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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy sips on her wine and tells Wyatt she knows why she is here; he wanted to reminisce. He says good idea but that is not the main reason. He says they had a great life and no matter what happens they cannot take that away from them. Steffy listens but then says do not do this. She cannot give him what he wants. Legal eagle, Carter drops by and says he has some papers. Liam is shaken when Bill just walks in and asks if Steffy is late. Liam says yes, he is so sick of these people….if only Ridge……. He tells Bill that Wyatt called and Steffy came running. He hopes this will be over tonight. He does not like it with her being at Wyatt’s beck and call. Ivy walks into Quinn’s office and sees her looking off in the distance and knows something is wrong. Both Eric and Pam praise Ridge for his latest sketch/design. She says it must be love. Eric dispenses of Pam and laments to Ridge that he has heard Quinn’s side of the story, now he’d like to hear his. He knows the trip wasn’t all that he expected. He has waited a long time for Ridge to see Quinn like he does. But he does not expect that in one day. He appreciates all he did to get closer to her. He asked what brought that on and Ridge cannot give him a good answer.

Bill tells Liam that he likes seeing him all fired up and determined. Liam says it is fine with him if Eric wants to be lead around by the nose by Quinn, even her with Wyatt, but not Steffy. Wyatt pulls out the papers and hands them to Steffy. Carter wishes them luck and says his job is done. She is shocked that their divorce is finalized, signed, sealed and delivered. He says he wishes they were renewing their wedding vows but he knew that was not what she wanted. He is not the man she wants to be with and he does not want her under pressure but only because she wants to be. She gives him a big hug. He says it is an act of love. Another gentleman comes in and Wyatt tells her she has one more treatment with her ring finger before their marriage is over. Liam fills Bill in with Ridge and Quinn being in S. F. without a referee. The idea was to get her out of their lives for good but it did not work. Quinn thinks back on the times with Ridge, in the outdoor shower when he saw her, helping her with her sprained ankle and touching it in the steam room and then the kiss in S.F. The technician tells Steffy the finger will need to be bandaged a little longer but the tattoo has been removed. Bill tells Liam do not lose faith. Give it a little more time like he is giving Brooke. Quinn is shaken but tells Ivy she just needs to be alone right now. Ridge is pretty warm himself and leaves his office. Suddenly he finds himself behind the scenes with Quinn looking into her big blue eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Dario put a hit out on Deimos.  Eric thought Hope was dead until she woke up.  Brady confronted Chloe about Holly being Nicole’s baby.  Justin talked to Deimos about ending the war.  Rafe talked to Carrie about finding Stefano.  He also told her how worried he was about Hope.  Eric rushed to get supplies to save Hope.  Chloe denied Holly being Nicole’s baby.  Brady told Chloe what led him and Deimos to believe that Nicole is Holly’s mother.  Deimos told Justin that they had to give up the war.  He imaged that Rafe told her she was free to go.  Brady told Chloe that Philip mentioned her embryo when he had the truth serum and continued to confront her.  Justin warned Deimos that he could die if he kept up the war.  Nicole stabbed Dario’s hit man before he could attack Deimos.

Carrie told Rafe that Hope was going to be okay.  Nicole told Deimos that the guy was going to kill him.  When Dario heard the police sirens, he thought the job was done.  Brady kept grilling Chloe about the baby.  Hope told Eric that Hattie snuck her out of prison.  She thought they would have killed her.  She needed him to tell her.  Chloe told Brady the truth about the baby.  He thought she wasn’t right to keep the baby from Nicole.  He said she was telling Nicole the truth.  Justin told the police what he saw Nicole do.  Justin and Deimos grilled Nicole about what led her to stab the hit man.  She told them the warning Dario told her.  Nicole was arrested.  Rafe told Carrie how he and Hope got together.  Hope asked Eric about why he was drinking.  A police officer questioned Nicole about what happened.  Dario called Nicole to find out what happened.  She confronted him about trying to kill Deimos.  Brady and Chloe showed up at the police station to see Nicole.  Nicole told them what happened.  Chloe refused to tell Nicole the truth once she heard what she did.  Brady went after her.  Eric was upset when Hope brought up Nicole and his family.  Deimos let Nicole know that the hit man was in surgery.  Brady told Nicole to stay hopeful for herself and her baby.  Nicole wanted to know what he was talking about when he said her baby.  Chloe was at the door listening to their conversation.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Charlotte doesn't take Lulu's news very well and runs out of the linen closet, slamming the door so hard that it jams. In order to get out, Lulu goes through the duct in the ceiling and falls through. She is totally embarrassed to have fallen on top of the cake and asks Dante to help her up and get cleaned up. On their way out, Lulu admits she made a terrible mistake when she told Charlotte the truth. Valentin comforts his daughter who's upset that Lulu told her she's her mommy. Valentin promises to explain all when she's old enough to understand the words "in-vitro fertilization" and "surrogacy." Meanwhile, she has wonderful Nina to love her. Once Charlotte falls asleep on Valentin's shoulder, they leave the Metro Court. Anna speaks with André and Griffin about her run-in with Valentin on the balcony. She still only remembers a little of the time when he made unwelcome advances to her at the training academy, and she rejected him. She says he thanked her, because her refusal inspired him to make changes in his life, which she doesn't believe. She thinks he came to Port Charles to get revenge against her.

Scott assures Elizabeth that he doesn't believe Franco killed Tom Baker, but he may have run away to stay out of jail since his car is still in Gene's parking lot. Elizabeth approaches Gene and gets him to tell her where Tom was murdered. When she goes in the back alley, she finds Franco's phone in the mud covered in blood. She is horrified to think what happened to him. On their honeymoon, Nathan presents Maxie with lots of thoughtful gifts. The last one is a pair of handcuffs in remembrance of how they spent their first night together. In need of sustenance, Hayden and Finn finally get out of bed and go to the Floating Rib. They run into Brad who realizes that Finn is still hooked on Zen-Zen, a highly-addictive drug, and lying to Hayden about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary tells Jack that she ruined her marriage because she didn't tell Devon the truth like he advised her to do. Hilary tells Jack that she never realized how much she wanted to have a child with Devon until they started planning to have a baby. Devon tells Lily and Neil that he wants to divorce Hilary, because he doesn't recognize the man he has become since he married her. Hilary tells Devon that she will give him the divorce, because she loves him and the best thing she can do for him is let him go. Michael's friend Craig backs out of the deal with Lauren, because he gets a better deal from Jack. Lauren tells Jack she will consider his offer if he puts it in writing that she can still run the company and Phyllis can stay on as an employee. Paul worries that Dylan's cover is blown, but Kevin gets an audio file from Dylan showing that he made the deal with Fisk. Kevin later gets a call from Dylan on the secure phone line, but Dylan doesn't respond when he calls him by his cover name Derek. Christine wants Paul to wait and let her get a warrant and do everything by the book so they can get a conviction for Fisk. Paul heads to Miami to find Dylan when he hears he wasn't at the warehouse where Kevin traced the phone call.

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