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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge warns Liam that he is not to tell anyone, especially Steffy, that they are going to bring down Quinn. Quinn’s foot is better and she tells Eric that she needs to go back to the office. She feels badly for Wyatt and knows it is hard for him to see his wife go home to another man. She says again how kind it was of Ridge to help her with her foot and so quickly that now it is better. When Quinn leaves Eric calls Steffy to come over. She leaves Nicole and Wyatt alone working on some of the PR. Even when Wyatt tells her it is not appropriate to talk about him and Steffy at the office Nicole keeps going back to it. Eric is direct with Steffy. He asks what would she think if she knew someone well that was shacking up when they were a married person. She stammers to find words but he finishes the sentence by saying she would think it was shameful. He says he did not bring it up before only because the whole family was estranged against him. She wonders if this is coming from him or from Quinn. He says he is saying this to her now from him. He would like to see her have a second chance but it is not right to be living with Liam. It is unfair now of Liam to be coming around and throwing these choices around. It is not too late. He wants her to move out of Liam’s tonight. It is never too late to realign your choices with what is proper and right. Quinn walks in as Liam and Ridge are putting their heads together in how to oust Quinn. She says knock knock and asks if they are going to invite her in? And she is sorry she did not announce herself but she was too busy eavesdropping. Ridge is surprised she is back and she says his dad is the best doctor there is and she is all better. But maybe she should put a sock over her Ace bandage. Ridge quips that he can help her with that. He is pretty good helping a woman all the way down to her feet. He tries to start and she says no he’s done enough and she did not mean to run Liam off. Liam says he is sure Ridge will fill him in later.

Nicole has one more thing to say to Wyatt. When he thinks it is all over, perhaps it is just another chapter in his life. Eric says he believes in marriage and he even believes in divorce as he had had enough of his own, but he does not think it is right for Steffy to be married in limbo and go home to another man. Do not make a show of being with another man while she is married to another….move out tonight. He tells her he realizes she is not drawing a paycheck and that is not right. He is offering her $1M a year and that is as it should be. If she does not fully appreciate herself then no one else will. Quinn keeps on at Ridge and asks if he cannot see how she has some redeeming qualities and is very good for his father. The next thing you know she is talking about Ridge’s hair and he knows she is just dying to run her fingers through it. She remarks that there is not enough hand sanitizers in the building for that. Wyatt walks in and finds Eric alone who asks about his work. Then he tells him that he told Steffy that her living with Liam has to stop. At home Steffy has the place all fixed up, special dinner, music, candlelight and wine. He knows it is not his birthday so what is the occasion. He asks if he did something good and she says yes. He is loyal and loving and he never gave up on her. She needed that more than he will ever know. She knows she will have to be a better person to keep him. He asks if there is a surprise. She takes a deep breath.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nancy said she was taking Holly with her.  Andre told Rafe that he wasn’t giving permission to exhume Stefano’s body.  Nicole told Nancy that she named the baby.  Nicole offered to help out, but Nancy turned her down.  Andre didn’t believe that Stefano was still alive.  Nancy told Nicole that she wanted to spend time with the baby.  When Nicole walked away from Brady and Deimos, they both realized that the baby could be Nicole’s.  Marlena and Kate tried to talk Andre into exhuming Stefano’s body.  Andre finally gave in and gave Rafe permission to exhume Stefano’s body.  Deimos and Brady talked about Nancy being suspicious about the baby.  Brady thought he could get the truth out of Nancy.  Nancy told Chloe that Nicole deserved to know the truth about the baby.

Brady talked to Nancy.  She told him that she wanted Chloe to settle with a nice man.  Brady questioned Nancy about Holly’s father.  Nancy said she didn’t know who the father was.  She wanted to spend time alone with Chloe so she wanted him to leave.  Brady talked to Marlena about Nicole being the father of Chloe’s baby.  She told him not to tell Nicole the truth unless he had proof.  Andre and Kate talked about Stefano possibly being alive.  Nancy let Nicole hold the baby before she took her.  Deimos stopped Nancy from leaving.  He told her that he would help Chloe with her recovery.  Nancy wanted him to stay away.  When Nicole went to check on Chloe, Brady told Deimos they should wait to tell Nicole the truth about the baby.  Rafe told everyone that Stefano wasn’t the body in the grave.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Lulu, Felicia, & Robin help Maxie prepare for her wedding while she fights a terrible cold. When Nina announces that she's bringing Valentin to the wedding, she and Lulu have a shouting match in the hall about who deserves Charlotte the most. While everyone's otherwise engaged, Maxie lies down and takes strong cold medicine that knocks her out. In his room, Nathan fears that something bad is going to happen. Though Dante and Mac try to keep his spirits up, Nathan gets bad news over the phone, which makes it impossible for him and Maxie to get married.

Dillon announces that he's moving back to LA, but Tracy won't believe it. Dillon and Kiki find themselves on the same cross-country bus, due to a storm that's closed the airport. Tracy informs Finn that he has his job back at the hospital. She keeps Hayden company while she's recovering so that Finn can refresh himself. Although he's told Hayden that Brad made more of the cure for him, he collapses in the hall in pain but soon returns looking good as new. Finn and Hayden hope for a bright and happy new year and kiss. Carly goes to see Nelle and believes her story that she wants her and Sonny to get back together. Privately, Nelle plots revenge on "Caroline." Sonny and Bobbie are not happy that Michael wants to date Nelle. Nelle declines Michael's invitation to a New Year's Eve party. Bobbie finds a pill in Sonny's bedroom and goes to confront Nelle with it. Carly is touched by a sentimental present from Sonny who wants her to stay over.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy, Cane, and Victoria are surprised when they get a memo from Jack telling them they are not being evicted from the building. Victoria persuades Billy to go to the benefit with her and Cane since Jill bought a table. Nick and Chelsea spend New Year's Eve with Faith who once again falls asleep before midnight. Chelsea thanks Nick for helping her to deal with the loss of Adam and then she and Nick kiss. Hilary is worried about reading the teleprompter since she has never done it before, so Mariah shows her how it will work. Hilary is doing a wonderful job until she gets to the last part of the description for the final auction item, and then she reads the teleprompter copy which says that she caused Mariah to fall on the live GC Buzz fashion show.

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