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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam stands there and berates Eric and does not want him to listen to Quinn any more. She did not even have to kidnap him or kill him. She has that place right here in his home. Do not listen to her. Eric tells Liam that he is biased. Everyone can change and he believes in Quinn. He listens to Liam rant on and on and he says that is enough. If Liam cannot be respectful, then just get out. He will not let him disrespect his wife this way in her own home. Katie is not mad at Brooke for turning down Bill and choosing Ridge. She too is doing what Brooke is doing, that is what is best for her even though that means living next door to Quinn; there is Eric. Katie explains that Quinn thinks she is behaving totally inappropriate and wants her to stay away from Eric. Katie denies to Brooke that she has feelings or a crush on him. It is just Quinn who is not quite right in the head and she is capable of doing terrible things. Liam says he is not being disrespectful to Eric but only loyal to Steffy. Eric says there is nothing he would not do for Steffy and that includes getting her back with Wyatt. Wyatt is loyal to his women, unlike Liam who waffles back and forth between his women. He only falls back on Steffy when Hope is out of the picture and then there is Ivy who he strung along so he goes from one to the other. Eric wonders if Liam had a granddaughter which son would he pick, Liam or Wyatt? Pam orchestrates with Nicole to have a big brass plaque for Steffy to display on her door – Steffy Forrester, CEO. Brooke does agree that everyone can change, even Quinn though that is a hard one to accept. Katie says Quinn hates her even though she tries to hide it. She cannot tell Eric as everyone in his family has and it did not do any good. Brooke advises her too anyway. Someday he will remember it.

Wyatt asks for Steffy’s hand and says the tattoo is fading but it is not gone, just like they are not. Maybe neither has to fade away as there is a waiting period for their divorce yet. Eric tells Liam that he thinks they all need to step back. Steffy is still married but is living with Liam. She has many followers on social media and thinks she may need to live somewhere else. He prefers her living there with them and Wyatt. Liam laughs at him for thinking Wyatt is the golden boy. Eric says at least he loved Steffy and supported her and still is. Eric says he picked Steffy to run this company and into the future and that is without Liam. When Liam wants to go on and on about the sword necklace to his neck and hopes it never happens to Eric, but it will, Eric tells Liam good night. He leaves and goes upstairs, leaving Liam to tell Quinn someday she will get hers. He opens the door and it is open wide, enough for Katie to be outside and hear their conversation. Quinn tells him that he showed her that she could do better than Bill and even Deacon and she found the best in Eric and she wants the same thing for her son. Wyatt is going to have Steffy and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Katie takes a picture from behind the bushes. Quinn tells him these days are going to be his last so he better enjoy them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Theo what happened to Stefano. Theo was upset at the idea of Stefano goading Hope into killing him. Chad told him that Stefano loved him despite what he did. Jennifer and JJ were talking about Abby's secret. Gab overheard them and assumed JJ was keeping a secret from her. Gabi acted as if she didn't hear anything and went out with JJ. Abby told Jennifer that she still planned on telling Chad the truth. Theo met with Ciara at the pub and talked to her about what Stefano did. Ciara still wanted to be friends. Claire saw how close they seemed and was bothered by it. Gabi and JJ were at the park. She confronted JJ about the secret he was keeping.  He lied and said the secret was work related.  Gabi told him that she had to leave.  She thought about when JJ confessed to cheating on her. She assumed he cheated on him again and ignored his call. 

Abby called André and told him she was ready to see Chad. Claire told Ciara that Caroline wanted to see her. Theo explained to Claire that he and Ciara were friends. She kissed him and Ciara saw them. Abby was with André and told him how Chad removed his ring and was ready to move on with his life. Gabi went to Chad to talk about JJ. Ciara ran into Julie and told her about the boy she liked being with another girl. Julie advised her to let it go. JJ told Jennifer that his date with Gabi ended badly. He wondered if Gabi knew what secret he was keeping. He was afraid that he would lose her because he kept another secret from her. Gabi was upset with JJ because she thought he was cheating on her again. Chad advised her to be happy because he had to go to a memorial for Abby. He told her that he had to move on from Abby. André wanted to be there when Abby revealed herself. Gabi realized that she couldn't trust JJ anymore. Chad and Gabi kissed each other. André and Abby walked in and saw them together. 

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Today's GH episode was pre-empted by President Obama's news conference.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki and Victor spend time alone at home. Nikki is surprised when Victor makes no move to go to work. He reminds her that he is cutting back. Nick walks into the Underground and looks around as if it is strange to be back there. Noah comes out of the back and is surprised to see him there. At the beauty shop, Summer is surprised to see that Phyllis is now a blonde. Phyllis talks about changes she is making in her life. Nick and Noah discuss what Sharon did to him which he isn't about to forgive any time soon. Victoria, Cane, and Billy are upset that they are being evicted from the building. Victoria demands answers from Jack. Victoria tries to talk him out of it but he stands steadfast in his decision. Victoria is determined not to leave until she gets some answers. Victoria gets a call from Cane that she needs to get to the office of Brash and Sassy immediately. The moving men are at Brash and Sassy ready to move them out. Billy tries to stop them but with no luck. Nick lets Noah know that Christian has Sage's eyes. Noah tries to get him to change his mind about Sharon, but Nick refuses. Victor looks at a picture of Adam and wishes that he was still here. Nikki tries to lend him moral support. Nikki and Victoria discuss Victoria and Nick working at Newman. Jack joins Victoria, Cane, and Billy in the office of Brash and Sassy and tells them that he thought that he was helping them so they could enjoy the holidays but they still have to be out by December 31.

Summer visits Nikki and is surprised with a birthday present that Nikki bought her in New York. Phyllis visits Nick at the Underground and they plan a surprise birthday party for Summer. Nikki gets a text from Nick inviting her and Victor to the birthday party. Noah makes up an excuse to get Summer to the Underground to pick him up, but in reality she walks into her surprise birthday party. Phyllis and Nick surprise Summer to a vacation to the beach anywhere in the world. Summer is thrilled. Phyllis and Victor come face to face at the party, but they are cordial to each other. Nick thanks Victor for keeping the peace at the birthday party. Billy and Cane argue in the office at Brash and Sassy, but it suddenly gets too much for Victoria and she pushes all the things off the table. Billy tries to console her, but Victoria walks away.

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