Tuesday 12/20/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill grouses to Liam that to not make him drive over here again for reports. Liam figures his lousy mood has to do with Brooke. Bill says yes they should be married and celebrating their first Christmas together. The subject gets around to Quinn and Liam says she has not changed and never will. He is not saying things are solid with him and Steffy but they are trying hard to work on it without more interference. Ridge, Steffy and Rick talk and Ridge tells them that Wyatt is the ultimate prize as Quinn wants him back with Steffy. She tells them she is on full alert and she is no longer worried about Quinn now that she is CEO and even working with Quinn won’t bother her. A Quinn mine field, she will deal with it. Quinn tells Wyatt that Eric is on his side so she does not think after what Eric told Liam recently that he has a chance with Steffy. Wyatt tells Quinn not to get ahead of herself. Pretty much all Eric can do is cheerlead for him; Steffy is still going for the divorce. He says he appreciates them supporting him but there is a fine line between supporting and meddling and he’d like her to back off. He changes the subject and asks about her Christmas present to Eric. She thinks back to the shower scene with Ridge and says it is a present that just keeps on giving and will leave it at that. Bill tells Liam that Eric needs to stay out of this. He leaves just as Steffy returns to Liam’s. He states to Steffy that now Eric is targeting their relationship. Liam fills her in on what Eric said about his waffling and it is just Quinn talking and putting ideas in his head.

Rick laughs and says it sounds like Ridge has never seen a naked lady before. Ridge says yes, many – but he was not expecting this particular one. Wyatt calls Steffy and explains to her that he and Nicole have something exciting set up and he will get back to her later when she has more time to discuss it about social media. Liam reminds her that again this is Quinn making sure it remains that way that Wyatt and Steffy will always be working together. He sees her tattoo ring not faded yet and she says yes she has been so busy she missed her last meeting with the doctor. Liam rants on with his song and dance about Quinn pulling the strings and how Eric said Steffy’s future does not include him. She tells him she does want to be with him and especially during this time of year. He says she knows how much he loves the holidays but he is so dreading the day at Eric’s house with Quinn’s photo over the fireplace and Eric’s constant reminder they have no future. Quinn meets up with Ridge and gloats that she knows seeing her in the outdoor shower was the highlight of his day but she will not tell Brooke. Then she challenges him to compare her bod with all those models he has worked with in stages of undress over the years. He complies that she has a nice body so she should go home for Christmas and take care of it. She replies that he can be Grinch if he wants to but she will not let him take away her holiday spirit. This is her first Christmas as Mrs. Eric Forrester. Ridge adds…….. and her last, count on it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole wanted to talk to Chloe about the baby and their friendship.  Philip and Deimos got into a fight.  Kate showed up for Adrienneís first chemo.  Victor stopped Deimos and Philip from fighting.  Philip told Victor what happened.  Chloe told Nicole that Philip said he was in love with her, but she didnít love him.  Kate said she would be there for Adrienne and she wouldnít be alone during her chemo.  Nicole told Chloe that she wanted to be there for her.  She wanted Chloe to come back to Salem. Chloe refused to come back because of Deimos.  Philip and Deimos got into an argument.  Philip yelled at Deimos about what heís done in the past.  Philip wanted to know if Victor was going to stand up for him.  Kate told Adrienne that she was pushing people away and tried to make her feel better.  Kate said she would be there for her.  Kate told Adrienne how chemo worked for her.  Lucas showed up to see Adrienne.  Victor didnít want to defend Philip.  Philip was upset that Victor didnít defend him. Philip said he was done with the family.  He said he was leaving Salem.

