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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric and Quinn decorate the house. She says it is wonderful; their very first Christmas together. He realizes the family has not changed their feelings about her yet but Thanksgiving went well and he is hoping that will continue. Maya tells Rick that it is Lizzy’s first Christmas tho she may only be interested in the wrapping paper. Nicole takes Lizzy from her to take a nap. Rick says they were just discussing how they will spend Lizzy’s first Christmas. He just wants to spend this first one with his wife and baby and he hopes his dad will understand. He still has issues with Quinn and her prominence in the family but he is trying to get along during the holidays. Ridge asks RJ if he has anything special planned, but says that he doesn’t want to spoil the surprises, especially the one he has in store for Brooke. Eric tells Quinn that all he can do is invite the family and hope they will care enough to come. Christmas has always been a great tradition in this house and he wants it to continue. He says he will make his eggnog and everything will be fine. She wants the place to look the same so they will feel at home and not think she is trying to change things.

Eric calls Rick and says he hopes he can expect him tomorrow. Rick says he needs to talk to him about that – he and Maya sort of wanted to spend the day together in their own home. Eric says he understands and they will make it later. He tells Quinn they are not shunning them but wanted to spend the first Christmas just with Lizzy. Her had hoped she would hang her first ornament on his tree to show the growth of their family but there will be others. Zende tells Nicole that he has no right to say this but the only thing he wants is to spend the day with her. He loves her and is not over her yet. Brooke is curious and Ridge gives her a pretty little box. He says they have given each other a lot of presents over the years and he does not want to be apart from her anymore. He wants her to open the box. It’s another box and it in Stephanie’s ring. He says his mother was a wise woman and always wanted them to be together and wanted Brooke to be the matriarch of the family, and he is sure she is looking down now and is pleased. He asks her if she will marry him. Of course, she says yes and seals it with a kiss. He slips the ring on her finger and kisses her again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

André threatened to tell Chad that Abby was alive if she didn’t tell him herself.  Paul saw a shipment at the pier.  When he tried to open a box, Dario busted him.  Dario wanted to know what he was doing.  Dario threatened to beat up Paul.  André said Chad would look for Abby, but she threatened to tell how long he knew she was alive.  Paul questioned Dario about the shipment.  He wanted to know who hired him.  Sonny showed up and told Dario that he hired Paul to find out what he was doing.  Chloe wanted Nicole to take care of Parker and the baby if something happened to her.  When Nicole agreed, Chloe said she didn’t deserve a friend like her.  Abby told JJ that Chad kissed Gabi.  JJ wanted to go see Gabi.  Dario went to Brady and Deimos to warn them to keep Paul away from the shipment.  Dario threatened to take his business elsewhere.  Sonny showed up to justify what he did, but Deimos was upset.  Deimos finally got through to Nicole.  She told him that she was with Chloe at an inn.  Chloe’s contractions were getting worse.

Chloe was upset when Nicole said Deimos was sending help.  JJ asked Gabi if she was sneaking around with Chad.  She asked who told him.  She got mad at him for keeping things from him.  Deimos told Brady they would have to rescue Nicole and Chloe.  Gabi continued to question JJ about keeping secrets from her, but he wouldn’t tell her.  She said she was done.  Deimos asked Sonny why Dario was at the pier.  Sonny told him what happened.  Sonny asked Deimos if Sonny and John could finish investigating.  Deimos said he could.  Chloe said she had something to tell Nicole, but she went into labor.  Chloe gave birth to the baby.  JJ told Abby that Gabi overheard him and Jennifer talking about her.  JJ told her that Gabi dumped him.  He asked her to fix the problem, but she wanted to run away.  She didn’t want to tell the truth because she wouldn’t win.  Abby apologized to him.  Gabi found Chad at Abby’s memorial.  She told him that she broke up with JJ.  He invited her to spend time with him and Thomas.  Brady told Deimos that he found the road where Nicole and Chloe were.  Brady told Deimos the plan he had to save them.  Deimos didn’t like the plan.  Deimos said he had his own plan.  André went to see Chad.  Chad told her that he and Gabi were more than friends.  André said he couldn’t be with Gabi and he didn’t know why.  Brady went to save Nicole and Chloe.  Deimos called to get a helicopter to go to Chicago.  Chloe wanted Nicole to name the baby.  Before Chloe could tell Nicole why she wanted her to name the baby, she passed out.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

When Franco returns to his studio, Tom knocks him out and locks him up in the dog cage. Then he goes out with Franco's knife looking for revenge. Franco has a life-changing dream where Sam, Elizabeth, and his evil self confront him. Realizing that Tom is probably going after Elizabeth at that moment and he can't do anything about it, Franco desperately shouts out for help. Elizabeth visits Heather in prison and asks for help in finding Naomi because Hayden is dying. Heather can't help but does warn Elizabeth that Franco's true self will eventually hurt her. Elizabeth is confident that Franco has changed, and she's not afraid. Sonny flies into a tailspin when Jason suspects that Julian planted the bomb in his own car. Jason calms him down and asks Sonny to wait until he has confirmation, because right now things don't make sense.

Alexis reluctantly takes care of Julian but has to leave for Sam's baby shower. Rudge visits Julian asking if he needs home care. When Julian refuses, he warns that the boss will be watching him. At the Metro Court, Monica, Alexis, Kristina, Molly, Carly, & Maxie gather to play games and open presents. Sam is touched when Monica gives her a gift belonging to Alan. Kristina announces that she's moving out of her mother's home. Once they realize that Maxie stole Dr. Lee's note with the baby's gender and had a cake made to reveal it, Sam stops it from being cut and Maxie apologizes. Sam comforts Carly who misses Morgan and assures her she's not alone. With Sam's encouragement, Carly reaches out to Sonny. After everyone leaves, Jason arrives and spots the cake still intact. He and Sam decide to find out their baby's gender and begin to cut the cake as they count down. When Alexis returns to make sure Julian is tucked in for the night, he announces that he's moving back in with her, so she won't be alone with her bar.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria returns home as a gift-wrapped present and sends herself to Michael and Lauren's house right before Kevin and Chloe arrive with Bella. Gloria tells everyone she left Jeffrey in France and never wants to talk about him again. Gloria thinks that Bella looks just like Kevin, but he tells her that he isn't Bella's father. Gloria makes it her mission to find out the identity of Bella's father, so that Kevin doesn't get his heart broken by Chloe again. Lauren gets news that Fenmore's Christmas sales look solid, so she can finally enjoy Christmas with her family. Esther gets a note from Jill telling her that Colin has decided to stay in Chicago, so she can return to the Chancellor mansion. Esther is thrilled by the news and quits her job at Crimson Lights to go back home. Noah, Victor, and Nikki persuade Nick and Sharon to allow Faith to decide where she wants to live. Sharon and Nick are shocked when Faith tells them she wants to live with Victor and Nikki, because she wants to get away from all of Nick and Sharon's arguments.

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