Friday 1/6/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is off in some dream world and does not hear what Wyatt is asking he – when is their meeting with Eric. She says soon and he remarks that Liam was wrong. There is nothing wrong with their campaign and she does not have to be more private. The interaction she has right now on social media is skyrocketing. She says she knows and Liam is in pain and she is supposed to feel good about that. She tells Wyatt to go on to the meeting as she has a few things to finish up. Liam whines to Ridge again that he feels so disconnected. It used to be he could discuss things with Steffy, even argue about them but now it’s all about Quinn. He says he can feel Steffy slipping away and there is not a damn thing he can do about it. But there is something Ridge can do if he is still up for it. Ridge says he has no choice, she has Eric all tied up. Liam agrees and more and more every day Steffy is accepting Quinn. Waiting for the meeting, Eric tells Quinn that it was horrible. He and Ridge have had their differences but this was the worst. She knows it was about her. He laments that he was hoping after the holidays they would get better but he thinks they never will now. When he doesn’t want to talk about it she says they can talk about something positive. He says okay – something solid about them that he can smile about. She says they may have lost Ridge for the moment but he has Wyatt and Steffy in large part due to him. He says all he told Steffy was what he believed would be good for her. Quinn agrees, it would be so good if she were to move in here with them and Wyatt. She respects Eric and listens to him so give her a chance. She’s living out of a suitcase now and could have her own suite. Wyatt comes in laden down with boxes ready for showtime.

Steffy talks to Thomas on the phone and says she is fine but she has moved back to his loft until her divorce is final. Liam comments to Ridge that he sees it happening every day more and more that Quinn has Steffy brainwashed. They definitely have to get her out of there. Steffy is late and apologizes but wants to get right to the meeting. Eric says Wyatt has a presentation first and he realizes just how hard this is on Steffy to move out on Liam but it was best with her new position. Wyatt remarks about Steffy’s beauty and intelligence and how far this will take them, but there is something more – the brand for FC. And that can be summed up in one word – sales. He turns on the laptop and shows them S for Steffy, a brand all her own. She smells it and likes the tiny smell of lilac. But shouldn’t they go through R&D and he says he kinda already did…..even without telling her. She says she is surprised but she is blown away. Wyatt says it is her brand and people are inspired by her…..the confidence and the power, something every woman wants to be and every man wants to be around….and one in particular….her husband. Liam asks Ridge what if Quinn is toying with him. She taunts him but she never crosses the line. Ridge says yes this time she is going to cross that line. And her whole world will fall apart and Eric will never look at her the same way again. Eric tells Steffy that they need to stay close, be a team. She has already moved out on Liam so just move on in here. Wyatt says he knows this is sudden; he only heard about it before this meeting but he thinks it is a great idea. Eric says in time he has something to show her, her portrait will go over the mantle. Quinn says surely Steffy can see how good she and Eric are together. Eric adds that even Steffy can see the good things she had with Wyatt and can still have. Wyatt steps forward and says she changed his life and brought him some of the happiest days he has ever had. He goes on that he knows Steffy blames Quinn for manipulating them into getting married but she has changed from the past, just look at her. She and Eric are good together and she cannot deny that so he is asking her just to give it another try. Eric says again to give her marriage to Wyatt another go, there is nothing the four of them can not accomplish. Wyatt agrees there is nothing they cannot accomplish and that is all he wants. They will be with family and cannot fail so just come back to him. Liam thinks aloud – Steffy is being ganged up on by Quinn, Eric and Wyatt. With a conflicted look on her face, Wyatt tells Steffy to come home to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara blamed Claire for why she and Theo got caught listening to Valerie.  Theo wanted to know what Valerie was up to.  She said it was none of his business.  Chad and Abby took Thomas out.  JJ got a promotion at work for saving a little girl.  Gabi overheard it and was upset that he didn't tell her about it.  He said they weren't together so there was no reason to tell her.  Clara and Claire got in an argument over Theo.  Theo said Valerie's life was his business as long as she was with Abe.  Valerie was upset that Theo put a bug in here purse.  She turned the tables on him and asked how he would feel in that position.  Gabi wanted to apologize to JJ.  JJ wanted to know why she was at the police station. 

Ciara and Abby reunited with each other.  Ciara told Abby how Chad was a wreck when Abby was gone.  Gabi said she was at the station to see Rafe .  JJ said he went out of town.  Theo wondered if Valerie was going to tell Abe.  She said she wouldn't tell Abe. Theo apologized to her and left.  Gabi showed up while Chad and Abby were out.  Chad wanted to talk to Gabi to get closure.  Abby took Thomas home.  Theo told Ciara and Claire what happened with Valerie.  Ciara wondered if they were going to stop eavesdropping on Valerie. Abby saw Andre at the DiMera mansion.  He told her that he wanted to get along with Chad. Andre tried to make her feel better about Chad.  Chad told Gabi that he still had feelings for her.  She said that she felt the same way, but things changed.  She told him to make things right with Abby.  Theo told Ciara that he was suspicious of Valerie.  When Chad went home, he told Abby that he wanted to be with her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

GH was pre-empted today!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack gives a well-deserved contribution to a needy organization. Ashley watches him then hugs him. Jack and Ashley discuss how to take it over Fenmore's. Lauren catches Gloria on her computer and finds out that she knows about the trouble that Fenmore is facing. Gloria asks her if Michael knows to which Lauren says no. Victoria is highly upset with Reed over his calling Billy to bring him home instead of her. Billy urges Victoria to give Reed a "break." At the hospital, Lily and Neil wait patiently for word on Devon's condition. Lily is angry when she sees Hilary by his side as if nothing is wrong in their marriage. Victoria tells Billy that Reed needs to be accountable for his actions. Jack and Ashley discuss buying Fenmore's and making it a part of Jabot. Gloria demands answers from Lauren as to what is going on at Fenmore's and how long it has been going on. Gloria offers Lauren her help in getting Fenmore back on its feet which Lauren refuses. Lily is still upset over Devon, but Hilary assures her that everything is fine between them. Neil and Lily both tell Hilary that it is just a matter of time until Devon finds out the truth about the night of the gala. Billy and Ashley meet at the elevator and discuss Brash and Sassy still being in the building. Billy tells her how Reed showed up on Victoria's doorstep on New Year's Eve. When Ashley offers to buy Billy a coffee, he refuses because he is afraid that Jack will show up. Gloria still insists on working for Lauren and even resorts to blackmail to get what she wants. Jack pays them a surprise visit. He and Gloria exchange insults until they want to talk alone. Hilary rejoins Neil and immediately asks about Lily. Neil asks Hilary about what Stitch said about keeping Devon calm and that she was keeping a major secret from him.

Lauren and Jack discuss him wanting to buy Fenmore's and put it under the Jabot umbrella. Lauren lets Jack know that Phyllis is now working for her. Ashley tries to lure Billy into the Jabot office, but he is still leery of Jack returning. Ashley asks Billy about them bringing Reed home. Billy finds out that Ashley has a date. At Victoria's, she is on the phone with a client when Reed's music begin to blare upstairs which results in a fuse being blown and the lights going off. Reed wants to call Billy, but Victoria insists on handling it herself. Victoria, in trying to fix the damage, does more damage to the furnace and the water heater. Victoria gives in and calls Billy for help. Lauren refuses to sell out to Jack. Afterwards back at the office, Gloria calls Jack and tells him that she will help him to gain control of Fenmore's.

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