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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is clearly disappointed on Christmas Day but he tries to keep it from Quinn and Wyatt. He talks to Kristen on the phone. Zende has come to be with her and Tony. He calls Ridge to invite him just for a quick carol and a cup of eggnog but Ridge says Rick, Maya and baby are there and they will just stay put. He calls Steffy and she and Liam say the same; they will see him before the New Year. Yet all seem a little forlorn to turn their back on tradition, even Pam and Charlie who are late as they spent time at the food mission. Quinn is happy to see Katie and Bill show up. Katie gives Eric a big hug and even Quinn gives her a nod of okay. Liam comes around and agrees to go to Eric’s. Steffy says he has been a very good boy this year and she is sure Santa will be very good to him. Quinn is surprised to open the door and there stands the clan – RJ followed by Brooke, Ridge, Rick and Maya. Brooke says Christmas would not be the same without him. Ridge wants to know what song they will butcher.

Eric asks them to all gather around the piano…..just as Steffy and Liam arrive. Eric says he is happy to see both of them here. Quinn goes and sits by Eric and even plays the first key as they sing Deck The Halls. Ridge says although they all planned this day separately they are Forrester’s and this is what they do. Steffy agrees it would not be the same without Pam and Charlie’s cooking and Eric’s playing the piano and singing, thanks for keep the tradition alive. Even Liam, Wyatt and Bill enjoy taking selfies. Eric tells them he is so grateful to them for being here today. He has memories that will last him the rest of his life. Happy Holidays to each and every one. They all join in unison for one more song so Eric complies.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad couldn’t believe Abby was alive.  He cried and hugged her.  Dario was upset that Chad gave Gabi a necklace.  When Sonny showed up, things were tense between Sonny and Dario.  Justin told someone that he wasn’t giving up on Hope’s case.  Adrienne was going to the hotel, but Justin wanted to take care of her.  Adrienne agreed to stay.  Chad wanted to know who Abby has been with.  Gabi tried to get Sonny and Dario to get along.  Sonny and Dario agreed to get along.  Gabi told Sonny and Dario that she broke up with JJ.  Dario didn’t like it.

Chad took Abby to their bedroom.  He wanted to know where she was.  She didn’t want to tell him.  He felt he had a right to know where she was.  She told him that she kept seeing Ben.  When she was at the hospital.  She told him that she escaped.  She said she came home and saw André and gave him the letter.  She said André helped her realize that she should be dead.  Chad was upset that she wanted to be dead.  He said that André lied about her being dead.  He thought what she did was worse.  She told him how she let him think she was dead.  She told him how André and Laura helped her.  Chad was still upset with her.  She said she came back to see JJ and Jennifer.  Chad wanted to know where she was.  She tried to leave, but he stopped her.  Justin and Adrienne talked about old time.  Abby wanted Chad to let her go, but he wouldn’t.  She told him how he moved on and how she saw him with Gabi.  He told her why he moved on.  He was furious that Abby lied to him.  She said she wished she died.  He told her to never say that again.  He didn’t want her to let Ben win.  She said she wasn’t the woman he needed.  He asked if she could be a mother to Thomas.  Dario and Gabi got in an argument over Chad.  Dario told her that Abby is alive and that he saw her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Valentin invites Lulu and her family, plus Anna and Emma, to Wyndemere to spend Christmas Eve with Charlotte. Lulu is jealous at the closeness between her newfound daughter and Nina. Lulu appreciates watching her children play together but warns Valentin that she is still going for full custody. Emma is able to steal upstairs unnoticed and takes something to help her grandmother spy on Valentin. As soon as they leave the house, she hands it to Anna as a bonus Christmas present.

Franco shares with Jake that he has to tell his mom the truth even if it hurts. After finding Tom Baker dead, Dante goes in search of Franco and finds him at the hospital about to tell Elizabeth what he did to her rapist. Kristina, Michael, and Avery cheer up their parents while everyone remembers Morgan. Nelle continues to insinuate herself on the Corinthos family but is taken aback by Carly's kindness. Sonny tells Jason that he can't trust Nelle, but his lies continue to build and make Carly suspicious. Julian has a surprise Christmas tree delivered to Alexis' house and tries to convince her that he really loves her and tried very hard to change for her. Looking very closely into Julian's eyes, Alexis is able to see the man she married inside and kisses him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

All the Newmans gather at Victor and Nikki's to celebrate Christmas Eve. Sharon takes down the Christmas decorations, because Faith isn't there to enjoy them. Victoria and the children walk into the Coffeehouse but the kids all run around Victoria. Victoria becomes aggravated. Billy sits on the sofa at home when Jill comes in and is upset that he isn't with Victoria and the children. Billy lets her know that Victoria doesn't want him around. At the condo, Lily informs Devon that Hilary didn't have any job offers, and he ought to have a talk with her. Nick, Chelsea, and Connor arrive for Christmas at Victor and Nikki's. Paul spends time with Dylan and Sharon and encourages them to go to Victor and Nikki's, but Dylan declines, because Nick and Christian will be there. Victoria arrives at Victor and Nikki's with the children in tow, and Abby notices that she is really strung out. Victoria orders a stiff drink. Victor reads the Christmas story to the children. Jill encourages Billy to make some advances toward Victoria to let her know how he feels about her. Billy thinks that Victoria doesn't have room in her life for him and wants Jill to stop meddling in his and Victoria's affairs. Nikki joins Victoria and sees her having a strong drink. Nick joins them and they discuss how anxious they are with everything.

Devon confronts Hilary about her lying to him about the job offers. Hilary reminds him that he doesn't trust her and she understands why. Hilary and Devon have a heart-to-heart talk about their feelings. Hilary tells Devon how she feels being used and being controlled by him and that he never asks her advice about anything. Victor continues to read the Christmas story to the children. Dylan suggests taking a walk but Sharon refuses. Mariah comes in and wants to know where all the Christmas decorations have gone. Mariah offers to make some hot chocolate and to open the gifts. Sharon opens her gift first and then Dylan, but the fun is over when Sharon sees a gift for Sully. Mariah soon leaves to take the gift to Faith and Christian. Jill and Billy take a walk in the park and they see Cane, Lily, Neil, and the children. Jill joins them while Cane joins Billy to wish him Merry Christmas. Mariah takes Faith her gifts. Nick takes Christian to visit with Dylan and Sharon.

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