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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Having Stephanie’s ring means so much to Brooke. Ridge says this time it is forever. Liam kisses Steffy and says it is the best Christmas present he has ever gotten. He wants to know if she has talked to her grandfather and if he is expecting everyone to be there at his house. Eric says he expects all of his kids to be there. He will not let them spoil their first Christmas together. Quinn reminds him that his kids are older and have their own lives and Maya and Rick have a new baby. Pam and Charlie want to know how many are they preparing for. Eric says he knows some still have issues with his marriage but he wants them to put that aside for this one day and celebrate together. Liam says it will be hard to sit next to Quinn at the table. Things are so complicated this year with her grandfather telling them that he can’t support their reuniting. Liam says Quinn has basically alienated everyone but her own son. Steffy admits it will be different with Quinn there and her portrait over the fireplace. He asks if it would be so bad if they skipped this year and next year then Quinn would not be there. He wants to curl up with her and be alone with her and just listen to Nat King Cole. She says that sounds good to her.

Ridge tells RJ that he has some news – they are getting a puppy…..actually they are getting married. RH is over the moon. He’s wanted this since he could talk. Ridge tells Brooke that he needs to go talk to Steffy but the sooner he goes, the sooner he can be back and they can celebrate. Quinn can’t wait for Christmas morning; she guides Eric outside along a path and some steps and shows him what she meant by her showering him with gifts – his own outdoor shower. He thinks this is fantastic, a total surprise. He cannot wait to try it out with his sexy wife. He finds out that she has already tried it out. He asks if she had enough privacy and she replies yes unless you are lurking in the bushes. Ridge drops by and Liam tells him they really do not want to go to Eric’s tomorrow and he and RJ are welcome to drop by. He says he has other plans and tells them that he and Brooke are going to get married. Bill stops by to wish Brooke to wish her a Merry Christmas. He says this is not the way he thought it would work out, but he is not going to give up on her. He knows she chose Ridge for RJ’s sake. Eric calls but Steffy says she and Liam have decided to celebrate there in their home. Ridge takes the phone and tells him that he has some news. He and Brooke are engaged and they want to spend the day with RJ. Eric wishes them a Merry Christmas. Quinn can see he is disappointed. He says it is not because of her; just everyone has something different to celebrate. She says they will have a wonderful Christmas no matter what. Brooke tells Bill that she did not know things were going to turn out this way and she knows it is not fair and is hard to understand. She cannot follow her heart all the time. She’s hurt too many people and she is just not going to do that anymore. He warns her that she knows Ridge and it is just a matter of time before he hurts her again and the marriage is a bust. He knows they will have their life together eventually.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer tried to talk Abby out of leaving Salem.  Chad and André argued over Chad being with Gabi.  Chad threw André out of the house.  André agreed to give up helping him.  Nicole tried to get Chloe to wake up.  Abby told Jennifer that she wouldn’t be gone forever.  Jennifer was tired of pretending that Abby was dead.  Deimos tried to get a helicopter to find Nicole and Chloe.  Nicole called Deimos and told him she had the baby.  He said he would be there soon.  Brady showed up at the inn.  Brady tried to wake Chloe up.  Rafe went to see Hope.  He got her a birthday present.  Jennifer4 told JJ that Abby was gone.  Gabi and Chad gave each other Christmas gifts.  Deimos showed up at the inn to rescue Chloe.  Deimos said he would make sure Chloe was okay.  Everyone gathered at Jennifer’s house for the tree trimming.  Abby snuck in Chad’s house.  Rafe gave Hope a sentimental gift.

Everyone put the ornaments on the Horton tree.  The doctor told Nicole, Brady, and Deimos that Chloe had pre eclampsia and had a stroke.  Nicole went to check on her.  Deimos told Brady that he was convinced the baby was Nicole’s.  Deimos wanted to tell Nicole the truth.  Chad and Gabi made out with each other.  Abby snuck in Thomas’ nursery.  Claire told Theo that she had a way to help him with Valerie.  Claire put the device in Valerie’s purse.  Shawn noticed something was wrong with Ciara, but she wouldn’t tell him.  Brady didn’t want Deimos to tell Nicole the truth without proof.  Deimos know how to get it.  Chad and Gabi stopped themselves from making love.  They told each other that they loved each other.  Justin called Rafe and told him Hope’s appeal was denied.  Rafe told her what Justin said.  Chad caught Abby holding Thomas.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Ava attempts to dissuade Julian from pursuing Alexis, but he is determined to move back in with his ex-wife to make amends for destroying her life. Proud to be able to support herself, Kristina moves to her own apartment, which leaves Alexis alone with her bottle. When Julian shows up at her door with his luggage, Alexis reluctantly lets him in but wants to keep it a secret. She hears him on the phone saying he did it all for his kids, but he refuses to explain. It's painful for Kiki and Dillon to constantly run into each other in Port Charles, so they plan something separately.

Finn keeps vigil at Hayden's bedside with Tracy until Naomi arrives determined to take her daughter to New York for better care. Just in time, Hayden wakes up and whispers that she doesn't want Finn to go away. They're all happy that the new serum Finn devised works, so he can now also take it. After kicking his way out of his cage, Franco wonders where Tom went and goes to visit Heather. Despite her advice not to confess to Elizabeth, he's determined to tell her what he did to Tom and rushes to the hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jill was concerned when she realized Billy would be alone for Christmas Eve, but he insisted that he'd be fine. Barry gave Jack a large donation for the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Lily tricked Barry into telling her that Hilary never planned to take a job on another show. Hilary and Devon came to a deal about GC Buzz that they were both happy about. She'd come back to the show in exchange for full control, an executive producer's title and a competitive salary. They shared a kiss after their agreement. Jill, Neil, Cane, Lily and the twins celebrated Christmas Eve with Devon and Hilary at their penthouse. Lily was angry when she found out Devon rehired Hilary. Lily told Devon what Barry said. Jack approached Phyllis and tried to strike up a chat about her holiday plans. She was distant with him. He was shocked when Phyllis said she was ready to leave Jabot. Ashley, Billy and Traci had a joyous celebration at the Abbott Mansion until Jack arrived and kicked Billy out. Billy ended up alone at the Athletic Club bar, while his siblings had Christmas Eve dinner at the family home. Lauren and Michael hid their dismay when Gloria announced that she planned to stay in their spare bedroom. Gloria unsuccessfully tried to convince Lauren and Michael to help her break up Chloe and Kevin. Lauren hired Phyllis to help her out with Fenmore's. Chloe and Kevin shared some happy moments with Bella. Kevin urged Gloria to give Bella and Chloe a chance. Gloria wasn't interested, and Chloe told Kevin not to waste his breath asking Gloria to do something she didn't want to do. Michael engineered a warm interaction between Bella and Gloria, which gave Kevin hope.

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