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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam barges in to see Steffy while Wyatt is there. Wyatt states that he will go out until the tide comes in. Liam knows what Steffy is going to say. Meanwhile Eric pays the tattoo doctor for wasting his time as Steffy cannot make it today. Rick bends Nicole’s ear as he does not want to go home and get Maya riled up. He cannot blame Steffy but he does not like being passed over as CEO and she cannot see that Quinn is using her. Steffy asks if Liam is not going to congratulate her. She states that if she turned it down her granddad would let Quinn stay on so it still would not have been Ridge or Rick to get the CEO job. Liam only wants to know why Wyatt is there and involved. At home Quinn gets Eric settled and says he was quite the showman today. Eric replies that her son was quite the showman too. He likes him around. He trusts him and he is quite like his mother, the Madam President. She does not know where that came from but thanks him. Liam keeps on with Steffy. She tells him that her grandfather named Wyatt as head of Publicity. Liam laughs, sure that sounds about right as he loves to take pictures of Steffy and get on social media. She admits there might be some of that but where she lays her head at night is not in her job description so Liam need not blame Eric and Quinn. And Wyatt certainly did not ask for the job so he need not treat him this way either. Wyatt asks Nicole to be part of his team with social media and she is honored although Rick thinks Wyatt is throwing his weight around. Steffy asks Liam to stop asking her about this. Every male family member wanted this job and she was handpicked by Eric and it means a lot to her. Liam about crashes when he hears that Quinn is President. She and Steffy will be working closely together. She shows him her ring finger and says the fading tattoo is taking longer than she thought.

Eric tells Quinn he might have made a mistake by sending the doctor away today as he is sure Steffy will hear and ask him about it. Wyatt tells Steffy that he is happy for her. He just wonders if Liam is. Steffy says he will come around. Eric tells Quinn that no one forced Steffy to marry Wyatt but they all want to blame he and Quinn for the failure of Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy. She says Wyatt is over that now and she thinks Steffy will be soon too. When Quinn goes to the kitchen, Eric has to answer the door and it is Liam. Eric tells him this is not a good time but Liam puts his hand out and won’t allow Eric to close the door. He charges on in and starts in on him for being brainwashed by Quinn. Says he has been there too. She was his wife as Eve first so he knows firsthand what she is capable of. Eric needs to remember his past and who he is and not let Quinn get her claws in him further. Quinn hears the loud noise and comes in. Liam accuses her too and warns Eric again. Eric says that is enough. This is his house and Liam cannot bully his way in. He tells Liam that he is happy and he is sorry that Liam is not capable of being happy and he cannot imagine wanting his granddaughter to be part of that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

A cop told Hope that she would look out for her because she helped a friend of hers.  Coco and Sheila wanted to make sure Hope doesn’t get her way.  Gabi told Rafe that she didn’t work for Chad anymore.  Chad started to plan Abby’s memorial.  Abby let Jennifer and JJ know that she was going to tell the truth.  Abby realized that she has been lying to him.  She thought she and Chad would get past it.  She said it was time to see Chad and Thomas.  Abby wasn’t ready to see Chad until it was perfect.  Gabi told Rafe that she wanted to start her own business.  Rafe thought she should keep working with Chad.  Dario showed up while they were talking.  Hope tried to reach out to a new inmate.  Hope warned her to look out for Coco and Sheila.  When Gabi and Rafe walked away, Dario looked through her bag for the microchip.  Gabi caught him looking through her bag.  She wondered what was doing.

