Wednesday 1/11/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/11/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy smells breakfast tacos; sure enough right on cue Liam walks in. He says it could have been breakfast in bed but this is the best he could do. Bill tells Katie that he is glad she told him he could stop by. They both opine they are doing pretty well, her living next to Eric and despite his pining over Brooke. She does say she is not trying to give him a hard time and he says he is not giving up. RJ wants to get a wedding started but Brooke says that takes time and Ridge says it is just bad timing. He can’t get away right now. Wyatt slips into the office and slams the door, but tells Liam that it slipped. Liam isn’t buying that and makes a smart remark. He and Wyatt have words over what the new product line will mean and how important it is to women to hold such an important position. Wyatt sits and Steffy does tell Liam she told him that she had a meeting. Wyatt tells Liam on his way out to tell Pam they do not want to be disturbed. He tells Steffy that he does not want her to think he is trying to influence her to move into Eric’s. He is just wanting her to realize all her potential. He knows she was with Liam last night and that grates at him but it is not his call.

Liam wastes no time in going straight to Quinn and says she is still working her angles to get Wyatt and Steffy together. Steffy it not settling for just being CEO and nothing else but to be with Liam. Quinn differs; she could have much more with Wyatt. Liam says yes her dirty little fingerprints are all over this so she can hand Steffy to Wyatt, something she thinks her son deserves. Ridge comes in and puts himself between the two of them and Liam keeps going off on Quinn. Bill stops by and surprises Brooke. He says he heard she is going out of town and he could be ready in ten minutes if she let him. He thinks it is great that she is going to see Hope and he will be on the Stella Maris close by so just give him a call anytime. He tells her one last time that he loves her and he is not going to give up on that. Ridge is only devoted to Ridge and that is not her future. Liam tells Ridge with Brooke out of town now is the perfect time Ridge needs to make his move on Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anna panicked at the idea of being in prison.  Marlena tried to make her feel better.  Carrie and Austin showed up to help them.  Steve and Rafe talked about Hope getting out of the prison infirmary.  Steve said they had to get Hope of there.  Raines showed up at the pub to search for Hope.  He told Kayla, Shawn, and Ciara that Hope broke out of prison.  Hope hit Chet when she got out of the dumpster.  Carrie told Anna to stay out of the way when it concerned Stefano.  Paul told Steve and Rafe that Stefano was having a meeting.  Rafe wanted a sniper there because he was taking Stefano back home with him.  Raines told Kayla, Shawn, and Ciara that he didnít find Hope.  He said they would be charged if they help Hope.  Hope wanted to know who Chet was working for.  Carrie was able to get Anna and Marlena released from jail.  Anna refused to go with Carrie and Austin without Tony.  Hope knocked herself out with the rock she was going to use on Chet. 

Kayla told Steve that Hope broke out of prison.  Rafe got on the phone and Kayla told him about it.  Shawn got on the phone with Rafe and told him he didnít know what happened.  Rafe yelled at him for not knowing what was going on.  Chet saw the blood on Hopeís head.  He also saw how her stitches opened up.  Chet left her on the ground.  Carrie and Austin tried to get Anna to go home with them, but she refused to go without Tony.  Ciara told Rafe that there was nothing Shawn could do to help Hope.  Ciara wanted Rafe to do whatever he could to help Hope.  Carrie got Tonyís ashes back for Anna.  While Carrie and Austin were talking, Anna left.  Rafe told Marlena that Hope escaped from prison.  Shawn told Kayla and Ciara that he was going to look for Hope.  Shawn and Ciara went to find Hope.  Steve told Marlena that Stefano didnít have any money so he had to go to the meeting.  Rafe talked to Raines about Hope being on the run.  Someone picked up Hope off of the ground.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

After Kiki returns from her little trip with Dillon, she tells Franco that they're back together. Noticing that Franco is troubled, Kiki gets him to confide his troubles with Tom's murder. Franco believes that Alexis did it but cannot turn her in, because of what he did to Sam years ago. Kiki agrees to keep Franco's secret and tells him that Elizabeth was at the apartment looking for him. Going through alcohol withdrawal, Alexis unravels in front of Julian. While hallucinating that she killed Tom Baker, she accuses Julian of causing all her problems by attempting to kill her. Alexis sobs as Julian holds her and promises to help her through this.

Sonny confronts Nelle about lying to Carly. Nelle insists she didn't mean to make Carly curious by telling her she's seeing a married man and promises to keep her dalliance with him secret. She then makes sure Carly is on a plane headed to Australia and promises to look after Sonny. Jason & Sam inform Sonny that they found a picture of a young boy in the pawnshop who looks like Julian and believe that the woman in charge is related to him. While Sam's in the bathroom, Sonny shares with Jason his feeling that Nelle isn't as innocent as she appears. Valentin & Nina exchange wedding rings with Charlotte's help. Maxie & Nathan set out to find Claudette in Canada. Sadly they're informed that her body was found in a river, but the inspector who told them turns out to be working for Valentin.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki helps Nick hire a nanny for Christian whose name is Monica, and Nick tells his mom he is grateful for her help with the nanny situation. Nikki and Sharon are both worried about Dylan and so is Paul, but he is determined not to put Dylan's life in danger by giving Sharon or Nikki any information about the top secret case. Sharon tells Mariah that she can't shake the feeling that something bad will happen to Dylan. Dylan is surprised when Fisk's right-hand man is a woman named Alex and after flirting with her a little while, he agrees to go upstairs with her and take drugs, so they can have a good time. Victor is pleased when Abby tells him she loves working at Newman Enterprises, and she wants to prove to him that she can do more for the company. Victor allows Abby to run a business meeting for an important deal by herself, and he is happy when she calls him later and tells him she closed the deal for a lower price than he intended to pay.

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