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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge marvel over Christmas. She asks if he has a date in mind for them to get married. He quips how about the day they get rid of Quinn Fuller. He does not know how they will get rid of her but he doesn’t want her cloud hanging around and looming over their head. Wyatt and Quinn watch Steffy doing her duties and tell her that it looks like she was born for this title. Liam whines to Bill that Steffy would never be CEO if it was not for Quinn and she will want something in return. He has to run off to a meeting and the first thing he tells Wyatt is his idea is a bad one on so many levels. He tells Steffy that Wyatt’s idea won’t work. Wyatt says their success is linked to the jewelry line and the youth. Liam warns that Steffy will be the laughing stock of the industry with her emoticons. It will hurt them in the long run. A year from now it will be Steffy Forrester – the one who made a fool of herself on social media. He begs Steffy to not do that. When he keeps piping off Quinn says they are in a meeting and they do not need any more comments from him. He asks Steffy if she wants him to go and all eyes are on Steffy to say yes or no. She finally tells Liam to let her finish the meeting and then they will talk. Ridge tells Brooke that the only way he sees getting rid of Quinn is for her to betray his dad. Liam walks in and sees it is all about Quinn. Brooke has to leave and Liam adds to the convo and adds he wish he could help. Ridge says he has something but he does not know how to implement it. Quinn came on to him and was flirting when he saw her naked in the outside shower. Maybe she is dirty and really wants to wash something off. Liam thinks this is weird since it is in his dad’s back yard. Quinn has no shame if she is married to Eric and flirting with his son.

Quinn comes in and calls Ridge Mr. Irresistible and she likes it when he pouts. She wonders if any woman has ever put him in his place like she has. Bill surprises Brooke by showing up unannounced in her kitchen. Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is wrong. He’s just insecure about losing her and throwing his weight around. Most leave her alone since she is CEO of this company but then there is Liam. Wyatt tells Steffy that her tattoo is never going to go completely away, just like him. He reminds her of the beach, the sunshine, the wind in her hair. He told her he would always be honest with her and always put her first, that is his commitment to her. He says she promised to share a life with him and he still believes in that. Quinn looks over some designs that Ridge is working on and asks that he look at her when she talks. He tells her that she is the worst person he has ever met but she is really a good designer when it comes to jewelry. He can see where his dad is bewitched by her and that he thinks she is sexy. Brooke asks Bill what he wants. He says simply her and someday she will be his wife. Someday Ridge will stray, he always does. And Bill will be there with her. Ridge takes a quick backward look at Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Coco and Sheila bothered Annabelle.  They attacked her when they saw that she talked about them in a letter.  Hope came to her rescue.  Gabi went to see Chad to tell him that Abby was alive, but he knew.  JJ told Rafe that Gabi didnít want to be with him and that she was spending time with Chad.  Gabi was happy that Abby was alive.  Jade overheard Ciara and Claire talking about her.  Jade confronted them about it.  Hope stopped Coco and Sheila from attacking Annabelle.  They let Annabelle go to bother Hope.  Coco threatened to get Annabelle.  Gabi couldnít believe that Abby was alive.  Abby told Gabi what happened and why she lied.  Gabi told her how devastated Chad was when he thought she was dead.  Abby told her that she was there to pick up the pieces.  Jade told Steve and Kayla what Ciara and Claire did to her.  They told her that their family was overprotective and that made Jade feel better.

Chille stopped Coco and Sheila from attacking Hope.  Abby told Gabi that she saw her kissing Chad.  Abby wanted to know how long it was going on.  Abby asked if she loved him.  Chad stopped Abby from grilling Gabi.  He told Abby to blame herself for why they were together.  Annabelle was worried about Coco and Sheila coming after her, but Hope assured her that she would be okay.  Abby blamed herself for what happened.  JJ showed up at the mansion to talk to Gabi.  JJ and Gabi left to talk.  Abby wanted to be back with Chad, but he wasnít sure he could go back to her.  Gabi was upset that JJ lied to her about Abby.  Gabi said they werenít meant to be together.  He wanted to make it work but she didnít want to.  She said she didnít trust him.  He asked if she decided that before or after she kissed Chad.  Chad ripped into Abby for leaving him.  She asked if he would stand by her.  Gabi said they werenít going to be together.  Chad told Abby that she was legally dead.  She apologized to him for making him think she was dead.  She told him that she wanted to make things work.  They told each other that they loved each other, but he didnít trust her.  She wanted to know what that meant for them.  He said he didnít want to let her walk out the door.  Shane showed up and told Rafe, Steve, and Kayla that Stefano might still be alive.  Hope found Chille stabbed in her chest.  Gabi told JJ that she wasnít sure what the future held for Abby and Chad, but she didnít want to be with JJ.  Chad told Abby that she could stay at the mansion and raise Thomas together.  A prison guard ordered a lockdown in the prison.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

While at the police station undergoing questioning as a person of interest in Tom Baker's murder, Franco insists he knows nothing about it but privately confesses to Elizabeth what he did to keep him from harming her. Although she had supported him to Dante and called Scott to come to his son's defense, Elizabeth is now disgusted with Franco's violent impulses. She and Franco are worried when they see Dante holding a piece of bloody evidence that they recognize from his artist's studio -- a folding knife, which Dante is having analyzed for fingerprints.

After spending a pleasant Christmas Eve together, Carly and Sonny clear the air about Nelle's gloves, and he invites her to come watch Avery open her presents in the morning. As she's leaving, Sonny asks his wife if there's a chance they could get back together, but she's not sure and leaves. Michael takes Nelle home. While sharing a cup of hot cocoa, she shares her childhood memories including her cherished music box. Jordan & Andrť reunite when they run into each other in the park. Andrť apologizes for his behavior regarding Curtis and promises not to let him come between them again. They confess they have Christmas presents for each other and kiss.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The crush that Robbie, the computer programmer, has on Ashley continues to get stronger while she does her best to not get his hopes up about a personal relationship with her. Dylan's depression over losing Christian gets worse while Sharon is hopeful that Nick will allow them to visit the baby. Neil finds out that the building where they were planning to have the benefit for the Abbott Winters foundation has been foreclosed on, so Jack and Neil rush to find a new location. Mariah is shocked to find out that Hilary has returned to GC Buzz, and she is even more determined to prove that Hilary was the one that caused her fall on live TV.

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