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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn stands over the bloodied body of Katie on the floor. Brooke tells Rick that it does not make any sense that Quinn handed the CEO job to Steffy. His dad does not ask anyone else; he only does what Quinn wants him to do. Neither can figure this out. Rick thinks the job should be his, of course. It must be some ploy of Quinn and they need to get Eric to re-consider. She’s too much in control. Now she will be more dangerous than ever. Brooke says she will talk to Eric. Katie’s voice awakens Quinn from her stance. Katie invites Quinn over to see her house. Quinn is distracted and is barely listening. Eric invites Brooke in and says Ridge told him the good news; this is something to celebrate. He assures her that while he and Ridge are not good right now, he wants him to be happy and she eases his tension and brings out his best nature. She mentions Steffy and why he would put her in charge as CEO. Rick has more qualifications and Eric passed him right up. They are both upset by this.

Katie shows Quinn her house and again Quinn is distant and barely listening to her yammer on. Finally Quinn says she must reiterate that she is not insecure or jealous but she does not want Katie to be spending alone time with Eric. She saw them kiss. Katie scoffs that she is worried about a little kiss on the cheek. Quinn says she is always going after Eric to get him included in her life. She is not going to let Katie play on her husband’s sympathy. Katie says this is no big deal. She and Eric have been friends for a long time. It was a friendly kiss, nothing more…..and it will not happen again. Quinn says good….and it’s too bad that Katie is here all alone. Katie says that sounds a little bit like a threat. Nicole speaks with Rick and he lays it on her about Steffy being CEO. He thinks she needs to worry about Quinn. He’s really worried as it is scary how much influence she has over Eric. Brooke says she does not agree with Eric’s decision. He says this is not a punishment for Rick. Eric remembers the time that even he had to answer to Brooke. They will take care of any problems as they come up. He changes the subject by saying Katie is now living next door and he likes that. He’s really proud of her starting a new life for her and her son. She is not looking back and he is surprised that she was not more upset when Brooke did not marry Bill. He admits Quinn is not an easy person to get along with. He would love if Quinn would become friends with Katie. And he assures her Katie will not be all alone as he expects to see a lot of her living next door. Katie tells Quinn the last thing she would want is to make Quinn insecure or be disrespectful and she never meant to hurt Quinn. Quinn says she had told Katie how much she admired her and yet the first thing she did was go over and try to get in Eric’s life. Katie says this meant nothing and Quinn is so wrong. Quinn says she is only trying to protect Eric. His family has put him through the wringer and if it looks like she is over-reacting then just call her crazy as that is what all the others in the family call her. She is very grateful for the life she has now and the commitment she and Eric have and she is not going to jeopardize that. She hopes she made herself clear. Katie responds yes she has made herself perfectly clear.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady asked Jennifer about the pills she had. She lied to him and made it seem like she needed them because of what happened with Abby and JJ. Nicole dreamed of Daniel. Daniel advised her to move on with Deimos. Deimos wanted answers from Philip. Chad told Rafe that Harold gave him the gun that Stefano had. Chad told him that Stefano wanted to die. Chad and Rafe realized that Stefano wanted someone to kill him. Hattie told Roman about the guy she met who framed her for embezzlement. Roman thanked Hattie for looking out for Hope. Chad told Rafe that Harold would testify to what Stefano told him about the gun. Brady agreed not to say anything about the pills. Eve offered her condolences to Jennifer. Deimos confronted Philip about what he was talking to Nancy about. Philip told him that he was in love with Chloe. Deimos demanded that he tell him about what he knew about Nicole.

Chad told Jennifer what Stefano did. Chad told Jennifer that his life wasn’t right ever since Abby’s plane crashed. Deimos pushed Philip for answers and he said embryo. Brady got a call that upset him. Deimos demanded to know what Philip meant by embryo. Deimos was about to give Philip more truth serum, but realized what he meant by the word. Jennifer wanted Chad to come to her when he wanted to talk about Abby. Chad wanted to have the memorial for Abby. Jennifer tried to talk him out of it. Rafe told Hope about Stefano. Deimos asked Philip if Chloe’s carrying Nicole’s baby. Brady interrupted Deimos before he could get an answer. Chad went to see Hope. He wanted to make peace with her. Deimos wanted to know how Brady found him. Deimos explained why he drugged Philip. Brady wanted Deimos to tell him what was going on with him. Chad wasn’t angry with Hope for what happened. Brady threatened to go to Victor if Deimos didn’t tell him why he drugged Philip. Deimos told him his theory that Philip knew that Chloe was carrying Nicole and Daniel’s money.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

At the Toys for Tots gala, Nelle is upset that her dress isn't fancy enough while Michael is in a tux. Michael goes to the gift shop and returns with casual wear and flip flops. They chat on a balcony where she assures him that she doesn't hold any grudges against his family. Privately, though, she vows never to forget what happened. When she complains about how stiff all his business associates, Michael prepares to leave, but when he returns to the balcony, she's disappeared. Sonny confides in Jason about his indiscretion with Nelle, but he's convinced that telling Carly would hurt her too much. Jason's afraid that Carly will find out anyway and would be hurt much more.

Kiki helps Franco lure Tom Baker to his studio where he locks him up in a dog crate with a shock collar on, in order to train him to never hurt Elizabeth again. After telling Griffin that she doesn't need anyone to protect her, Elizabeth leaves work to go check on Franco. Nina complains of having so much work to do, so Dillon calls Kiki over to Crimson to offer her the assistant job. When Kiki refuses, Dillon accuses her of punishing herself for having chosen him over Morgan, so she slaps him. Nina advises Kiki not to wait too long to get over her grief, because Dillon might have moved on. Dillon runs into Valerie and takes off with her, as she is no longer with Curtis. In New York City, Valentin explains the story of Charlotte's birth to Lulu, Dante, Nathan, and Maxie. Super happy to have a daughter, Lulu vows to fight and beat Valentin.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis talks to Michael and Nick about the fact that she has finally accepted that her relationship with Jack has ended. Phyllis tells Michael that she has an idea that could help increase Fenmore's sales; and once she has it ready, she will tell Lauren more about it. Nick thinks that Phyllis is on the right track with her ideas about how to expand Fenmore's web presence. She also tells Nick that she hopes to get a job at Fenmore's once she shows her ideas to Lauren. Nick has a bit more then he can handle with Faith and Christian living at home although he won't admit that he is overwhelmed and tells Summer he has everything under control. Ashley hires Robbie, the computer programmer who helped her develop the JabotGo app. His new job is to make sure that the Jabot website can handle the increased traffic without crashing. Jack tells Ashley to take advantage of the fact that Robbie has a crush on her to keep him motivated to do his job quickly. Phyllis overhears Jack telling Ashley that he wants to take over Fenmore's. The ladies of Chelsea 2.0 have their big fashion show on GC Buzz, and everything is going well until Mariah falls on her face while modeling her dress, because Hilary cut the heel of her shoe. Mariah sees a blurry image of Hilary standing over her before she passes out.

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