Monday 1/16/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/16/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn cannot believe Ridge would ever think she would fall in bed with him. He agrees he would do anything even to harm himself to get her out of his life. She says he is charming but this time he got caught. He won’t get out of this. Katie listens as Eric explains that by sending Ridge and Quinn off together maybe they would quit hating each other’s guts. Wyatt says Katie has known Steffy longer than he has so he wants to hear her opinion of Steffy staying with him over Liam. Liam tells Steffy that he understands she wants to wait before living together but he also knows these alliances between Quinn, Ridge and Wyatt can be overturned ever so easily. Quinn quips that Ridge thought he could seduce her. He says maybe not this time but who knows tomorrow. She says she knows some things about him, like he thinks he is special and wants people like herself to beg him. But those blinds are closed and no one sees inside. Katie tells Wyatt that she does not want to hurt him, but Quinn kidnapped Liam while he was impaired and then she was responsible for Wyatt marrying Steffy. He cannot just overlook and forget that. Steffy laments to Liam that it won’t always be this way with Wyatt and Quinn in their lives.

Quinn tells Ridge that it is amazing that he is made of the same stuff as his father. She wants him to take the key card and go to the other suite. She laughs that poor Thorne cannot get out of Ridge’s shadow no matter what he does. Wyatt says he does not think of himself as a loser just because he thought his marriage was real and now Steffy is turning him down. Ridge tells Quinn that she wants his father and to take his mother’s place. She is a control freak. She asks when is the time he ever wanted anything and then his roving eye looks toward something else. He said all he was going to do was take a picture to send to his dad. She says sure, and it had to be sexual. That is the way men win and women always lose. Sometimes they just want lunch or cab fare. He does that time and time again, always getting what he wants. But now it is her turn to say it is time for him to go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theo told Claire that he was wasting his time going after Valerie.  Claire was upset that Ciara told him they were wasting their time spying on Valerie.  Nicole and Chloe overheard Deimos threatening to kill Andre.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on.  Valerie showed up and was meeting Kayla.  Chloe confronted Deimos about killing someone.  Deimos made reference to what she’s done to children.  Theo told Claire that she was shallow.  Claire was upset with him.  Nicole wanted to talk to Deimos alone.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on.  He told her what was going on.  She also wanted to know what he meant towards Chloe.  Brady showed up at the mansion and saw Chloe.  He wanted to know why she was there.  He wondered if it was because of Holly.  Claire saw a comment about her and Theo dating outside of their race.  Theo wanted to get back at the person, but Valerie told him not to.  Nicole yelled at Deimos for threatening Andre.  He told her that he wouldn’t kill Andre.  She wanted him to promise not to be violent.  Chloe lied about why she wanted to see Nicole, but Brady didn’t believe her.  When he pushed her, she passed out.

Valerie gave Theo and Claire advice on how to handle hate.  Kayla showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to check on Chloe.  Kayla wanted Chloe to go back to the hospital.  Nicole wondered why Chloe had to leave the hospital to see her.  Nicole wanted to go to the hospital to see Chloe.  Nicole hoped Chloe would tell her what she wanted to tell her.  Nancy was there at the hospital with Holly.  Chloe told Nancy that she may never be able to tell Nicole the truth.  Claire apologized to Valerie.  Theo thanked her for not telling Abe on him.  Nicole told Brady that she would marry Deimos, but needed Chloe in her life.  Nicole was going to make sure they get along.  Nicole went to see Chloe.  She wanted to know why Chloe wanted to see her.  Chloe thanked her for bringing Holly in the world.  Nancy warned Brady to keep Deimos away from Chloe.  Nancy said she would treat him like a threat too if he didn’t keep Deimos away from Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Maxie goes to the airport and tries to book a flight to Portland, Oregon, to visit her daughter, but she runs into Spinelli who convinces her to return to Crimson's office. Spinelli then calls Nathan and informs him where his wayward bride is. Nina, Felicia, Lulu, Robin, & Olivia gather at the Metro Court to surprise Maxie with her dream wedding. Rudge plants a temp waiter working for him at the Metro Court. Rudge orders Julian to kill Jason, but he refuses to cooperate and threatens to tell his family the whole story of what he's been forced to do. Rudge puts his plan in motion to teach him a lesson. Olivia gets a call from Ned that something's happened to Leo, who's being taken to GH. Curtis goes to Jordan with Buzz's story clearing Sonny and offers to take her to the homeless man, so she can get his statement.

Jason & Sam visit Sonny who is going stir crazy under house arrest. When Sam's out of the room, Sonny tries to bring Jason back into his organization, but he declines the offer. Sam overhears and assures Jason she understands and is behind him. Since Sam experiences pain, Jason takes her to the hospital where she is cleared and told to take it easy, so they skip Maxie & Nathan's wedding and decide to go home; but before they leave, Julian, who's just had a check-up with Griffin, stops them eagerly wanting to tell them something. Griffin stops at Sonny's who confesses sleeping with Nelle. Griffin advises him to pray on it and decide whether he wants to be honest or spare Carly & Michael unnecessary pain. Michael takes Nelle ice skating and encourages her to make happy memories instead of dwelling on her unhappy past.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill asks Lily to fill in for a Brash and Sassy model whose flight got canceled, and Lily feels very happy after the  photo shoot. Cane pretends to be happy for Lily, but Jill and Billy can tell that he isn't happy that they used Lily as the Brash and Sassy model. Reed uses Victoria's credit card to watch pornography on the internet, but when Victoria wonders what her credit card was doing out on the desk, he says that Johnny and Katie must have gotten it out when they were playing. Jack advises Hilary to tell Devon the truth, because it is the only way to save her marriage. Hilary is determined to tell Devon the truth, but he tells her that Cane made him realize he is lucky to be alive, and he is going to stop acting in an irresponsible manner.

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