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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn says she knows she ought to be grateful but she cannot believe Ridge will say nothing of what happened in San Francisco when he has tried so hard to get rid of her. He quips who would believe him now. Wyatt tells Eric that if he really is that guy for Steffy then he should not have to try so hard to convince her of that. That is why he is moving back out to his place. Liam tells Steffy that their life has been on hold for too long and he should not have let it go on this long. Quinn will always try to get her son back with Steffy, so they need her to understand now that is not going to happen. Wyatt tells Eric he wants somebody to believe in him just like Eric believes in his mother. Quinn says she needs Ridge’s word that he won’t breathe a word of this. He says the kiss is their secret. Steffy wants to know why her divorce is so urgent. Who is Liam blaming this on, just who? He says all of them. Wyatt calls and wants to see Steffy at their place. She tells Liam that Wyatt says it is important. She tells Liam that she wants a future with him. He says he knows she loves her grandfather but their relationship has to come first. Get that tattoo off her finger, go see Wyatt, set him straight there is no more marriage and then come home to him. Eric hugs Quinn and says it feels so good to have her back. He wants to hear all about her and Ridge and the symposium, but first he wants to tell her that Wyatt made a decision to move out, to get his life back. She should be proud of him; he will be fine. She thanks Eric for being there for him and her as well. She hates being away from him. Wyatt pours a glass of wine for Steffy. She almost declines but say one glass but no toast. He just wants her to remember the good times but to bad timing. She toasts to that.

Liam charges into Ridge’s office after receiving his text. Ridge says Quinn did nothing. She did not cross the line. He thought he knew how she would re-act but he didn’t. Eric wants to hear all about Quinn’s trip. She said it was not as she expected. Eric says that is good. He wanted her to be with Ridge and let him see Quinn is not the woman that he kept saying she was. She says they are never going to be best friends but they got along all right. Eric says good, nothing would make him happier to know they can get along in the same space. Steffy tells Wyatt they came here to talk and she thinks they need to do that. He tells her to quit listening to that clock. Just forget about that divorce and focus on the now. Eric pours drinks and has a surprise for Quinn; martinis for him but tequila for her. She is shocked. She tells Eric that she thinks they have been too harsh on Ridge. He is not the enemy and she is exactly where she wants to be now without talking about Ridge. Things are good and she wants them to stay that way. She does not ever want to lose him. Ridge tells Liam that he knows what he told him but it was a bad plan and it never is going to work. He knows Liam is frustrated but Steffy is going to have to work this out for herself. He lies again when he tells Liam that nothing happened at all. But both Quinn and Ridge think about the kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and Gabi snuck into Eduardo because they were worried about the fight going on with the Kiriakis and DiMera families. They heard Chad telling Dario that he wanted peace before there is a war. Dario wasn't sure if he could trust them. They agreed that Andre is dangerous which is why they want to put an end to the war. Dario found out how Sonny figured out how he smuggled the microchips in the handbags.  Gabi realized why Dario was acting the way he was over the pocketbook. Dario didn't want to tell Chad and Sonny the technology of the device.   Dario said Myron would have it up and running in a month. Sonny told him that his family had the programming.  Dario said they would get it back.  Sonny reminded him why the programming was stolen in the first place.  Sonny told him that Eduardo was an assassin.  Dario was upset. Chad stopped Sonny from starting with Dario.  Sonny didn't want to take orders from Chad. They all ended up in an argument.  Chad walked away from them.  Abby and Gabi left before Dario could see them. Dario called Myron and offered to give him more money to finish the programming.  Dario said he was going to go after the person who stole it from them. 

Eduardo saw Kate and wanted to apologize to her.  She told him sorry wasn't enough. He begged her to forgive him.  She told him they were done.  She said the trust was gone. When Nicole told Brady that she thought any date she would pick for the wedding was cursed,  Deimos told her they could elope. He wanted to take her to dinner.  When she left, he called someone and said he wanted the key that made Andre's technology work. Deimos told Brady that Titan will be back on top.  Nicole went to see Chloe and spent time with Holly.  Nicole invited her to the wedding, but Chloe wasn't interested.  Chloe almost told her the truth, but told her to break up with Deimos.  Nicole said she couldn't.   Chloe said they couldn't be friends anymore and she couldn't see Holly. Nicole cried and asked to hold Holly.  Chloe agreed to let her. Nicole gave her the baby and said they would be friends.  When Chloe was about to leave the hospital, Brady showed up and asked if Holly was Nicole's baby. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At the reception, Maxie and Nathan share their first dance. Later on, Maxie and Mac have the father-daughter dance and Nathan dances with his mother. While this is going on, Nina informs Griffin that Claudette died and drowned in a river. Griffin is not able to take this well and while Valentin is outside, he confronts him and accuses him of killing Claudette. Valentin starts beating him up. Anna and André run out to help. Anna stops him and cannot believe that he would do this. She later remembers who Valentin is and is puzzled. Charlotte has overheard Griffin accusing Valentin of killing her mother and she runs off to a closet. Lulu follows her and tries to help her feel better. It ends with Lulu admitting that she is Charlotte’s mother.

Elizabeth goes to Sam’s place to attempt to help Franco out. Sam doesn’t want to hear it, though, but Elizabeth insists that it isn’t Franco who is responsible for Tom Baker’s death but Alexis. At Alexis’s house, Ava goes looking for Julian. While she is there, she taunts Alexis about her drinking and doesn’t think she will get any better until she kicks Julian out and has a heart to heart with her daughters. Until that happens, Alexis will continue to drink. Elsewhere, Julian confronts his sister, Olivia, who has decided to go along with his plan for the time being. When Julian leaves, Olivia talks to pictures of Duke with whom she is still obsessed. She determines that Anna will suffer for them not being together.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Mariah, who believed that Hilary had told Devon everything, apologized for publicly revealing that Hilary tripped her. Devon confronted Hilary, who initially lied. Hilary swore she'd do anything it took to save their marriage. Devon told Hilary it was over and ordered her to leave the penthouse. Kevin and Paul discovered that Sharon called Dylan, then Paul asked her about it. Sharon opened up to Paul about her love for Dylan and fear for his safety, and he assured her that Dylan would come home to her. Sharon promised not to do anything else stupid. Michael assured Phyllis that she hadn't broken any laws by approaching Ravi with a job offer. Michael and Phyllis talked about the possibility of Craig investing in Fenmore's. Ashley told Jack about Phyllis's attempt to poach Ravi. Jack and Ashley took Ravi to dinner and offered him a contract. Gloria met with Jack and told him that Lauren had another potential investor. Phyllis saw Gloria and Jack scheming. Ashley got to know Ravi. Dylan didn't react when he saw Fisk have a man roughed up for betraying him. The man was dragged outside and a gun went off. Fisk questioned Dylan about the woman who called him. Dylan gave Fisk a cover story. Fisk agreed to sell the drugs to Dylan. Fisk told his henchman take Dylan to the pier to pick up the shipment. Dylan was alarmed when he realized they were headed away from the pier. He tried to get out of the car, but the doors were locked. A worried Sharon told Mariah that she might have blown Dylan's cover. Mariah helped her calm down. Dylan's photo fell off the mantle and the frame shattered.

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