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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and Gabi got into an argument over her trying to protect her family.  Abby apologized to Dario about blackmailing him.  When Dario reminded her about the microchips, Chad wanted to know what was going on.  André warned Deimos not to steal from him.  Chloe asked Nancy where her baby was.  Gabi thought JJ was going after her family because of what happened between them.  He said he had to do the case.  André told Sonny that Deimos stole his property.  Deimos said he wouldn’t give it back.  André wanted to make him pay.  Deimos wasn’t worried about André’s threats.  Gabi overheard Deimos and André talking.  Abby told Chad what was going on between her and Dario.  Gabi told Chad to go to the Kiriakis mansion to help André.  The doctor told Nancy that Chloe looked good.  Nancy told Chloe that the baby was in Chicago.  Chloe didn’t remember what happened at first.  Chloe told Nancy what she remembered.  Chloe didn’t want to tell Nicole the truth about the baby.  Nancy said everything could blow up in their faces.  Nancy said that Brady suspected that Holly is Nicole’s baby.  Nancy told her that Brady tried to get Holly’s DNA.  Nancy needed Chloe to tell Nicole the truth in order to keep Holly out of Deimos’ life.

Deimos and André continued to argue.  Chad showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Chad got André out of the mansion.  Before André left, he threatened Deimos again.  Deimos told Sonny why he stole the microchips ad how effective they are.  Nancy said Deimos and Nicole would come after Chloe if she didn’t tell the truth.  Chloe’s blood pressure went up.  Chloe wanted to hold Holly.  Nancy agreed to let Chloe see Holly. André told Chad he would get the prototype back.  Chad said not to hurt anyone.  Deimos told Sonny that one of their ships were sabotaged.  Gabi warned Dario that the police were investigating him and Eduardo.  Chloe snuck out of the hospital to see Nicole.  Nicole told Chloe that she and Deimos were engaged.  Nicole and Chloe overheard Deimos say he would kill André.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Alexis seeks the support she needs from AA and asks for a sponsor to help her stop drinking after telling the members some of her sad story. Franco finds himself in trouble when, bleeding from the head, he awakens in a warehouse. He opens a few boxes and finds lamps inside, so he takes the bubble wrap and uses it around himself to keep warm. At the hospital, Elizabeth and Kiki worry about what happened to Franco. Kiki tells Elizabeth that Franco did not kill Tom, but he knows who did. He just doesn't want to hurt her, because of what he did to someone she loves. Kiki remembers him saying he wouldn't go back to prison, so Elizabeth worries that he ran away. When Elizabeth sees Alexis coming out of the meeting, she wonders if she is the one Franco is protecting, because of Sam.

Valentin denies Lulu's wish to divulge her relationship to Charlotte. Valentin breaks the sad news to Charlotte that her mother is dead. The little girl wonders if Nina can be her new mommy. Nathan, Nina, Dante, Lulu, & Dillon conspire to surprise Maxie with her own beautiful wedding, but they cannot locate her. After taking Hayden ice skating, Finn goes back to his hotel room where he draws her a hot bath. Hiding it from Hayden, Finn injects himself with the dangerous drug he's been using to stay alive. Afterwards, they begin to make love.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his office at Brash and Sassy, Jill and Cane have a talk about what Hilary did to Devon and will keep on doing to him. In the outer office, Billy and Victoria have a chat about how when J.T. comes home, Reed will be going back with him. Victoria reminds Billy that he can stop by and play with the kids, but when it comes to discipline, it all lays with her. Billy is offended that Victoria would think that he is a bad father. Victoria assures him that no one has said he is a bad father. Neil and Lily visit with Hilary and Devon in the hospital and make plans for when Devon is released. At the hospital, Dr. Rayburn checks him out and tells him that he can go home provided that he has a nurse to take care of him. They all agree. Dr. Rayburn notices Abby waiting outside to see Devon and tells him that he has a visitor. Abby walks in with some flowers in her arms. They all exchange pleasantries until Hilary takes the flowers and tells Abby that she will be driving Devon home. Neil gets a text from Jack to meet him. Neil leaves them alone. Victoria tells Billy that he is a "fun" father, but he is not there for disciplining. Cane and Jill join Victoria and Billy and lets them know that Devon is being released from the hospital. Neil tells Jack that Devon is going home. Jack wants to know if Devon had been drinking the night that of the accident.

Abby finds out from Lily that Devon is suffering from amnesia and doesn't remember what Hilary did to him the night of the ball. When Hilary and Devon arrive home, she helps him to sit down on the sofa. Devon reminds Hilary that he almost died in that crash, and he remembers too when he had meningitis. Jill becomes offended when Victoria accuses her of meddling in her life with Billy. Victoria confesses that she does have some deep feelings for Billy. Reed cautions Billy not to tell Victoria what they are about to discuss. Reed goes in his backpack and pulls out some condoms. Billy is taken aback that Reed is considering having sex. Billy questions him about only being fifteen and already considering sex. Cane joins Lily at the hospital and finds that Hilary has already taken Devon home. Neil tells Jack that Devon needs to remember what Hilary did to him the night of the gala in his own time. Neil tells Jack that the truth should come from Hilary. Hilary reads text messages from everyone who wishes him a speedy recovery. Devon goes to sleep and remembers the argument he had with Hilary and driving at a high rate of speed. He awakens with a start which alarms Hilary.

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