Friday 12/30/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/30/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

B&B did not air a new episode today!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad met with André to tell him that he wanted to kill him for letting him think Abby was dead.  Gabi stopped Abby from having a panic attack.  Gabi wanted to call Chad, but Abby didn't want him to know.  Gabi told Abby that she needed help.  Abby thought she wasn't going to fall apart.  Gabi wanted to know what triggered the attack.  Abby told her what Chad said.  Abby also said she pushed Gabi in Chad's arms.  JJ talked to Sonny about Chad and Gabi.  JJ realized that Sonny knew that Chad and Gabi were together.  André told Chad why he helped Abby.  Chad thought André helped Abby so he could take over the company.  André told Chad that Stefano could be alive.  JJ told Sonny that Chad should focus on Abby.  He also said he would win Gabi back.  Abby wanted to know how Gabi got together with Chad.  Gabi told her how she and Chad got together.  Abby realized that Gabi loved Chad.  Chad didn't believe that Stefano was alive.  André told him what Shane told him.  André told Chad that the body in Stefano's grave wasn't Stefano.  JJ told Sonny that he cheated on Gabi and that Gabi dumped hi when he lied about Abby.  Chad accused André of helping Stefano fake his death.  André denied helping Stefano.  André advised Chad to give Abby another chance.  Abby blamed herself for why Gabi was with Chad.  Abby told Gabi that she was in town for a while before Chad found her.  Abby told Gabi she was going to have her husband back.  Abby asked her if she was going to stand in the way.

Kate told André that Eduardo stole the microchips.  André said she could get them back without him knowing about it,  Abby tried to talk Gabi into going back with JJ.  Chad called Gabi.  André wanted Kate to do whatever it took to get the microchips back.  Chad told Gabi he needed to talk to her.  Abby was gone when Gabi got off the phone.  When JJ and Sonny went to club TBD, JJ found out that he slept with Lani.  He didn't believe he was with her, but she had proof.  Abby went back to the DiMera mansion to spend New Year's with Chad.  Paul told Sonny that he had feelings for him.  He told Sonny that he wanted to be more than friends.  Sonny said he had feelings for him too.  Lani showed JJ a picture of them together.  Gabi showed up in time to find out that JJ and Lani had sex.  Abby told Chad that they could fix their mistakes.  Chad and Abby kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

GH did not air a new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

A classic episode from April 13, 1984 – Nikki and Victor's first wedding. Casey helped an excited but anxious Nikki calm her nerves. Victor learned that Eve escaped from the psych ward. He had Douglas and Investigator Carl Williams be on the lookout to make sure she didn't ruin the wedding. Eve sneaked into Victor's home disguised as a caterer. Katherine wondered to Derek if people would notice she'd gotten a facelift and was pleased when her appearance was complimented. Ashley and Eric discussed their own upcoming wedding. Several other guests, including Paul, Lauren, Victor's ex wife Julia, John, Jill, Brock, and the Brooks sisters attended. Victor and Nikki were married. Ashley expressed interest in Lorie's offer to team up on a project. Eve made two unsuccessful attempts to kill Nikki. Another guest drank a poisoned drink that Eve had meant for Nikki and passed out. Ashley caught Nikki's bouquet. 

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