Thursday 12/29/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam wonders what all of this is for. Does Steffy have something to tell him? Wyatt thanks Eric for looking out for him and telling Steffy that she has to respect her marriage to Wyatt but he thinks it is a little too little too late. Eric says maybe not. He thinks before it is all over she may change her mind and be as devoted to him as his mother is to Eric. He thinks if Steffy were to move in here it might be a good opportunity for them to get his marriage back on track. Liam tells Steffy whatever it is, just say it. Bill pulls another surprise by showing up again in Brooke’s kitchen. He says it is not the most romantic spot but he will take what he can get. She drinks his champagne and offers that she hopes next year will be better for him. He says he knows it will be this time next year. If Ridge is waiting for Quinn to be out of their lives that is never going to happen so it means a marriage to Ridge is never going to happen for her. Ridge continues to look after Quinn’s foot and she says she has tried ice now she needs heat, like as in the steam room. Perhaps a few minutes in there will help. Ridge agrees, he thinks that might work. Liam and Steffy roll around on the couch while they kiss and undress each other. Bill says that black cat has got her fangs so far into Eric that she is not going anywhere. He does not intend to sit around and wait for that Bozo Ridge. Quinn slips into the steam room and lays down only in her towel. She is not there long until someone else comes in. She is dismayed to find Ridge standing there in his towel after she has told this person the room is occupied and to come back. In the afterglow Steffy tells Liam how happy he makes her. Finally she says she had an interesting conversation with her grandfather and he did make some valid points and she respects his opinion. He thinks what she is doing is wrong. She is technically married to Wyatt yet living with Liam. Eric says he means what he says, Steffy is lucky to be married to Wyatt and if he gets his way it will stay that way.

Bill reminds Brooke that Ridge has disappointed her time and time again and it is just a matter of time before he does it again. Ivy checks in with Pam and says she is going down to the basement to check out a few things. Pam quips and be sure to check out the steam room while she is there. Quinn tells Ridge to close the door; he is letting out steam. He comes in and sits down and starts massaging her foot. She says it is magical. Slowly his hand slides further and further up her leg until she jumps up and says she has to go. She does not know what he is up to, but he can forget about it. Liam tells Steffy that her grandfather has no right to dictate their life as he has always been there for her. This is the way it should be. She says yes eventually, but she is still married to Wyatt. Bill states to Brooke that he will be here as always when Ridge lets her down and then she can become his wife. Quinn and Ridge put on their robes and are in conversation when Ivy sees them. They are both telling each other that they despise each other. She says she does not want him to pretend to care about her. She is married to his father so he cannot play with her emotions and she does not want him to ever touch her again. Eric tells Wyatt that his mother has given him unconditional love so if Steffy can give half that much they will be fine. Quinn goes back to her office with all these thoughts of Ridge in her head and how she could never turn her back on Eric. Meanwhile Ridge tells himself that he thinks Quinn is falling for him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Lucas were both there for Adrienne.  JJ told Jennifer that Abby told Chad the truth about being alive.  Gabi told Dario that Chad knew that Abby was alive.  Adrienne was only allowed one person in the room with her while she got her chemo.  JJ told Jennifer that things were tense between Chad and Abby.  Jennifer thought things were going to be okay between Chad and Abby.  Jennifer wanted to see her.  Gabi told Dario that Abby thought Chad was angry.  Dario told Gabi what Abby told him about Chad.  Gabi didn't know how she felt about Abby.  Dario wanted to know what Gabi was going to do now that Abby is alive.  Abby played a song for Chad.  She told him they were free to be together.  She wanted him to dance with her.  He couldn't get close to her.  Gabi told Dario that she wasn't going to go after Chad.  Dario was glad that she wasn't going to be with Chad.  They got into an argument over Chad.

