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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric springs it on Quinn and Ridge. He wants them to go to San Francisco, just the two of them since he does not have permission to fly yet. Both try to find ways out of it but Eric won’t hear of it. He says the company needs this and so does the family. They need a chance to be together and it’s only one hour away on the jet. Ridge tells Liam who thinks this is too good to be true. Ridge says he will not cross the line but this will work. He is involved, it is a both a blessing and a curse, he knows women. He makes a phone call and makes sure they change the room in SF to one room for a couple and it will include a complimentary breakfast. Liam thinks it is a hoot. Wyatt and Liam are going at it as usual when Thomas walks in, back from his long stay in New York. He says Caroline stayed behind but he is here to stay for a long while. He glances at the door with Steffy’s CEO nameplate on the door and says some things change while others do not – looking at Wyatt and Liam. Steffy says she has moved into the loft but it won’t be that long and she hopes to be back with Liam soon. Liam spars with Wyatt but adds if Quinn and Ridge can survive a trip to S.F. together then they two of them can do better. Eric tells Thomas his time will come. Right now because he has backed off on designing a little he needs Thomas to pick up the pieces and keep designing.

Quinn is a little nervous. She tells Ridge she is not much of a public speaker and she feels like she is sweating. He says nothing bad is going to happen unless she wants it to, she is in control. Eric tells Steffy and Thomas that it is no secret that Ridge and Quinn do not like each other but he thinks they can make it through one meeting and one flight and she can show the world who she is. He trusts her. Quinn does well on camera and says this is the pinnacle of her career. Ridge takes over and says his showstopper wasn’t for her but she made it a success. They do not really get along as they are two artists with different views who now are trying to mesh together their views. She repays the compliment by saying she is truly honored to be sharing the stage with the great Ridge Forrester.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to Chloe about carrying Nicole’s baby.  He wanted her to wake up.  When he yelled at her, Nancy walked in on him.  She wanted to know why he was yelling at her.  JJ and Raines were investigating the shipments at the docks.  Nancy threw Brady out of Chloe’s room.  Nancy wanted to know why he yelled at Chloe.  When he didn’t say why he yelled, she said he couldn’t see her anymore.  Deimos and Nicole told Maggie and Victor that they are engaged.  When Nicole and Maggie left, Deimos and Victor talked about Nicole and her love for Daniel.  Nancy told Chloe that she didn’t like keeping Holly from Nicole, but she was going to protect her from Deimos.  Gabi overheard Dario and Eduardo talking about stealing the microchips from Kate and Chad.  Dario told Gabi that it was none of her business, but she said it was it.  Dario and Gabi got in an argument over it until Eduardo said he would talk to her.  When Dario left, Eduardo tried to explain to Gabi what they were doing.  Gabi said she was ashamed.  Dario called Andre to talk.

Nicole talked to Brady about marrying Deimos.  She thought he didn’t want her to marry Deimos.  Eduardo talked to Gabi about why they were stealing from the DiMeras.  She didn’t approve of it.  JJ called Gabi to talk to her about her family.  Dario pulled a gun on Andre.  Brady told Deimos that Nancy had his visiting privileges revoked.  Deimos said they would have to take care of her.  When Deimos took a call, Brady had problems with his heart.  JJ and Gabi met to talk.  He told her that her family was about to be in trouble.  Dario confronted Andre about the hard drive being missing.  Andre’s hitman put a gun on Dario.  Andre threatened Dario.  Nicole went to see Chloe to tell her that she is engaged to Deimos.  Nicole also told her that she would stay away from Holly.  Deimos told Victor that he stole the hard drive from Eduardo.  Victor warned Deimos that Eduardo would find out.  Andre confronted Deimos about taking Eduardo’s hard drive.  JJ told Gabi to keep her distance from her family.  Eduardo confronted Kate about stealing from him.  She denied it, which led to an argument.  When Nicole left Chloe’s room, Chloe opened her eyes.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Jordan and Dante execute a search warrant at Franco's studio and gather evidence against him, such as the large dog cage, from which they can lift prints and DNA. They find a receipt for his knife, which is missing. When Elizabeth goes looking for Franco, she finds the police there and insists he is innocent but refuses to answer questions without an attorney. Franco and Scott meet at Gene's Roadhouse to discuss strategy. Scott adamantly urges his son not to leave town, as Franco suggests, but rather to expose Alexis to the police. Franco insists that he will never do that, but Scott thinks he'll whistle a different tune after he's arrested. Once outside, someone hits Franco on the back of the head and knocks him out.

Julian helps Alexis give up alcohol and convinces her not to turn herself in. With his encouragement, she goes to an AA meeting at the hospital where she identifies herself as an alcoholic. Julian has his bodyguard, Chad, rough up Gene then pays him to forget that he ever saw Alexis. Anna asks Valentin what happened on her birthday long ago at the WSB training facility. To her surprise, he admits he was there in her room on her birthday, October 29, and informs her that she did something to him instead of the other way around. Nathan & Maxie return with bad news about Claudette's assumed suicide. When they tell Lulu, she doesn't believe it either and thinks it's more likely that Valentin killed her. Lulu is determined to get Charlotte away from him, but Maxie cautions her not to do anything that would cause her to end up the same way as Claudette. Nathan gets a call to go to work and gives Maxie a ride to her job. Hearing about Claudette, Laura also asks Lulu to be careful as she cannot lose another child to Valentin. Lulu is adamant about not giving up on Charlotte.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick assured Faith that he'd have more free time now that he'd hired a nanny. Sharon ran into Nick and Faith at Crimson Lights, and Faith insisted that she join them. Sharon tried to avoid Nick and Faith's questions about what Dylan was up to. Sharon, Nick and Faith had fun playing chess. Nick took Sharon home, after dropping Faith off, and asked about Dylan again. Nick comforted Sharon after she confided in him about her fear for Dylan's safety. While masquerading as Derek, Dylan and Alex kissed. Alex found a bug in the room, and Dylan convinced her that his boss was checking up on him. Dylan got Alex to set up a meeting with Fisk. Paul and Kevin worried because Dylan hadn't checked in. Chris was optimistic that Dylan was quiet because he'd gained the trust of Alex.

Michael unsuccessfully tried to convince Gloria to move out of his place. Gloria asked about Lauren's meeting and found that it didn't go well. She later relayed this information to Jack. Gloria made it clear that she wanted something in return for helping Jack invest in Fenmore's. Michael and Kevin argued about which of them had to let Gloria stay with them. Michael grudgingly agreed to Kevin's offer to take Gloria in exchange for free babysitting from Michael and Lauren. Kevin wondered how to break the news to Chloe. Lauren told Phyllis that she thought someone sabotaged her deal with Hochman. They had a second meeting with Hochman, and he agreed to invest if she gave him 51% controlling interest. Lauren turned him down. Phyllis suggested that Lauren consider Jack's offer. Lauren didn't want to, so Phyllis came up with an idea – she left a voice message for Ravi. Jack told Ashley that Gloria might be able to help them acquire Fenmore's. Ashley complained that Jack was so focused on Fenmore's that he'd been ignoring the great work she and Ravi were doing. Ashley urged Jack to make Ravi feel appreciated so that he'd be less likely to get poached by a competitor. Jack took Ashley's advice and told Ravi how valuable he was.

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