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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Wyatt that Eric threw him a lifeline so accept it. He says she finally found a true good guy. She says he better not waste this chance if he wants to reconcile with Steffy. Liam grouses to Steffy that she does not have to do this. Eric is just listening to the whispering of Quinn in his ear. Steffy says she is not being manipulated and they will be together as soon as the divorce is final. Quinn thinks of Ridge in the steam room but Wyatt’s words in her ears that she has finally found a good man. Steffy calls Carter and tells him to do what he has to do to speed up her divorce. She needs it done now. Liam barges in on Wyatt and tells him whatever he has planned it won’t work. Wyatt tells him he seems pretty tense for someone who is supposedly so happy. Wyatt says Steffy made her choice because she knew it was wrong. His tattoo ring is fading but it has not gone away completely just like his marriage hasn’t. He says excuse him he has some where to be while Liam keeps saying this is only temporary and that Steffy is staying with him. Ridge makes sure he is right by Quinn’s side and wants to collaborate. She asks what he is doing and he replies that he only wants to help the company. She is suspicious but he says now is the time to change his mind that she can be good for the business. He takes her hand in his and runs it across a dress model. She reminds him that he texted they should keep their distance.

Katie interrupts and says she is sorry. She had not heard any screaming in the hallway so thought he was alone. Ridge says they were working on some jewelry with his dresses but they are completely done. Wyatt follows Steffy to her new digs at Thomas’s loft. He says he does not blame Liam for being upset even if it is only temporary. He tells her there is always his beach house. She could move back in with her husband. She tells him she needs him to understand this complicated situation and she believes she will stay here. He offers to help her unpack but she says she will do it by herself. He reminds her that he is here if she needs him. Liam charges in on Ridge and says they have to finish this. Steffy has moved back to the loft….at least it is not in with Wyatt. Ridge says he has not given up. He knows what he is doing and Quinn is falling for him. Katie tells Quinn that it is really inspiring that Eric loves her so much. She tells her she saw Eric the other night and she wanted that out and above board that Quinn has no reason to be jealous. And she thinks it is sweet that she is so committed to Eric. She says sometimes that is the way it is. You know someone and suddenly it just hits you that they are different than you expected. Eric has finally found that in her. Ridge tells Liam that nothing else has worked but not Quinn is playing with fire and she will get caught. Liam warns him that if Quinn gets caught so will he. Ridge says that is their best bet. He says he is not going to sleep with Quinn, but he will put her in a compromising position. His whole family thinks he is selfish and it is somewhat true as he will do anything for the company. He will do this; he will bring Quinn to her knees. Quinn keeps having these flashes of Ridge and his hands on her. She clutches her heart.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Hope that Stefano could be alive.  Gabi was upset that JJ cheated with Lani.  Chad and Abby kissed until Thomas cried and interrupted them.  Chad went to bed.  She told Thomas what happened with Chad.  Gabi confronted Lani about sleeping with JJ.  Abby slipped in Chadís room.  Rafe told Hope what Shane told him about Stefano.  She couldnít believe he was alive since she shot him.  Rafe told her that Stefano wanted her to go to prison.  Lani and Gabi got in an argument over Lani sleeping with JJ.  JJ apologized to Lani. Lani walked away from them.  Gabi wanted to leave, but JJ stopped her.  Abby tried to convince Chad to give him another chance, but she said he broke her heart.  Chad told Abby that he felt pressured by her.  He said he shouldnít have kissed her, but she didnít believe he didnít want to kiss her.  He understood that she was holding on to what they had.  He said he was tired of secrets and told her about Stefano being alive.

Jade had a sharp pain in her stomach when she was dancing with Joey.  Steve and Kayla tried to help her.  Rafe told Hope that she would get out of prison.  He noticed how she had the death card.  He wanted to know who gave it to her.  She said it was left for her.  He said she was in danger.  Gabi was upset with JJ for not telling her about Abby.  Chad told Abby what Andre said about Stefano.  Chad was sick of people keeping secrets from him and making him think they are dead.  They argued over her letting him think she was dead.  They ended up kissing.  While Jade was in the hospital, she was in pain.  She said she was bleeding. Kayla made Joey leave.  Lani and JJ met at the park.  He apologized for hurting her.  She wanted to start over as friends.  Rafe told Hope that 2017 was going to be their year.  They said they loved each other.  Chad and Gabi started to make love.  Gabi told Rafe that she had feelings for Chad.  She also told him that Abby was alive.  Chad stopped himself from making love to Abby.  Kayla told Joey that Jade had a miscarriage.  Joey comforted Jade.  Sheila and Coco attacked Hope.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Franco goes to Elizabeth's to make sure she knows he did not kill Tom, because he had an experience which changed him forever when he was locked up in the dog cage. He is now sure that he would never be able to kill anyone again, because of his great love for Elizabeth. He is happy that she believes him. Instead of asking her and her boys to run away with him, he's now ready to face reality, but he hopes he won't lose her. He thinks Elizabeth should stay away from him until the truth comes out about who actually killed Tom.

