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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam whines to his dad that Steffy has to turn down that job and not let Quinn manipulate her. When Quinn finds out that Steffy turned down the job she will go after her and all hell will break loose. Quinn is doing all of this to get Steffy back with Wyatt. Wyatt points out that Eric offered him the job as head of PR and he and his mother had nothing to do with that. Eric tells Steffy that he has trust in her otherwise he would have not offered her the job to take the company for the future. He needs her answer now. After very little hesitation she says yes. She gives Eric a hug and says she is so honored. Bill says this is a big opportunity and he does not see Steffy turning down this job. Liam replies that it is not an opportunity; it is a trap. Both Eric and Quinn welcome Steffy as CEO. She turns and tells Ridge she is sorry. Pam says Steffy better be careful or she will get burned. Steffy seems to think Quinn is doing better and all will be okay. Ridge says no, she has Eric under her thumb. Liam whines on that Quinn is not the kind to sit around eating bon bons and doting on her husband. She is cooking something up and with Wyatt in the picture they all know what it is. Rick and Pam have their say that this has always been a company run by family so why Quinn and Wyatt now? Steffy says enough, as CEO she wants them all to put their feelings behind them as she needs their help and support. Rick wants to know who will be President. Eric floors them when he says Quinn will be and Ridge will stay on as designer and Rick running International and they will share a VP chair. Both feel insulted but Eric says it is not open for discussion. Quinn assures them that she had no idea he was doing this. They bicker and Eric stops it and says it was his decision and his alone. She has proved that she can deliver and he cannot believe after the great way she has taken care of him that they would doubt her. They are a dream team. He tells Steffy that she and Quinn are going to work together and he knows he is asking a lot but he knows they can do it. This meeting is adjourned. Liam grouses that he cannot get hold or hear from Steffy. But he does not believe she will take the job. Bill says he cannot believe that she will not. Liam says maybe he believes too that Quinn has changed but he does know that his brother Wyatt has. He used to doubt some of Quinn’s schemes but now he accepts and benefits from them so this works in his favor. Bill reminds him after all that Steffy is still his wife so of course he would be all for this.

Liam accuses Bill of taking sides. Bill says no, but Liam could take a little of that caution himself. The marriage is in the process of being cancelled but it is not official yet. Removing the tattoo wedding band means nothing. Eric tells Quinn that he thinks maybe Steffy is beginning to think of her as the person she used to be and can be again….and so be it if it helps Wyatt too. Quinn says it means a lot to her. The tattoo doctor comes in and Eric tells him that Steffy is out for the moment so the appointment cannot be finished today. Wyatt and Steffy talk about her great opportunity and he assures her that Quinn has turned the corner and Quinn and Eric are good for each other. They are inspiring. The cocoon has turned into a butterfly or at least a moth. He takes her hand and says the band is fading but is still not entirely gone yet. Quinn could still be her mother-in-law.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos went to Brookdale to talk to Chloe’s doctor. Adrienne told Steve, Kayla, and Justin that she had stage 2 breast cancer. She pretended to be fine, but they knew she wasn’t. She walked off and Justin went after her. Deimos offered Dr. Lee a check so he could give him some information. Joey questioned Jade about whether she got pregnant on purpose. She suddenly got sick when he wanted answers. The doctor didn’t want Deimos’ money, but he let him keep it. The doctor showed Deimos out, but he opened the lock on the door so he could go back inside. Joey and Jade argued when she thought he was trying to take her baby. She ended up having pains in her stomach. Steve and Kayla had a heated discussion over Adrienne’s condition. He thought Kayla was treating him like a child as far as Adrienne’s concerned. He walked away from her.

Deimos snuck back into Dr. Lee’s office. He checked his computer and saw that Chloe made a separate appointment. Dr. Lee showed up so he stopped looking. Joey and Jade went to the hospital. Jade thought Joey wanted her to lose the baby. Adrienne got upset that Justin followed her. Jade suffered from dehydration. Joey blamed himself for what happened to Jade. Steve and Kayla advised him to get along with Jade. Adrienne wasn’t sure if she wanted to get a mastectomy. Justin wanted to help Adrienne by going to her appointments. He wanted the people who love he to help her out. Jade had a sonogram and everything looked normal. Kate showed up at the park and talked to Adrienne about having cancer. Adrienne opened up to her about her condition. Kate called Dr. Davis’ office to help Adrienne make her appointment for the mastectomy. Deimos told Brady what he found out about Chloe. He told Brady about it. Kayla told Steve that Adrienne would get better. Brady didn’t understand why Chloe would keep the truth from Nicole. Deimos wanted to make sure what he suspected was right and then he would tell her everything.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Jason & Curtis continue investigating the car bombing that killed Morgan. At a pawn shop, they find the tool set belonging to the bomb maker and lean on the owner, Rudge, to tell them the truth. Carly badgers Jason to tell her what's going on with Sonny. Nelle helps Sonny decorate the Christmas tree. When she gets a phone call for a reference, Carly is surprised to learn that Sonny tried getting Nelle a teaching job in Atlanta. Nelle convinces Carly that it was just a misunderstanding, and she's not leaving town.

Ava & Julian are stunned when a bunch of empty liquor bottles fall out of Alexis' bag. Ava figures out the reason that Alexis agreed to take care of Julian is because she was drunk when the mowed down her ex-husband. If the Bar Association finds out Alexis is an alcoholic, they won't reinstate her license. Maxie wants to give Sam a baby shower and steals the envelope from Dr. Lee containing the baby's gender. Lulu learns from Griffin that she and Valentin are Charlotte's biological parents. Dante immediately calls Diane for legal help. Lulu is more concerned with Dante's feelings at that moment.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah tells Devon that she doesn't want to be the temporary host of GC Buzz, because she likes working behind the scenes, so Devon gives her a promotion to segment producer along with a raise. Hilary tells Jack that she loved doing the show, because she felt like she had found herself when she was on camera. Jack puts Hilary in touch with an agent Barry Strickler who tells her that even though she doesn't have much experience, she has raw talent and he feels she could get a job anywhere. Hilary asks Barry to call Devon and tell him she has a lot of other job offers. Mariah suspects that Faith is right about someone sabotaging her and causing her to fall during the fashion show. She suspects that person to be Hilary. Dylan admits to Sharon that he didn't go to thank Nikki for her support during the custody hearing, because he was about to knock the door when he saw Nikki with Nick and Christian, and he realized that Nick and Victoria will always be Nikki's priority and he will never be a Newman. Victor asks Nick to come back to work at Newman Enterprises and let Noah run Underground. Victor admits that he is considering stepping back from the company, but he needs someone he trusts to run it. Victor also tells Faith that he grew up in an orphanage and that his mother was too poor to take care of him. Victor also shares with Faith that he never got presents at the orphanage and that the best present he ever got was when he got to spend his one and only Christmas with his mother before she died. Nick and Nikki are both touched by the fact that Victor shared such a personal memory with Faith.

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