Nicole and Chloe argued over Deimos.  Nicole wanted Chloe to forgive Deimos.  They argued over Deimos again.  Nicole wanted to agree to disagree over Deimos.  Nicole offered to stay with Chloe so they could catch up.  Victor and Philip talked about Chloe.  Philip was sick of being judged.  Victor told Philip to leave Salem.  Philip refused to work for Titan.  Victor wasnít going to support him.  Philip said he didnít want anything to do with Victor.  Victor didnít want him to leave like this.  He said he would support Philip leaving Salem, but he didnít want to lose what they had.  Philip said he loved him.  Lucas was there for Adrienne during her chemo.  Adrienne explained to Lucas how Kate has been there for her.  She was happy that he surprised her.  Philip showed up at the pub to tell Kate that he decided to leave Salem.  Victor believed that Deimos had Philip kidnapped.  Victor warned him not to do anything like that again.  Chloe let Nicole know that her water broke.  Nicole took her somewhere to get help.  Philip explained to Kate what happened with Chloe.  He told her that he needed a new start.  They hugged and said their goodbye.  Nicole told Chloe they couldnít drive because it was snowing too hard.  Chloe let Nicole know that she was in labor.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

When Hayden flatlines, Finn shocks her heart back to life with Elizabeth's help. Knowing that she will likely soon die for good, Hayden makes the risky decision to accept Finn's possible cure for their disease. After Tracy, Finn, and Elizabeth offer words of encouragement, Finn pushes the only dose of the "cure" through Hayden's IV. Laura is honored to be chosen as a hospital board member and gains Lucy's approval when she promises to support the next Nurses' Ball. Laura and Kevin joyfully exchange words of love and kiss. Franco denies knowing Tom's whereabouts when his brother, Seth, goes to the hospital looking for him. He decides not to do anything that would jeopardize his relationship with Elizabeth and goes home to release Tom, but his captive turns the tables on Franco.

While attempting to connect with Charlotte at the Metro Court, Lulu is disappointed that her long-lost daughter just wants to go home. Charlotte is happy when Valentin shows up. Unhappy that he's interrupted the visit, Lulu is determined to gain sole custody of Charlotte, but Dante advises her to wait until she's established a relationship with her daughter, since losing her father at this time would not endear her to the little girl. Emma tries to help her Grandma Anna figure out why Charlotte's song is so meaningful to her. While talking to Valentin, Anna realizes that his memory of learning to speak Russian is actually hers, and she asks for Dante's help.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jill meets with Michael at the Athletic Club to discuss suing Jack for breach of contact for evicting Brash and Sassy from his building. When Michael asks Jill if the contract could have been breached, she replies no. Lauren visits with Paul and Christine in his office at the GCPD when Christine gets a phone call and leaves. Paul begins to question her about Fenmore's and how everything is going. Lauren tries to brush aside the question, but Paul still persists in asking her more questions. Paul and Lauren reminisce about his mother and sauerkraut. Paul still feels that Lauren is hiding something about the business at Fenmore's and not telling Michael. At the Newman ranch, Victor tells Nick that Sharon knows how to push his buttons, and they don't need a custody battle again over Faith. Nikki tries to give Nick advice on how to deal with this situation in his fight with Sharon over Faith and visitation. In her room, Faith is busy packing her things. Nick leaves Nikki and Victor to go and pick up Faith at Sharon's.

Michael and Jill discuss the crisis at Fenmore's. Paul still demands answers from Lauren concerning Fenmore's. Christine watches them talking and then walks in on them. Lauren remembers a meeting and leaves abruptly. Christine asks Paul if anything is bothering Lauren. Dylan takes a sandwich up to Faith but finds her door locked. Nick arrives to pick up Faith and an argument erupts. Dylan goes downstairs and tells them that Faith is gone. Paul tells Christine that Michael doesn't know about the trouble at Fenmore's. Michael interrupts them to join Lauren, but she's already gone. At the Athletic Club, Jill asks what's going on at Fenmore's, but Lauren refuses to give her any information. Nikki and Victor find out that Faith is gone and a search begins to find her. Nick arrives back at the house and calls to see if there is any word about Faith. Dylan also arrives and an argument breaks out between the two. Nikki has to separate them. Victor finds Faith hiding in the stables, but she holds up a finger to her lips, so he won't tell where she is.

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