Chad met with Father Louie to plan Abby’s memorial.  When Coco and Sheila were talking to Annabelle.  Hope stopped them.  Dario lied about why he was in Gabi’s bag.  Rafe met with Justin to talk about Hope’s case.  Hope got in a fight with Coco and Sheila.  The cop that was going to look out for Hope stopped the fight.  Abby showed up at the park and watched Chad with Thomas.  She heard Chad telling Thomas about her.  Abby overheard Chad telling Thomas that he needed to move on with his life.  He took off his wedding ring.  She ran away.  Chad thought he heard something.  Andre showed up at Abby’s memorial.  Chad wanted to show it to him.  Chad told Andre that he felt that Abby was near.  Andre said there was a reason for it.  Andre told Chad that he kept something from him.  He said it would change everything.  The cop let Hope use her cell phone to call Ciara and Rafe.  Rafe told her that Justin thought her appeal was going to go through.  Andre told Chad that they could access phone and computer cameras with his idea.  Chad was impressed, but wondered why he waited to tell him.  Andre told him why he waited.  Chad said it was Andre’s idea since he was working on it before he came back to the company.  Hope wanted to talk to Rafe about what they were going to do when she gets out of prison.  Rafe noticed the bruise on Hope’s face and wondered what happened.  Gabi left a message that she was going to the house.  Andre told Chad that someone stole the microchips that he needed for his plan.  Abby ran into Dario and told him that Chad had a memorial for her and took off his ring.  Dario tried to make her feel better.  He convinced her to tell the truth.  Gabi overheard JJ tell Jennifer that she couldn’t know about her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Surprised to find Alexis at Julian's penthouse, Jordan asks if she wants to remove the restraining order. Alexis wants to keep it in place, pretending that she just came over to get a photo album. Ava keeps quiet about Alexis running over her brother. Jordan questions Julian about the Derek Wells Media van parked outside The Floating Rib on the night his car exploded. Julian denies knowing anything about the accident, since it was so traumatic. Jason and Curtis continue to brainstorm about all the Chinese symbols coming up in their investigation. At the pawn shop, Rudge takes care of an unseen person in the back room. Once he has a moment alone, Julian tries to call the pawn shop, but Alexis interrupts him, asking if he wants Chinese for lunch.

Dante confides in Olivia that he has reservations about Charlotte. He wonders how to deal with the situation. Olivia shares that she has the same problem with Leo and Julian, and she will do whatever she has to to protect her son. Felicia goes to Crimson to help Maxie with her wedding and praises her for having learned from her mistakes. After Maxie informs her that Lulu is Charlotte's mother, Nina rushes over to Wyndemere to confront Valentin about his lies. Valentin convinces her that he was just doing what's best for his little girl. When Lulu informs her mother about Charlotte, Laura is stunned and advises Lulu not to do anything unwise regarding Valentin, but Lulu doesn't listen and goes to Wyndemere to take her daughter home.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Ashley collided with a woman and accidentally spilled coffee on her. The woman didn't accept Ashley's apology and launched into tirade. Later, Ashley smoothed things over, and the woman introduced herself as Farrah Dubose, owner of a real estate agency and newcomer to Genoa City. Jack and Billy had it out after Jack sent Brash and Sassy an eviction notice, kicking them out by December 31st. Billy accused Jack of being spiteful, but Jack insisted that it was just business and refused to change his mind. Cane worried that the eviction would damage Brash and Sassy, but Victoria was ready to take Jack on. Victoria considered asking Victor for office space in Newman Tower, but Billy convinced her not to. Cane asked Ashley to help out with Jack, but she said her hands were tied. Cane secretly called Jill to tell her about the eviction, even though Billy and Victoria told him not to. Billy and Victoria took Johnny and Katie to see Santa and had a great time. Billy took Victoria's hand, but she pulled away.

Hilary and Devon argued about whether or not he was trying to control her and whether or not she could get the respect she wanted if she worked at GC Buzz. Hilary turned down Devon's offer to be the host again. Hilary made a snide comment about their hotel room not being a home. Mariah agreed to host GC Buzz, temporarily, over the holidays, after Devon agreed to quadruple her salary. Hilary met with her agent and told him she wasn't interested in other job offers. Neil was concerned when he found Devon drinking early in the day. They talked about Hilary's passion and drive, which had attracted them both to her. Neil gave Devon marriage advice and told him that Hilary was right about the hotel room. Devon bought Nick and Sage's old penthouse, along with the entire building it was located in, as a surprise for Hilary. Hilary was angry at not being included in such a major purchase. Devon admitted he should have consulted her first and assured her that he wanted to support her and remain her husband, partner and best friend. They made up and Hilary agreed to live there. Jack and Neil met to finalize plans for the benefit. Ashley asked Jack to give Brash and Sassy some more time to find a new location, but he refused. Ashley was bothered that Jack was acting so differently than John would have. Jack told her that John was dead and Jack was in charge, so she should get used to it.

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