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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke reminds Bill that she is marrying Ridge. Is Bill ever unsure of himself? Bill says Ridge will break her heart and that is something he will not do. He laughs and says that gives them all the time in the world when she says the timeline now is to wait and get Quinn out of their lives. Ridge tells Quinn as long as she is in his office she can make herself useful. He needs a model for a certain red dress. She says yes King Ridge. Wyatt tells Steffy that he lets her be herself, not like his old stick-in-the-mud brother. He says the world cannot get enough of her. She is an influencer now and now is not the time to diminish that. Liam comes back and he accuses Wyatt of having little respect for Steffy as this is not the real her. This new social media is an insult. Pam comes in and says Wyatt is doing a bang up job. She tells Liam that she really liked the video. Liam grouses again that they do not need a sexy CEO and it is an insult, no one can take her seriously like this. Wyatt tells him to dial that back as the old prude that he is. Bill tells Brooke that it is not fair as Ridge will let her down again, whereas he will be here and they can get on with their life together. She will be his. It is only a matter of time. She is only sacrificing her own happiness for RJ. He’s not going anywhere. Katie is getting on with her life and they will co-parent so Will is okay.

Katie drops in on Eric (wonder if she checked with Quinn first). She asks about Quinn and says she might not like finding her here. Eric says she is at the office. Quinn tries on the red dress with a long slit. Ridge drops to his knees and starts fiddling with the hem. Quinn looks uncomfortable but she tells Ridge he is really good at this. She gets around to the subject of Brooke and when they are going to get married. He tells her that is none of her business. He is concentrating on the company right now. In twirling around with the new length Quinn falls down with a sprained ankle. Ridge rushes to her and puts his hands on her around the waist and then the leg and then goes to get ice. He puts her foot in his hands and she quips she never thought she would see the day of him taking care of her. She says since he has to keep the ice on her foot they could just chat to get to know each other a little better. She wonders if he is just a little bit upset that his father gave Steffy the CEO job. He says he is doing what is best for the company. He says make no mistake he still despises Quinn despite helping her. She says it is mutual; she still despises him too. But now she will hobble out to the parking lot and go home to her husband. Wyatt tells Steffy and Liam that this is huge, she has another 100,000 followers since last night. Steffy finds it fascinating. Quinn tells Eric all she had to do was almost break her ankle to get Ridge to warm up to her. He is being supportive of Steffy though and he used one of Quinn’s designs in the jewelry line. Eric tells her there is only three things he demands of her – her love, her loyalty and her love……yes he said it twice as he wants a double dipping. Liam tells Ridge that it drives him nuts to see Steffy fall more and more into Wyatt’s clutches. They have to get rid of Quinn. He wants to know more about this flirting she did to come on to Ridge. Ridge replies whatever it takes to bring down Quinn Fuller he has to take it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos told Brady that he would have the results of the DNA test in 24 hours.  Brady didn’t want him to get Nicole’s hopes up.  They continued to argue over telling Nicole the truth.  Shane told Steve, Kayla, and Rafe that Stefano could be alive.  Shane said there was activity showing that Stefano could be alive.  Nicole told Chloe that she would love Holly like she were her own.  Deimos and Brady argued again over telling Nicole the truth.  Deimos thought there was another way to prove that Nicole is Holly’s mother.  Hope told Shawn that Chille was dead.  She told him how Coco and Sheila threatened her.  She was worried that she was next.  Roman and Marlena showed up when Shane was telling everyone that Stefano was alive.  Shane said he had evidence that Stefano was alive.  No one wanted to believe it.  Shane showed them a picture of someone who looked like Stefano. Brady and Nicole talked about what happened when Chloe gave birth.  Kate accused André of stealing money from the company.  He asked her about the microchips.  She said they weren’t found.  She wanted to know what he was keeping from her.  No one believed Shane’s evidence.  Hope didn’t want Shawn to investigate Chille's death.

