Tuesday 12/13/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam makes Steffy a smoothie and offers to take her to work. She needs this to make a good decision about running FC. He tells her not to forget who Quinn is or what she has done. Do not let her get into her head. Eric is excited about going into the office for his first day. He says it feels good to just be there and he does not have to make the big decisions any more as CEO. He has asked Rick and Ridge both to be there and he knows they are not that happy with him right now. Rick tells Ridge that Steffy does not have the qualifications. Ridge thinks she will do a good job but it is just not her time; he should be CEO. Wyatt tells Bill that Eric has requested he be over at FC for a meeting. Bill wants to know what is the catch that Quinn wants Steffy as CEO. He tells Wyatt that Steffy is ten times as smart as Ridge and he knows she can do the job but this is about matchmaking not just running the business. Quinn tells Eric that she is so in awe of him and she cannot wait to get to FC. Steffy says she has not forgotten what Quinn did. Liam says then she knows all of this is manipulation. He can go to his dad and get his shares and Steffy can get out of this altogether. They can start their own fashion house. She’s stunned that he is asking her to leave FC. She reminds him how long it takes to even start a fashion house much less to get to the level that the Forrester’s are. He says saying yes to this is saying yes to Quinn and she needs to protect herself and them – do not take the job. Bill tells Wyatt that Steffy has moved on and is even talking about marrying Liam so he does not want him to get his hopes up with her. Wyatt says he has no control over his mother so he will just let things play out. Pam tells Eric that she is go glad he is back and she tried to keep it low key but she did make a few lemon bars. They all gather in Eric’s office but when Steffy comes in Quinn says they think it is time for a more feminine view and she hopes it will be Steffy’s soon. Liam drops in on Bill who chides him for finally showing up for work. He had turned his office into a petting zoo for Will as it kept it busy at least. Liam chimes in that he gets more work done at home without having to listen to Bill yammer on and on. Steffy asks Eric if he is sure that he does not want to come back. Eric says no, he is fine doing some designing at home. He is behind Quinn 100% and wants Steffy to come onboard. When Wyatt joins them Rick is the first to ask why he is there. Eric says he wants Wyatt to join the Executive team. Both Ridge and Rick scoff that he has no qualifications and does not even look the part. Eric says he is impressed with him and thinks he will do fine as Head of Public Relations. And an added plus is that he trusts him. Quinn is elated. Eric says now all they need is for Steffy to say yes to being CEO.

Liam whines to Bill that this is Quinn’s latest efforts of buying Steffy for Wyatt. Bill says it is a wonderful job and it will be hard to turn her granddad down. Liam states that the job is enough but now they want to get Wyatt over there too; she cannot be more transparent. Is everyone blind to Quinn being pathological. Steffy has to say no to this. Rick asks Eric what does his other two sons get. Eric says quickly they get to keep their jobs. It has been decided. They betrayed him and let him down and he needs people he can trust. Wyatt qualifies. Rick will still be running International and Ridge can still design. Quinn says it breaks her hurt that Wyatt’s marriage must be sacrificed but she had no idea that Eric was going to make this offer. He loves them all and just wants peace and harmony. She hopes they can put their feelings behind them. She tells Steffy that she has so much admiration for her and hopes she will give FC a chance. Eric tells her that she is so much like her namesake and she would be so happy today if Steffy would accept the offer and become the new CEO of FC.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos talked to Brady about his theory that Chloeís having Nicole and Danielís baby. Brady couldnít believe that she did that. Deimos thought that was why Chloe wouldnít call Nicole back. Steve, Sonny, and Paul were investigating what Eduardo and Dario were doing with their business. Nicole tried to call Chloe and left a message. Deimos suspected that Chloe lied because of him. Brady thought that Chloe could be keeping the truth from Nicole she didnít want Deimos near the baby. Deimos wanted to check out the clinic.

