asks if something happened to Devon. Chelsea and Hilary discuss their marriages and the problems they face. Lily finds out from Cane that he doesn't want to share her. Lily starts to kiss him to show him he won't be forgotten. They decide to celebrate her new job right there in the office. Victoria and Billy walk in and find Reed kissing Zoey. Victoria demands that Zoey leave. Victoria finds out from Reed that Billy knew about this, because he told him all about sex.

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