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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn asks Ridge to leave but he says he is not going anywhere. Katie remains with Eric but he tells her she does not have to sit with him and wait. He trusts Quinn as much as she trusts him. Bill tells Liam that sometimes things take more time than you want, like with him and Brooke, but Liam should not give up on Steffy. Quinn says Ridge does not know a damn thing about her if he thinks she could ever deceive or cheat on Eric. He says perhaps; then maybe they need to get to know each other better. Steffy says she likes Wyatt and she does not want to put him through this but she and Liam have to wait. Eric tells Katie that it may seem foolish to her but he has total faith in his wife. Ridge tells Quinn to tell him about Quinn; make him understand. She doesn’t know what she could say about being abused and overlooked. Slowly she tells him about Bill who got her pregnant and then just tossed money at her. Then there were all the scumbags that came after him, including men her mother brought home. She vowed she would never let another man get to her like that. She rants to Ridge now she has found the one man who loves and respects her and she is not going to give that up ever. He understands why she would want to fight for Eric since he is the first man who treated her the proper way. Ridge says he is his father’s son and it is his place to protect his father from gold digger’s like her. She says he sees the world a lot differently. She is not a gold digger otherwise she would have gone after Bill and his billions. Ridge has never had to worry about paying bills or even feeding his child. She says she has hated all the things she has done to give her son a better life but they do have one thing in common, they would do anything for their children. She just had to be more creative than Ridge. There was years and years of hard work and then she found love and she is not going to let Ridge take that away from her.

Katie wonders with Quinn and Ridge together if they will make it back alive. Eric says there might be a broken limb or two but he is hoping this will bring them closer together. Ridge tries to convince Quinn that he does not want to take Eric away from her but he does not want her to prey on his life. He is only telling her the way he sees it. She says she has no other choice as she has been burned too many times. She’s had to push people away and she did not care if they thought she was a bitch. She did not care what people said about her, they made it through somehow. But the greatest man on this earth saw and loved her so she will not follow Ridge’s marching orders. She is not alone any more. She cries and he gives her his hankie. He says he will deny this but he knows now what she has been hiding and what his father fell for. Everything is going to be fine. She is amazing and she needs to trust that. He starts to leave and she calls him back to give him his hankie. He comes back and takes it and then holds out his arms and she gives him a hug. As she pulls back, he looks down and gives her a kiss which she responds to, then she looks up at him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric turned out to be the one who saved Hope.  He told her how he found her.  She told him what she remembered.  She wondered why he brought her to his house.  He said she would have been back in prison.  Paul told everyone that the guy in the trench coat wasn’t Stefano.  Steve thought that Stefano might not know they were looking for him.  Rafe said they might have walked into Stefano’s trap.  Kayla showed Joey and Jade their apartment.  Kayla gave Joey and Jade the rules in order to keep the apartment.  Jade found out that Ciara was living in the apartment too and was upset.  Things were tense between Rafe and Austin when Rafe told Carrie that he would find Anna.  Hope wanted to know how Eric got out of prison.  He thought she asked a lot of questions.  She ended up passing out.  Ciara and Jade got in an argument over the apartment.

Kayla lectured Joey about moving in with Jade when he doesn’t have feelings for her.  He said he knew what he was doing.  Hope didn’t want Eric to call the family because they would be accessories.  Rafe and Paul look at the surveillance and saw the person they thought was Stefano.  Rafe noticed that Anna was at the spot where Resnick was supposed to meet Stefano.  Joey reminded Kayla that he is a murderer.  Anna shot Steve and messed up the plan to get Stefano.  Eric had to sew Hope’s wound.  Austin and Anna got in an argument over her shooting Steve.  Anna wanted to avenge Tony’s death.  Austin told Anna that he and Carrie were taking her back to Switzerland.  Ciara met Shawn and told him that she wasn’t going back to school.  Shawn tried to convince her to go back. The police showed up at Eric’s house.  Rafe found a key that Stefano dropped.  It was to a safe deposit box.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

André counsels Jordan not to trust Curtis, but she decides to go with him anyway to see Buzz and leaves the wedding. Despite numerous obstacles in their path, Maxie & Nathan finally get married with Spinelli as officiant. Georgie manages to be there for her mother as well as Nathan's mom, Liesl Obrecht. Georgie and Emma are flower girls. While Nathan & Maxie exchange vows, numerous scenes from their past, such as their first meeting, play. Anna puts off informing Griffin of Claudette's death. Looking at Valentin, who is a guest courtesy of Nina, Anna's memories become more vivid. Lulu clashes with Valentin over telling Charlotte that she's her mother. At the reception, Spinelli announces the new couple but Maxie is keeping her maiden name.