Nicole told Brady that she felt connected to Holly.  Nicole said she was going to have a hard time letting Holly go.  He said she wouldn’t have to.  Steve, Roman, and Rafe wanted to get the evidence that Stefano was alive.  Sheila threatened Hope.  Deimos interrupted Brady before he could tell Nicole what he meant about not giving up Holly.  Nicole wanted to spend extra time with Holly.  André told Kate he didn’t steal money from the company, but she didn’t believe him.  Hope wanted Annabelle to help her get other inmates on their side.  Shane and company told Shawn that Stefano could be alive, but he didn’t want to believe it at first.  Deimos and Brady got Nicole away from the baby.  Shawn told everyone that Chille was murdered.  They wanted to get Hope out of the prison.  Rafe had a way to get her out.  Nancy showed up at the hospital to take custody of her baby.  Someone gave Hope the death card.  Rafe called André and Kate to the police station so they could exhume Stefano’s body.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Lucas informs Sam that the Chinese food bag actually reads "Reincarnation." Jason searches for clues at the pawn shop and comes away with the Chinese model boat named the "Reincarnation." Winston Rudge assures his boss in the back room of the pawn shop that he will take care of Julian. After going to Alexis' house to put fear in Julian's heart, Rudge decides that they have to take care of Jason next. Alexis fears that Julian is conducting mob business in her home, but he insists he's protecting her and her kids.

Valentin is upset that he can't find the old photograph of Anna, so Nina promises to help him. Anna assures Laura that she will get information to put Valentin away for good, but Laura is afraid what will happen if Lulu doesn't get custody of Charlotte. She just may have to kill Valentin herself. Laura suggests that Lulu share custody of her daughter with Valentin, but Lulu rejects that idea, so Laura promises to support her in her custody battle. Desperate to get her repressed memory back, Anna asks André to hypnotize her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Neil are on the phone trying to find a place for their fundraising banquet but with no luck. Ashley meets with Victor to ask him for help in using Newman Towers for the banquet. Victor is puzzled as to why Jack would want help from him. Ashley lets him know that Jack doesn't know she is here. At the McAvoy home, Sharon tries to get through to Dylan and to get him to tell her his feelings but he clams up and won't talk. At GC Buzz, Dylan commends Hilary on her performance. Dylan tells Sharon that he saw Nick at the Coffeehouse and Nick told him that them seeing Christian on Christmas Eve has not changed anything between them. Dylan leaves abruptly for the police station without talking to her about his feelings. Hilary asks Mariah for help with the fundraising banquet. Mariah hesitates at first but then agrees to help her. Jack and Neil discuss the foundation and how it helps a lot of people. Victor wonders why he should help Jack and his foundation. Victor agrees to help them but he sets conditions on his help. Ashley wonders what the conditions are. Victor tells her that he wants Brash and Sassy to stay in the same building as Jabot because of Victoria. At home, Devon and Hilary discuss new ideas for GC Buzz. Devon surprises her with a rack full of dresses from Fenmore's to try on to see which one she would want to wear for the banquet. Hilary tells him that she loves them as she kisses him. Noah visits Sharon to see how she is doing considering what happened between them and Nick. They discuss Faith and the Merry Christmas that Victor and Nikki had given her. In Paul's office at the police station, Christine and Dylan discuss a new mission for him and how he cannot tell anyone including Sharon where he will be and what he will be doing.

Ashley asks Victor why he changed his mind and why he wants to keep Brash and Sassy in the same building as Jack. Hilary looks through the dresses and finally decides on one. Sharon and Noah discuss Dylan and what effect this is having on him. Christine gives Dylan all the information he needs to infiltrate the drug organization. Jack and Neil are so discouraged over them not finding a place for the banquet that they consider calling it off until Ashley comes in and tells them about Victor's offer but which Jack refuses. Ashley tells Jack Victor's terms for giving them a place for the banquet. Mariah figures out that it was Hilary who caused her to tall flat on her face. Dylan comes home and tells Sharon that he will be leaving town on a mission for Paul and the GCPD. Sharon is against the idea but Dylan insists that he has to do this. Jack catches up to Victor at Newman Towers and accepts his offer of help.

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