Abby stopped playing the music.  She understood why Chad didn't want to be close to her.  She wanted to get back together.  Chad told her things couldn't be the same between them.  She thought it was time to be honest.  Gabi told Dario that she and Chad were friends.  She wondered why he didn't tell her sooner that Abby was alive.  He explained why he didn't tell her.  Abby said she would wait for him.  She told him she was afraid that she loved him more than he loved her.  She thought it was fate that he saw her with Thomas. Kate showed up at the hospital to go with Adrienne.  JJ ran into Gabi.  He wanted to talk to her.  JJ thought Chad and Abby would work things out.  Abby told Chad that he felt trapped, but he said he was overwhelmed.  He didn't know when he could trust her.  She said she had to be patient so she could be back with her family.  He wasn't sure how he was going to feel.  She wanted to know how he felt about Gabi.  Kate and Adrienne talked about whether or not Adrienne should get a mastectomy.  Justin told Lucas that they should stop arguing.  Lucas didn't want to argue anymore.  They came to an understanding about getting along.  JJ and Gabi argued over Abby.  JJ told Gabi that he loved her.  Jennifer showed up at the DiMera mansion.  Abby told Jennifer how she and Chad reunited.  When Abby went to get air, Jennifer wanted to know why he was pushing Abby away.  Kate agreed to be there for Adrienne when she had the surgery.  Chad said he wasn't pushing Abby away.  He told her how she and JJ watched him grieve over Abby.  Jennifer justified why she kept Abby's secret.  Abby went to the park and thought about her conversation with Chad.  She had a panic attack.  Jennifer tried to defend Abby to Chad.  When Jennifer left, Chad thought about Gabi.  Abby thought about Chad kissing Gabi and her panic attack got worse.  Gabi showed up to help her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Nathan & Maxie have to postpone their wedding, because she has a cold, he's still married to Claudette, and a storm prevents Spinelli, Ellie, & Georgie from coming to Port Charles. Valentin and Nina take advantage of the decorations to get married in the chapel after he pulls some strings with a judge to get a license immediately. Lulu & Dante promise to stick together in the custody battle for Charlotte. Kiki and Dillon discuss their relationship on the bus to Detroit and toast the new year to fate, hoping that it isn't so cruel after all.

Bobbie confronts Nelle with the blood pressure pill she left in Sonny's bedroom and just ends up putting her on the defensive. Nelle calls Michael and meets him at the Metro Court for the New Year's Eve party. Robin visits Sonny and assures him everything will be okay, then she goes to have a drink with Sam and Jason. At first Carly decides not to spend the night with Sonny but changes her mind when Sam urges her to live in the moment and let tomorrow take care of itself. Curtis refuses to work for the PCPD when Jordan asks him. André and Jordan declare their love for each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At the benefit, Mariah revealed that Hilary made her trip and fall on GC Buzz. They argued, and Mariah quit her job. Devon confronted Hilary about her lies. Although she begged for his forgiveness, he stormed off. Lily approached Hilary and told her to stay away from Devon. Jack reached out to Hilary to offer comfort. Hilary went home looking for Devon, but he wasn't there. Nick and Chelsea shared a passionate New Year's kiss and started to undress, but Chelsea stopped it. They agreed that they were lonely, but Chelsea wanted to remain just friends. Chelsea and Connor left. Faith woke up and she and Nick watched the ball drop. Nikki and Victor danced, and he revealed that he'd already paid for the trip he'd bought for the auction – so he and Nikki would be taking the vacation. Victor approached Jack to make sure he wasn't going back on his deal to let Brash and Sassy stay. Jack said he'd abide by it. Johnny got a stomach ache, so Victoria and Billy left the party early. Billy read Johnny a story and then carried him upstairs. Billy and Victoria were about to kiss when a police officer showed up with a teenage Reed in tow.

Ravi was star-struck over Victor, so Abby introduced them. Nikki and Victor crossed paths with Phyllis and Michael. Nikki apologized to Victor for every time she reprimanded him for interfering with the kids. She said that Dylan had taught her that it was hard to let your kids go. Mariah apologized to Jack for ruining the event. Jack assured her that the auction was a success, due to Hilary and he said the party was trending online, thanks to Mariah. Ravi was looking longingly at Ashley. Abby mistakenly thought he was smitten with Mariah, and she pulled them together and made them dance. Lauren and Michael danced, but she pulled away to check on Fen, so Phyllis took over as Michael's dance partner. Lauren was thrilled when she found out Phyllis quit her job and would be available to help at Fenmore's full time. Victor and Abby shared a dance and she asked for advice getting over Ben. He gave her a pep-talk. Jack told Phyllis that he hoped the new year was good for her. She wished the same for him, then she told him she was resigning from Jabot. When the ball dropped, Ravi kissed Ashley on the cheek. Devon was speeding and thinking about the fight, and he crashed his new car.

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