At the hospital for a checkup, Sam is advised to take it easy, but she thinks she can handle herself. Jason does convince her to skip the wedding and go home instead. Before they can leave, though, Julian approaches them with something important to say. Before he can do so, Olivia runs in to check on her son Leo who may have swallowed some aspirin at the babysitter's. Fortunately, Ned rushes him to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Julian recognizes this as a threat from his mob boss and decides not to divulge anything to Sam & Jason, just cautioning them to be careful. After making sure his son is all right, Julian angrily goes to confront his sister, Olivia Jerome.

BONUS GH Recap Written by Anthony

The moment is finally here. Maxie and Nathan are about to get married when Felicia receives a phone call. It is from Lucy. She explains to everyone that Lucy’s flight has been changed and she will not be back to Port Charles in time to have Maxie and Nathan married. Robin reminds them all that Spinelli is able to help them out as he is an ordained minister from the time he married Sam and Jason. After, Maxie convinces him Spinelli agrees to do it. Liesl, shows up hurt that she was invited by text but soon has a change of heart and joins them all. Maxie and Nathan make their vows and are finally married.

Valentin shows up and Lulu demands that she finally be able to tell Charlotte that she is her mother. Valentin tells her that it is not the right time and Nina later agrees with him. Anna also promises to find out what Valentin is hiding from them. Also, Jordan and Andre argue about Jordan’s choice in going with Curtis to collect a statement from someone involved in Morgan’s death which she ends up doing so anyway.

At the hospital, Julian tries to tell Sam and Jason about Rudge and being used as a pawn when Oliva walks in from the elevator. Ned runs over and explains that Leo is getting his stomach pumped after being found with aspirin in his hands. The doctor comes over and explains that he should be fine but they are keeping him over night. Julian thanks Ned, Olivia is glad that Ned will be in Leo’s life. Outside by the elevator Julian decides not to tell Sam and Jason after realizing that Rudge did this to Leo. He makes up an excuse and then leaves. Sam and Jason do not buy it. Later, at an undisclosed location Julian shows up to find Rudge and demands to see the woman. The woman agrees and it is a woman who looks like his sister Olivia.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kevin is on the phone in Paul's office at the GCPD, but hangs up when Sharon walks in and wants answers about Dylan, but Kevin refuses to let her know anything. Dylan is in his car with one of Fisk's goons, holding a gun on Dylan. Victor, Nikki, and Faith arrive at Newman Towers for a family dinner. Nick, Christian, and Noah also arrive for the dinner. Nikki steps aside to call Victoria to see if she and Reed and the children are coming. Nick finds out from Victor that he invited Chelsea and Connor. Victoria yells at Reed to get ready when Johnny walks in all covered in paint. Reed comes downstairs and lets her know that he is not going to the dinner but then changes his mind. Nick and Victor discuss the fact that Faith had started a chess club at school. Chelsea and Connor make an appearance at the party.

Kevin receives a text and leaves Sharon alone in the office. Sharon eyes the desk drawer and wonders what is inside. The goon takes Dylan back to the hotel room to join the woman. Dylan wants to know how much longer before he gets to meet Fisk. Dylan starts to leave but sees the goon outside. Sharon calls Dylan but doesn't get an answer. The woman tells the goon to wait outside while she gets answers from Dylan alias Derek. Derek begins to kiss the woman to get her mind off Sharon calling. The woman and Dylan start to get undressed and kiss passionately. Victoria pulls Nikki and Victor to discuss business. Chelsea and Nick share some small talk and drinks. Nick toasts to their friendship. Noah goes to visit Sharon to bring her some dessert and to tell her about the Newman dinner. Sharon and Noah discuss Dylan being undercover. Lying on the bed, Dylan sees Sharon in the woman's face telling him that she needs him. Sharon looks at Dylan's wedding ring and thinks about him.

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