Monday 12/19/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is in for a shock when he accidentally sees Quinn in her new outdoor shower. Rick tells Ridge that the buyers will be here next week. Ridge is distracted. He says Rick would be too if he saw what he just saw – Quinn naked. Brooke tells Katie that she knows what Quinn is capable of and what if she means her latest threats. Katie says the last thing she wants to do is accuse Quinn and be wrong. Quinn and Eric lay in bed and she says miracle of miracles and he loves her despite her past. She wants their Christmas to be very special. He says yes but he does not want her to go overboard. She has given him so much already. She says it is a secret, but she may shower him with gifts. Ridge tells Rick that he knows his dad always wanted an outdoor shower so guess that is Eric’s Christmas present. Rick is aghast when Ridge says Quinn was there as naked as the day she was born and not a care in this world and he felt vibes and it wasn’t coming from him. He thinks Quinn was flirting with him. Rick tells him his ego is a wonder of wonders but every woman is not ready to jump in the sack with him. Even naked she still has all the power. Ridge says she could have run away but she stood there bold and brazen.

Katie says she cannot tell Eric what she has on her phone as Quinn will deny it and Eric will get more stressful. Katie says she will keep the phone photo and have it if they need it. She will just let Quinn think she is her champion. Eric tells Quinn that some people think he is too old for her. She needs someone more like Ridge’s age. She says no, Ridge does have his assets but even on his best days it does not compare with Eric. She says some mornings when she wakes up she is afraid she will look over and he won’t be there, it will all be a dream. He means everything to her and she hopes that is not too much. Katie says she will not let Quinn get her clutches further into Eric. They will just have to be smart in how they pry him away from her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip told Chloe that he was drugged and kidnapped. He thought Deimos was responsible.  He thought Deimos knew she was carrying Nicole's baby.  Nicole told Deimos that she was going to see Chloe.  Deimos offered to go with her, but she said no.  Abby and André saw Chad and Gabi kissing.  Chad and Gabi saw André watching them.  Chad wanted to know what André was doing there.  They ended up in an argument until André left.  Abby went to the park and had a panic attack.  Chad talked to Gabi about André.  She told him that André didn't approve of her.  Chad was upset, but wanted to deal with them.  Chloe questioned Philip about how Deimos could know she was pregnant.  Philip wasn't sure if he said something when he was drugged.  Chloe was convinced Nicole couldn't have the baby.  Philip reminded her that it was Nicole's baby.  Nicole reminded Deimos about what happened when he last saw Chloe.  Deimos agreed not to go with her.  Brady showed up while they were kissing.  When Nicole left, Brady wanted to know what he was going to do to Chloe.  Deimos let him know what he was going to do.  Philip wanted to go away with Chloe.  He told her he loved her.  She said she didn't love him.  He understood that she didn't feel the same way about him.  He hoped everything worked out for her. 

Chad told Gabi that he didn't want a rebound relationship.  She understood why he thought it would be a rebound relationship, but she said it wasn't one.  He said he didn't want to love a ghost forever.  Lani came back to Salem.  She ran into JJ and then met up with her family.  Abe introduced her to Valerie.  Chad said he wanted Gabi, but the timing was off.  He wanted to talk.  She reminded him that JJ cheated on her as well as keeping a secret from her.  Now she doesn't want to be with JJ.  She said there was nothing standing in the way of them being together.  Theo wanted to talk to Lani alone.  André found Abby at her memorial.  She said she was only a memory to Chad.  He wanted her to fight for Chad.  Gabi told Chad that she loved JJ, but it was hard to be with him.  They thought it was easy for them to get together.  Chad talked to Gabi about what it was like being with Abby.  He felt young again with Gabi.  Theo told Lani about his theory on Valerie.  He was determined to find out about Valerie.  Victor walked in on Deimos and asked who he was going to kill.  André wanted to take Abby back to the mansion, but she didn't want to go back.  She was doing it for Chad.  André told Abby she was wrong about what happened.  She said she knew why he helped her.  André continued to convince her that Chad wanted her, but she wasn't convinced.  She still didn't want to go back.  Lani tried to defend Valerie so Theo asked if she would help him if he had proof.  She agreed to do it.  Chad and Gabi agreed to take things slow and kissed again.  Abby went back to Jennifer's and told her what happened.  Jennifer didn't understand why Chad would kiss Gabi.  Abby decided to leave and be with Laura.  Deimos said he wanted to kill Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Against his better judgment, Valentin allows Lulu to take Charlotte on an outing in order to keep the peace with his child's mother. Nina cautions Valentin that Lulu will go to extremes to protect her daughter. After Dante talks with Anna, he decides to support Lulu in establishing a relationship with Charlotte. Dante, Anna, and Emma encounter Charlotte and Lulu at the Metro Court. Anna is haunted by a song that Charlotte hums, which she says she learned from her father. Lulu tells Dante that she has no intention of returning Charlotte to Valentin.

Hayden is touched when Tracy takes care of her and thanks her. When she spikes a fever, Elizabeth takes Hayden to the hospital where Dr. Walsh treats her for organ failure. In the lab, Brad agrees to help Finn with his disease's cure. Against Brad's advice, Finn decides to test it on himself first. Tom desperately tries to reach Franco's phone which he carelessly left near the cage, but he returns in time. Elizabeth wonders what is going on at the studio after the landlord called with a noise complaint from the loud music. At the hospital, Franco meets Tom's brother, Seth, who is searching for him. Elizabeth wonders if Franco knows something about that.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Since Jill intends to sue Jack over the abrupt termination of the Brash and Sassy lease, he is ready for a fight. Victoria is ready to do anything she has to do to make sure that Brash and Sassy stays on track. Dylan tells Sharon that he is going undercover on a case and will be away at night, so he tells her to ask Nick if Faith could stay with her at night so she won't feel lonely. Nikki tells Paul she feels like Dylan is avoiding her. Dylan tells Paul that he is avoiding Nikki, because he feels like Victoria and Nick will always be more important to Nikki and he doesn't have a place in her life. The Newman family gathers to watch Faith in her play. Afterwards, Dylan asks if Faith can spend the night with Sharon. Nick refuses; and when Faith overhears them fighting, she shouts that she is sick of all their fighting and wants a divorce.

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