Steve surprised Kayla with their wedding album. He also showed her a copy of their wedding invitation. He wanted to get married on Valentineís Day. Deimos continued to convince Brady why he thought Chloe had the IVF without telling Nicole. Brady didnít want Deimos to tell Nicole his theory if he couldnít prove it. Deimos wanted Brady to help him investigate it. Later, Sonny met with Brady about whatís going on with Titan. He told Brady that he hired Paul and Steve to investigate the deal Deimos made with Eduardo and Dario. Kayla agreed to get married on Valentineís Day. Brady wondered if Sonny just wanted to spend more time with Paul. Sonny told him that he wasnít like that. Sonny let Brady know that Eduardo and Dario were shipping illegal handbags through Titan. Sonny wanted to go to Victor about it. Brady warned him not to go behind Deimosí back or he would be fired. Sonny decided not to keep investigating after all. He ran into Paul and let him know that he didnít need his help with the investigation anymore. Paul didnít understand why he was firing him. Deimos called to speak to Dr. Lee (Chloeís doctor).

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Carly takes a Christmas tree to Sonny's house and sees Jason there looking uneasy. Since Carly wants them to spend the holidays together, Jason agrees to keep quiet but warns Sonny that he won't make up stories for him. Michael visits Nelle at home and realizes she's not sick as she claims. Nelle finds it hard to stick to her plan to hurt Carly when Michael is so sweet to her. When alone, she opens a music box and fingers the childhood mementos inside, including a note from her father.

Tracy helps Finn care for Hayden and takes on the role of Naomi when the delusional patient thinks she's her mother. Tracy assures Hayden that she is not a failure, but Naomi failed to be a good mother. When Hayden has a seizure, Finn injects her with the quickly-dwindling drug he's been using. Hayden admits to both Tracy & Finn that she loves him. Finn is inspired by Roxy's shedding skin as he desperately seeks a cure for his & Hayden's disease.

Locked in an animal crate with a shock collar around his neck, Tom Baker finds himself at the mercy of Franco. When Elizabeth shows up, Franco meets her in the hallway and pretends he's working on a surprise present for her in his studio. She invites him to her house for Christmas Day, and he happily agrees. Then he goes back inside to continue his plan to change Tom's life, so he will never be a danger to any woman.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon, Chelsea, Chloe and Devon console Mariah after she takes a fall at GC Buzz. Hilary is her own nasty self to Mariah telling everyone that she was not ready to host a show. Mariah thumps the microphone into Hilary's chest and tells her she can have her job back and stalks off. At the Coffeehouse, Summer tells Abby and Kevin what had happened to Mariah on the set of GC Buzz. Nick tries to explain to Faith how Mariah fell. Sharon insists that she is taking her to the hospital to have her checked out, but Mariah refuses. Sharon gets a call from Faith about how Mariah is. Sharon assures her that she is fine and she is taking her home so she can stop by to see her. Chelsea and Chloe try to lift Mariah's feelings. Cane tells Lily how good his physical therapist is which makes Lily fume with anger and stalk off. Summer shows Kevin the footage of Mariah falling. Sharon mentions something about her face and Mariah wants to know what is wrong. She gets a compact and sees that her nose is red and beginning to swell. Faith goes to see Mariah to make sure she is all right. Nick and Christian visit Chelsea at work but they find her down and out about what had happened on the show. She feels that her designs will be a flop. Chelsea asks him if he had seen the broadcast. Nick confirms that he had.

Chelsea tells Nick that she will be considered a "joke". Nick tries to lift her spirits about her designs. Faith brings Mariah some Christmas cookies that she and Nick decorated. Chloe finds Kevin at the Coffeehouse, but he is more concerned about Mariah falling than he is about Chloe and Chelsea's designs. Hilary tells Devon that if he will admit that he was wrong then maybe just maybe she will consider coming back. Devon just looks at her. Cane is looking over some business papers when Lily comes in wearing a doctor's lab coat. She tells him that she will give him therapy. Lily tells him that it is time for his treatment. Abby and Summer watch and laugh over Mariah falling. Kevin apologizes to Chloe for being so preoccupied over Mariah. Nick lets Chelsea know how much she has helped him. Lily and Cane kiss and make love. Faith tells Mariah that maybe something made her fall. Mariah begins to remember looking up after she fell and seeing Hilary laughing at her. Lily tells Cane to increase his sessions with Jessie.

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