Wednesday 1/18/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/18/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn reflects back on a few moments with Ridge, especially the kiss. Eric calls and wants to know if she made it home all right. She says yes, she took an earlier commercial flight while Ridge stayed to do more business. She will be home shortly. She hates being away from him if only one night. Ridge walks into her office and hears this. He asks why is she feeling so guilty. Wyatt walks into Steffy’s office and says he has good news and better news, which should be first? He starts again that her sexy new shots of the CEO is off the charts. Thomas walks in and Wyatt says he is just giving the public what they want. It is taking a life of its own. Katie drops by Eric’s with a piece of mail that was left at her place by mistake. Eric is happy to see it is from his brother, John. Eric convinces her to stay a while and keep him company. She is not sure that is a good thing considering how Quinn feels about her stopping by. He says he has seen that look in Quinn’s eye but he hopes she is not too intimidating. Quinn tells Ridge do not start; she knew she should have gone home first. But before she can say more Thomas, Wyatt and Steffy join in. Ridge has not seen Thoams in a while and gives him a big hug. Wyatt wants to hear all the dirty details of how they survived a whole day and a half together. Thomas tells his dad that he makes it sound like it was no big deal Ė Quinn had a job and she did it. Quinn jumps in and says Ridge was very gracious to her and she will always be grateful for what he said. When they all want more details Ridge says why donít they all take a breath and let it go at that. He is not singing her praises but just acknowledging her value to the company and that should be okay with everybody. He says he still has issues with her but she needs to get home to his dad if this inquisition is over, so meeting adjourned. As soon as he closes the door Quinn says he does not have to say any more. As soon as he can he will be going to his dad and telling him exactly what happened in San Francisco.

Liam catches Steffy back in her office alone and says good, they need to talk. He feels they have been tested more than any other couple he knows. He knows she hears his words but she does not always agree with him. She should never have moved out and that has to change. Her listening to her grandfather is not fair to them. She guesses that his dad fired him up. Liam says he also reminded him that Spencers never give up. Unfortunately that will also include Wyatt. He reminds her that Quinn is working overtime to pull all the strings, making sure that Wyatt and Steffy will be working alongside each other. This is a woman who has wrecked their lives. She physically tried to kill him and then she kidnapped him and took advantage of him. And that was not the worst part, that was that she stole months from them when they could have been together and now cannot get that back yet she has suffered zero consequences for that. She says over and over that she has changed but that is not true. And he accuses Steffy of placating Wyatt now and she is not doing Liam any favors. He does not want to be this guy that is constantly harping at her. Simple, their relationship has to come first before anything or anyone else. Wyatt stops by to see Eric and says his mother will be on her way soon but all things went well at the symposium. He wants to thank him for supporting his marriage. He does not want to pressure Steffy anymore. If they are meant to be together he should not have to work this hard to keep her. As long as he is living here it is putting Steffy right back in the middle of things. He intends to just quietly move back to his beach house. Eric tells him he will always have a home here. He wants to thank Eric for giving his mother peace and happiness. He knows they will never let each other down. Quinn tells Ridge to go home and tell his father anything he wants. She is not going to lie to him. Ridge says no, he knows her better now and he is not going to say anything to his dad. She cannot help but believe this is a trap. He says no, they should just try harder to get along. She says whatever happened between them she cannot explain but she loves her husband and this has to be their secret.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Dario told Eduardo that Deimos stole the hard drive.  Eduardo thought it was Kate, but Dario said it was Deimos.  Gabi warned Chad about the war between their families and the Kiriakis family.  Chad wanted Gabi to stay out of it.  Rafe called Shawn that he wanted to know anything he found out about Hope.  Paul told Rafe that the key was to a safe deposit box.  The police searched through Ericís house to look for Hope.  Rafe and Paul questioned a banker about the safe deposit box.  When Paul showed him a picture of Stefano, the banker said he owned the box.  The banker said the name Stefano used was Sergei.  Rafe and Paul found property deeds with the name Sergei on them.  When the cop left Ericís house, Hope asked Eric about not going home.  He didnít want to talk about it.

Eduardo told Dario that Kate was looking around the office, but Dario said Kate was innocent.  JJ showed up at Eduardoís office.  JJ wanted to question them about their shipments.  Rafe and Paul looked through the box and found a chess piece.  Rafe was suspicious that Stefano was playing with them.  Paul was suspicious that Stefano set them up.  Eric told Hope that he let Shawn know that she was safe.  She wanted to know how he ended up on the farm and he told her.  Gabi ran into Dario to tell him that she was worried about the tension going on with the families.  Dario wanted her to get JJ to stay out of their business.  Eduardo told JJ what was going on with the business, but JJ didnít believe him.  JJ said he was going to find out what was going on.  Eric continued to tell Hope about why he was on parole.  Gabi didnít want to tell JJ to ignore what was going on with the business.  Chad called Dario so they could meet with Sonny.  Before Dario left, he told Gabi to stay out of it.  Chad, Sonny, and Dario met to talk about ending the war. Eric told hope he wasnít going home.  She tried to talk him into going home, but he didnít want to hear it.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

GH did not air today due to President Obama's last news conference.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley stops Phyllis from stealing Ravi to work for Fenmore's, but Ravi makes it clear to Ashley that he had no intention of leaving his job at Jabot. Michael gets Lauren a meeting with his friend Craig who is interested in investing in Fenmore's. Lauren is mad with Michael at first, but after talking to Craig, she realizes that he would be the perfect investor for Fenmore's. Lauren tells Phyllis that Craig is a little too good to be true as an investor, but Phyllis tells her to take the deal, because they have no other choice. Dylan calls Paul and tells him that he is okay and tells him that Christine called last night and Fisk's assistant Alex answered the phone, but he tells Paul that he managed to save his cover identity/ He also asks Paul to let Sharon know he loves her very much. Dylan has a bit of an identity crisis, because he doesn't like the person he has become while he is undercover. Hilary apologizes to Mariah and asks her to put everything that happened in the past and not to mention it to Devon, because they are focusing on the future and plan to have a baby. Mariah sees Devon and apologizes for any part that she had in his accident. Paul and Kevin figure out that Sharon called Dylan last night and Paul is scared that Sharon may have put Dylan's life in danger. Alex takes Dylan to meet Fisk who is Michael's friend Craig who is planning to invest in Fenmore's.

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