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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Wyatt that he is really impressed with him. He reminds him of his younger self. He tells him that he is behind his marriage 100%. He hopes he and Steffy find their way back to the love that he has with Quinn. Steffy comes in and looks at her dad and Liam and says they have the Quinn look on their face so what is going on. Liam tells her that Eric has Quinn in his ear and he cannot see why she cannot see that. She will always be in their lives. Quinn laments to Ivy that she is being chilly to her and Ivy is wrong about her. Never doubt her feelings for Eric. She might have had a momentary lapse in letting the flirting get out of hand but it was Ridge who stood there while she was in the outdoor shower. Ridge stops by Eric’s and tells him he it there to check on his health. Eric says he is getting stronger every day….and he does not believe that is why Ridge is there. Steffy tells Liam that he has been harping on Quinn for a long time but he needs to focus on her. She could not turn down the opportunity to be CEO just because Quinn was behind it. She is moving out now but she will come back to him. He says okay but Quinn is off his charts on the radar scale and he will be keeping his eyes on her. Ivy tells Quinn that she wants to believe her but there have been too many encounters with Ridge. Quinn says he is Eric’s son so she has to be careful to bring them together and not tear them apart. She is completely committed to Eric. Ivy wants Quinn to look her in the eye and say she has no desire for Ridge. Eric tells Ridge that he is not punishing him but he likes things the way they are with Steffy so no need to talk about this; just move on. Ridge says he has been in love for five minutes and yet he has loved him all his life and now he cannot listen to him. Eric says he is happier than he has ever been in his life and if Ridge cares then that is all that should matter. Ridge begs his dad to not make him do this. He can prove that Quinn does not deserve his trust. Liam jumps in and takes issue with the way that Wyatt is trying to take pictures of Steffy in sexy poses. Wyatt asks if he just likes to suck the air out of the room or does that come naturally. Liam says it is demeaning to the CEO and the company and he is not okay with that.

Quinn says she despises Ridge and would she like to get back at him, but she has to find a way to get along. She has no feelings but loathing for him. Eric wants to know just what Ridge knows that can prove Quinn is not trustworthy. Ridge goes on and on and finally Eric says he will call his bluff, so bring it on. She will never let him down. Ridge says this is not a game so if he needs proof then he will have to show him the naked truth. Wyatt tells Liam that he should not be in the middle of this. It is okay with Steffy so he has no right to hold her back. Liam says it is demeaning to see her all over the internet in her lingerie. Wyatt says oh it is the Fuller conspiracy. Steffy tells Liam that she sees his point of view but she can handle how she is presented. Quinn thinks lovingly of Eric but then her thoughts turn to Ridge and she is uncomfortable with that. Eric asks what is the naked truth. He and Quinn are married and both realize if someone does something out of bounds then it is over, but Quinn is not going to do that. Ridge hollers that Quinn wants Wyatt with Steffy and she will not stop until that happens. Eric tells Ridge that he wants him out of this house. Go get his naked proof and then come back. Until then he is just being insulting.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nancy went to see Chloe at the hospital.  She wanted Chloe to wake up for her and Holly.  Nicole told Deimos that she thought Nancy was trying to keep her from Holly.  Nicole left to see Chloe.  Brady told Deimos that he took the swab to the lab.  Nicole showed up at the hospital after Nancy told Chloe that Holly was her (Nicole’s) daughter.  Nancy let Nicole hold Holly, but Nancy wouldn’t let her take care of Holly.  Nancy also said she was taking Holly to Chicago.  Nicole begged Nancy not to leave Salem.  When Nicole said she would love Holly like her own, Nancy said she would never get her hands on the baby.

Theo and Claire listened to Valerie’s conversation and assumed she was seeing another guy.  Nancy finally agreed to let Nicole help her with Holly, but she wanted her to call first.  Theo listened in on Valerie’s conversation again.  Brady got the DNA results.  Deimos wanted to know what they were.  Brady said the results were inconclusive.  Deimos was going to the hospital to get the results right.  Valerie found the listening device in her pocketbook.  She wanted Theo to meet him at the pub so they could talk.  Nancy overheard Nicole bonding with Holly.  Nancy wanted to tell Nicole something until Deimos showed up.  Valerie met Theo at the pub to find out why he planted a bug in her pocketbook.  Theo agreed to talk to her.  Nancy took the baby and left.  Nicole told Deimos that Nancy was taking the baby to Chicago.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

When Sam questions Julian about Rudge, he warns her to stay out of his business for her family's sake. Ava tells Sam that her brother's hope of getting his family back is unrealistic. Jason and Curtis threaten a homeless man named Buzz into telling them who hired him to set the bomb in Julian's car. He insists he thought he was just installing a tracking device and recognizes Rudge as the man who paid him, but the boss is actually a very scary woman.

Trying to clear his name in Tom Baker's murder, Franco goes to Gene's Roadhouse and asks questions about the woman Tom met that night. Alexis listens while hiding. Noticing her there, Gene covers for Alexis who slowly remembers that Tom had her cornered outside when she was drunk and stumbling. When she runs into Franco, though, she denies frequenting that bar and warns him to stay away from her. Alexis returns home and is incensed that Julian has emptied all her liquor bottles.

Carly doesn't believe that spending New Year's Eve with Sonny was a mistake, but she's afraid to resume their marriage, because he might break her trust again. He promises that won't happen. When Nelle agrees with Michael's suggestion that she try to have more fun in the new year, he offers to coach her. Michael & Nelle are happy to hear that Sonny & Carly are getting closer. Carly tells Nelle that she approves of her relationship with her son, but Nelle says she's not available, because there's someone else in her life.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Devon woke up and asked to see Hilary. Lily was angry about this, but Neil told her to let it go and focus on Devon's recovery. Devon didn't remember the benefit or that he'd been angry with her. Hilary, Neil and Lily spent time with Devon. Hilary and Lily argued about whether or not Devon should be told about Hilary's misdeed. Ben made it clear that no one was to tell Devon anything that could upset him. Lauren and Phyllis made a list of people to ask about investing in Fenmore's. Lauren admitted that she hadn't told Michael about the company's struggles. Chelsea assured Nick that they could go back to normal after what happened on New Year's Eve. Faith had told Nick about finding Dylan's wedding ring, and Nick asked Sharon about it. Sharon assured him that her marriage was fine and that Dylan would come back to them. Nick and Phyllis caught up and chatted about Summer, Phyllis's venture with Lauren and Nick almost sleeping with Chelsea. Phyllis gave Nick some advice. Chloe thanked Kevin for being by her side during some hard times with Delia. Gloria told Kevin and Chloe that she wanted her job back at Chelsea 2.0. Chloe told her the position had been filled. Gloria was snide to Chloe until Chloe snapped at her then stormed off. Gloria suggested that Lauren hire her, but Lauren wasn't interested. Gloria snooped on Lauren's computer and found out Fenmore's was in trouble. Chloe, Sharon and Chelsea talked about Sharon and Dylan's marriage.

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