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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Ridge that he keeps saying he is working on it but just what does that mean? He better not get sucked in by Quinn. Quinn is surprised to find Ivy in her bedroom. Ivy says she knows….she saw her and Ridge in the steam room. Surely she is not cheating on Eric. Steffy tells Eric that not only is she hurting Wyatt but she is hurting Liam too. Eric tells her to go home and work on her marriage. He is married to Quinn and is happy and she is not going anywhere. She tells Eric that she wants to make it clear….she is just moving out on Liam temporarily but she is still with him. Eric asks what will happen if Hope comes back. Steffy won’t hear that, he is committed to her. Eric opines again that he no longer can trust Ridge and that will never change. Liam tells Ridge that Quinn has black magic. Ridge says if none of this works and he goes down he is taking Quinn with him. Quinn tries to explain what was happening with Ridge and about the steam room and the outdoor shower. And she declares she is not cheating on Eric. Eric calls upstairs and tells Quinn to put on a special gown he has left and come downstairs, he has a surprise. Quinn tells Ivy something is going on and she cannot explain it but please give it a rest. She and Ridge are just messing with each other’s heads. Ivy tells her to be careful as it sounds dangerous. Quinn says these silly little games are over with Ridge pretending to be interested in her. She is not going to let him destroy her marriage.

Eric tells Steffy that this house is going to be festive again and now he is going to toast this woman that he trusts. She will never let him down. Then he asks her a favor. He wants her to move in here with him and Quinn and Wyatt. He wants her to have the same thing he has with Quinn and that will be with Wyatt. He is the one with a committed heart even if her tattoo is fading… is still there. Quinn tells Ivy that she is not going to let Ridge destroy her relationship with Eric. She is not stupid. She would never let Ridge get to her that way. Liam laments to Ridge that what he is saying makes no sense. Ridge says he is not going to cross the line but Quinn will. He can tell by the way she looks at him and lets him touch her. Quinn comes down the stairs and Eric comments how beautiful she looks and he has never been this in love in his life. Liam tells Ridge he never wants to see Quinn’s face again so nothing will make him happier than her gone but Ridge is assuming she will get caught just for getting caught with her husband’s son. That is playing a dangerous game. Everything good in Quinn’s life is because of Eric so she is not going to risk that. Quinn and Eric sip their champagne and eat their gourmet catered dinner…..and a little flirtation every now and then is fun. He says he admires her so much and trusts her. She does not take that for granted. She tells him that he has changed her life and Wyatt’s, he has been so good to them. They have had to stand up to a lot of people to be together. She does not ever want to do anything to let him down. They dance and she coos that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her in her whole life and she does not want to lose him. Ridge tells Liam that sometimes love hurts…..and Quinn’s days with Eric are all but over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos told Brady that Nancy kept Nicole from Holly.  Deimos and Brady agreed that what Nancy was doing was enough.  Brady wanted to see Nancy.  Rafe wanted to get Hope out of prison.  Shane told Marlena, Shawn, and Paul that there was another Stefano sighting.  Marlena couldnít believe that Stefano was alive, but Shane told her he was.  Nicole told Deimos that Nancy wouldnít let her see Holly.  Joey blamed himself for why Jade lost the baby.  He thought getting away with killing Ava was why he lost the baby.  Rafe told Hope that Stefano being alive was how she would get out.  He wanted to know who attacked her, but she lied at first.  She finally admitted that Sheila and Coco attacked her.  Hope didnít want Rafe to snitch on Sheila and Coco.  Hope wanted to face them head on.  Shane told everyone that Steve and Rafe were going after Stefano.  Marlena wanted to help find Roman.  Brady went to see Nancy.  He offered to help her.  Shane didnít want Marlena to risk her life finding Stefano, but she was adamant about helping.  Shane agreed to let her help.  Shane called Rafe and told him that one of the agents saw Stefano.  Shane told him that he wanted him to go to Prague. 

Steve and Kayla let Joey know it wasnít his fault that Jade lost the baby.  Joey wanted to confess to killing Ava.  Kayla and Steve tried to talk him out of it.  Hope told Rafe not to get his hopes up when he goes to Prague.  She thought Stefano could be pulling a fast one.  She didnít have a good feeling about it.  Steve told Kayla and Joey that Stefano was seen in Prague.  Joey talked Steve into going to Prague, but he didnít want to go.  Nancy wanted Brady to watch Holly while she took a shower.  When she left, he got a swab from Holly.  Steve agreed to go to Prague.  Hattie went to see Hope.  Hattie said no one was happy about what Sheila and Coco did.  When Hattie left, Hope wondered if he was the reason why she was staying in the hospital for three weeks.  He said he was.  He assured her that he would find Stefano.  Nancy wanted Brady to get a hair dryer.  When he left, she noticed he was nervous.  She checked his pocket and found the swab.  She thought he knew who Hollyís real mother was.  She switched the Q Tip with her own.  He came back with the dryer.  He said he had to leave.  Marlena let everyone know the plane was ready.  Shane wished them luck.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Nina has second thoughts about being accepted as Charlotte's mother. Valentin assures her that Claudette will not return. Nathan and Maxie feel that this will end badly for Nina, but she will not listen to them. Completely enamored with having a child to care for, Nina decides that love is not that important in a relationship. Nathan & Nina decide to go to Canada to look for his wife, so they can marry. Andrť hypnotizes Anna so she can remember what happened at the WSB training facility years ago, but she is very anxious and resists it. Finally deciding that she must know, Anna remembers looking at her broken watch as she hears Valentin whistling. Fearfully, she begins to open a door, but comes back to the present and remembers that it was October 29, her birthday.

During her meeting with Diane about her Bar Association hearing to regain her law license, Alexis confesses getting drunk and meeting Tom Baker at the roadhouse on the day he died but cannot remember what happened next. Tom's brother, Seth, confronts Franco at the hospital about having threatened his brother. Franco is determined to clear his name and goes to the roadhouse to question the bartender about the woman Tom Baker was with on the day he died. Alexis walks in. Hayden is well enough to leave the hospital and wants to celebrate with Finn. To ease her mind, Finn pretends he's also recovered but is actually still reliant on the illegal drug, Zekenestrol.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul worries that Dylan won't be focused while he is undercover and that he only took the assignment to escape the pain of losing Christian. Kevin texts Paul to let him know Dylan has arrived in Miami and is starting to get in place for the undercover operation. Ashley refuses to accept Ravi's resignation but makes it clear to him the kiss that happened on New Year's Eve will never happen again. Jack makes plans to buy Fenmore's even though Ashley thinks the purchase is a bad idea. Lauren is upset because Fenmore's sales during Christmas were low, but Phyllis goes over her plan for a Fenmore's app that will let customers virtually try on clothes from their homes. Stitch tells Hilary that Devon is in critical but stable condition. Hilary tells Devon how much she loves him and that she won't leave his side until he awakens. Victoria tells Billy that JT agreed to let Reed finish out the school year in Genoa City, and she admits to Billy that she doesn't know if she can give Reed the time and attention he needs to get his life back on track. Billy assures Victoria that she will find a way to connect with Reed and that he will be there to help her because Reed is a good kid who just needs love and attention.

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