Monday 1/9/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted to leave the hospital, but Hattie stopped her.  Hattie told Hope about man who set her up.  It turned out to be Andre. Hattie continued to tell Hope about Alfie.  Hattie told her about the people who would work with them in prison.  Kayla tried to make Joey feel better about Jade losing the baby.  He wanted to make up for what he did.  Hope told Hattie that she didnít want anymore violence.  Annabelle showed up to Hopeís room to give Hope five names of prisoners who wanted to back her.  Hattie told Hope to fight back against Coco and Sheila.  Steve and Rafe planned out how they were going to find Stefano.  Marlena suggested that Paul go with her for protection.  Steve and Rafe were okay with him going with her. 

Kayla suggested that Joey see a doctor.  He asked her if Jade could stay with them.  Hope went to see Sheila to ask for peace.  Rafe met with the ISA agent who saw Stefano.  She told Rafe when she saw Stefano.  While Marlena and Paul were at the Bistro that Stefano was spotted at, someone took their picture.  Jade and Joey met at the town square.  She wanted to break up with him.  Coco told Sheila that the inmates are turning against them.  Sheila implied that the inmates would fall in line if they killed Hope.  Rafe wanted the agent to trace Stefanoís calls.  She thought it would be a long shot, but agreed to help.  Marlena told Paul that she saw Stefano.  Shots were fire when Paul wanted to make a call.  Joey tried to convince Jade to stay with him, but she wanted to leave.  Hattie and Annabelle told Hope that they were going to kill her, but she didnít want to be violent.  The guy Marlena thought was Stefano ran away.  Marlena told Paul to follow him.  Hattie had an idea to help Hope.  Steve and Rafe wanted to search for Stefano.  Andre was upset with Stefano for letting him go to prison for his death.  Andre was through with playing his games.  Marlena thought she had Stefano, but it turned out to be Anna.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

After pouring out all her liquor, Julian challenges Alexis to stop drinking for just 12 hours, but she decides to leave, so he threatens to call all her family and friends to stage an intervention. Realizing he has her over a barrel, Alexis stays at home but keeps remembering being attacked by Tom Baker. Finally, she recalls taking his knife away and killing him. Looking for clues at Gene's Roadhouse, Franco & Scott discuss his alibi. Franco opens up to his dad about locking Tom in a large dog crate then spending the night he was killed in the cage himself. To their relief, Scott & Franco learn that his fingerprints are not on the murder weapon. After Franco tells him that he saw Alexis at the roadhouse, Scott searches online for selfies by patrons on the same night and finds one of Alexis and Tom sitting together.

After Laura gives her a pep talk about loving men with a dark side, Elizabeth goes to Franco's apartment and interrupts Kiki & Dillon in a make-out session on the couch. They've just returned from their bus trip when she decided she wants to be with him and perhaps continue her education and learn how to help mental patients like Morgan. Elizabeth asks Kiki not to tell Franco she was looking for him, because she wants to surprise him. Once they're alone again, Dillon is reluctant to resume being intimate with Kiki and proposes that they wait.

When Rudge tells his boss some bad news, she ruthlessly pours hot water over his hands to show her displeasure. He assures her he will take care of Jason and any cohorts. At the shelter, Jason and Curtis learn from Buzz, a homeless man, that the boss lady ordered Rudge to kill him after they tricked him into setting the bomb that killed Morgan. Since Buzz is afraid for his life, Curtis makes plans for him to go to a shelter in Baltimore and Jason gives him enough money to get there safely. Calling himself Father Curtis, he secures Buzz's trust, so he divulges that there's a secret way into the pawnshop using the catacombs under Port Charles. With that information, Curtis and Jason decide to go there despite Sam's fears that it's not safe. When they get there, the back room is empty.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria tells Jack that she wants a small role in the company if she can give him what he wants which is Fenmore's. Ashley warns Jack not to trust Gloria and to be careful. Jack tells Ashley that he doesn't trust Gloria at all but thinks she can help him get Fenmore's. Ashley gives Ravi Phyllis's old office and is surprised when he thanks her for being in such a tiny space. Billy tells Victoria to set rules for Reed but give him some space to be a teenager and offers to help her with him. Victoria doesn't accept Billy's help, because she thinks that will make him think he has a chance to get back together with her. Nikki thinks Victoria should let Billy help with Reed, but Victoria makes it clear to Nikki that she and Billy will not reconcile. Lauren finally tells Michael that Fenmore's is in deep trouble but that they are meeting with an investor today, and he accidently tells Gloria about the meeting.

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