Julian finds Alexis passed out on the couch and tries to wake her up. Since Alexis doesn't respond to Sam's phone messages, she and Jason get worried and go to her house. Alexis holds them up at the door long enough for Julian to hide. Sam confronts her about drinking, so Alexis admits she had a few for New Year's Eve then slept really well and is happy she did. When Sam & Jason question Alexis about Rudge, she lies that he was just there looking for Julian. Later, she unleashes her fury on Julian for bringing his unsavory business into her home, then gets a car and heads out to Gene's Roadhouse to get plastered. The bartender reminds her of her December visit when she stiffed him. Thinking back, she remembers Tom Baker approaching her at the bar again.

With Michael, Sam, & Jason's encouragement, Carly decides she loves and needs Sonny, so they spend the night together. Unsure what will happen tomorrow, Sonny decides to just be happy for tonight. After Valentin & Nina consummate their marriage, she finds a gun under his jacket and wonders why he has to protect himself in such a deadly manner. Later, they run into Dante and Lulu and give them the happy news.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor visits Victoria and wonders what Reed is doing there. Sharon bursts into Nikki's and does not give her a chance to tell her that Faith is not there before she barges upstairs to try to find her. Noah and Faith have hot chocolate with marshmallows at the Coffeehouse. Noah asks Faith if living with Victor and Nikki is a permanent arrangement. Faith reminds him of all that has been going on. At the hospital, Hilary and Neil stand vigil awaiting word on how Devon survived the surgery. Lily comes in and tells Hilary that if Devon dies it is all her fault. Mariah, at GC Buzz, finds out about Devon's accident and hurries to the hospital. Victor asks Reed his plans now that he is back in Genoa City. Victor asks Victoria about Reed's sudden appearance in Genoa City. Noah encourages Faith to spend more time with Sharon and Nick. Sharon demands to know where Faith is. Nikki explains that she is with Noah at the Coffeehouse. Sharon apologizes to Nikki for her outburst. Nikki is surprised that Sharon would apologize to her. Nikki brings up Dylan which unnerves Sharon. Nikki demands to know what Sharon has done to Dylan now. Sharon lets her know that she hasn't done anything to him that they love each other and nothing has happened. Sharon tells her that he is working on a case out of town. Nikki demands more answers, but Sharon refuses to tell her anything. Mariah arrives at the hospital to check on Devon, but Hilary blames her for Devon being behind the wheel of that car. Lily reprimands Hilary for putting the blame on Mariah. Dr. Rayburn arrives and tells the family that Devon had come through the surgery but he isn't out of the woods. Lily begins to cry. When Mariah mentions GC Buzz, Hilary tells her to take care of it since she wants to anyway. Nikki asks Sharon what is going on between them but once again Sharon refuses to tell her anything. They are soon interrupted by Noah and Faith. Victoria tells Victor that J.T. is moving his family to Warsaw, and Reed doesn't want to go. Neil and Lily refuse to leave the hospital until they know that Devon is going to pull through. Hilary goes in to see Devon and sits by his bedside. She begins to tell him how sorry she is for what happened and encourages him to wake up.

Reed has a small chat with Victoria and Victor. After Reed goes back upstairs, Victor tells Victoria that he is glad that he is here with her. Faith and Sharon have a nice visit and then Faith asks if she can go and get some books and Sharon readily agrees. Sharon and Faith leave Noah alone with Nikki. At GC Buzz, an employee asks Mariah to make a statement on the air about Devon's condition. Hilary talks to Devon about his surgery and encourages him to wake up. At home, Faith tells Sharon that it is good to be with Grandma and Grandpa, but she knows how hard it is on Sharon. Hilary rejoins Lily and Neil and they ask her how Devon is doing. Dr. Rayburn joins them and lets Neil and Lily go in to see Devon. Mariah goes on the air to announce Devon's accident. Nikki tells Noah about the case Dylan is working on. Victor comes home and tells Nikki that Reed is at Victoria's. Nikki tells Victor that she is worried about Dylan. Victor tells her to call him, but the phone just rings. Faith hears the phone ringing and goes in search of where it is coming from. Faith finds the phone plus Dylan's wedding ring and wallet. Faith asks Sharon if they are getting divorced. Sharon tells her no that Dylan is working on a case and doesn't want anyone to know where he is. Sharon tells her that Dylan left that morning. He left a message for Faith that he hated not telling her bye and that he loves her.

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