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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that no matter what Quinn, Wyatt and her grandfather offered this is where she wants to be not the mansion on the hill. Quinn tells Wyatt that was a lot for Steffy to try and absorb but once she does she thinks she may change her mind. Quinn says she is not much of a tequila drinker but allows Wyatt to pour her one as he is having a shot. Wyatt tells his mom that they offered Steffy everything and then some and still she did not sway. He is sure he will go ahead tomorrow and do the same. Liam laments to Steffy that she did move out of his house but with a mixed message that the divorce is not final yet with Wyatt so that gives him hope. That is their goal and they will keep hammering away until they change her mind. And now that the clock is ticking the pressure will only mount.

Brooke tells Ridge that she is going to surprise Hope and go see her tomorrow. This will give him time to work on his move to get rid of Quinn. He says she has cost him his relationship with his dad and does things to him that no other woman has so he will spare Brooke all the details. Quinn is the puppet master and yet Eric cannot see it. So Ridge will now have to be a little more extreme. He’s a lover not a fighter and they will be fine once she is out of their lives. It might be a little dirty but it has to be done for the company. Quinn gets a text from Ridge to see her in the office tomorrow.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hattie tried to warn Hope to fight back with Coco and Sheila.  Rafe told Steve that Hope left the infirmary.  Anna told Marlena that she and Tony were going to kill Stefano.  André talked to Chad about Stefano stealing money from the company.  Chad didn’t seem to care.  Anna told Marlena that she had Tony’s ashes in an urn.  Anna was determined to kill Stefano.  Marlena told Anna that they couldn’t kill Stefano.  Anna threatened to shoot Marlena if she tried to stop her from killing Stefano.  Hope called an agent to ask about the watch Hattie told her about.  André tried to talk Chad into being with Abby, but Chad wasn’t interested.  André was determined to make Chad pay.

Hope made a call and found out that André had the pocket watch that Hattie told her about.  Chad and Abby went out on a date.  Rafe wanted to go back to Salem to save Hope until Steve told him they had to help her.  Marlena stopped Anna from shooting her.  Anna still wanted to kill Stefano.  When Hope got off the phone, someone chloroformed her.  A police officer showed up to arrest Anna and Marlena.  Hattie was the one who chloroformed Hope.  Hattie put her in a dumpster.  Someone named Chet showed up and wanted to know what she was doing.  At the police station, Anna made things worse for her and Marlena.  Steve and Rafe showed up at the police station and saw Anna.  Rafe thought Anna was working with Stefano.  Steve wanted to find Stefano.  Hattie stopped Chet from getting Hope out of the garbage.  Chet took the dumpster out of the prison.  Agent Reznik called Steve and told him she made contact with Stefano.  The prison was on lockdown because Hope was gone.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Jason & Curtis find themselves locked in the back room of the pawnshop which has been deserted by Rudge and his boss. When smoke starts billowing in from the air vent, Curtis succeeds in getting the door opened before the fire department arrives. They then go to the roadhouse to recover and meet Sam. Their alliance hits a snag when Curtis wants to bring in Jordan against Jason's wishes. After Curtis takes off, Sam tells Jason that she tried to rattle Ava by accusing her of being the boss who tried to kill her brother and frame Sonny, but Ava just laughed the suggestion off. While she was at the penthouse, Sam noticed that Julian has moved out. Ava warns Julian that his scheme is about to come caving in. Franco works with Scott in attempting to prove that he did not kill Tom Baker. At the roadhouse, they look at security video putting Alexis & Tom together on the night of his murder. Franco then goes to Alexis' with his evidence, but she insists she doesn't know Tom and throws him out. Coming out of his hiding place, Julian tries to calm Alexis down and assure her she can get herself out of this situation only if she's sober.

Diane tries to prepare Sonny for his upcoming trial then they share his delicious pasta meal provided by Olivia. Nelle succeeds in getting Carly to leave town to go pick up Joss in Australia, but Bobbie sees through her act and advises her to watch her step. Bobbie promises Carly that she will look out for her family and take out the trash, too. When Sonny hears from Carly that Nelle has a married boyfriend, he angrily call the young woman over to his house, so they can come to a new understanding.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chloe visits Kevin at the GCPD and tries to get him to leave with her. Kevin lets her know that he is really busy right now. After a few minutes of not getting a response from Kevin, she steps back and flashes him. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lauren has a meeting with a possible investor in Fenmore's. Michael and Gloria discuss her possibly working for Lauren at Fenmore's, but Michael absolutely refuses to help her. Gloria and Michael argue. Kevin talks to another officer but Chloe continues to flash him. Kevin checks his messages and finds one from Dylan. He quickly shuts the desk drawer and locks it. Nick and Noah discuss the fact that after Sage died, he was left to care for Christian. They also discuss Faith living with Victor and Nikki. Faith and Victor play a game of chess. Faith discusses with Nikki her going back to Sharon's. Faith and Victor talk about how much her parents love her, but she wonders if she will ever fit in. Mr. Huffman looks over Lauren's business proposal and thinks it looks good. He considers being her investor. Michael helps Gloria pack and tells her that she is going to the Athletic Club where he has reserved a room in her name.

Nick reminds Noah that it is all Sharon's fault that the family is all blown apart. Noah asks about how Faith is doing at Victor and Nikki's. Victor tells Nikki that this situation has be to be handled and Nikki tells him that she knows by whom. Nick gets a call from Nikki that Faith needs him. In the hotel room, Chloe and Kevin start to kiss when the phone rings. Chloe begs him not to answer it; instead she says this is a bad time and to call back later. The phone rings again and this time Kevin answers it. Kevin finds out that Michael wants to dump Gloria on him for him and Chloe to live with her. Chloe is dead set against the idea and Kevin absolutely refuses. Gloria enters the Athletic Club when she sees Lauren with Mr. Huffman. Gloria quickly hides when Mr. Huffman asks about the sauna. Nick arrives at Victor's to check on Faith. Nick offers to take Faith ice skating while Victor and Nikki babysit Christian. Kevin and Chloe think of some ways to rid themselves of Gloria. There is a knock on the door and Chloe tells Kevin that she planned a massage for them. Lauren comes home to a surprise from Michael of flowers and champagne. Michael tells Lauren that he managed to get rid of Gloria. Gloria joins Mr. Huffman in the sauna and makes up a ridiculous story about the customer service at Fenmore's to stop Mr. Huffman from investing. At home, Lauren asks Michael how he got rid of Gloria. Nick and Faith have a good time together playing and eating s'mores. Kevin and Chloe enter the spa and are horrified to find Gloria there.

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