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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Quinn that most definitely Steffy deserves the CEO job but not if Quinn is part of that package. He can see that even if Steffy can’t. She gets it, he is here now to plead his cause because he wants to puff up his chest and is afraid she will take the job even with his dire warnings. Eric welcomes Katie into his home and ends up telling her that he and Ridge have some trust issues to work on but he has named Steffy the CEO. He had some issues with Steffy too but she only did what her dad urged her to do. She has Stephanie’s backing though and that means a lot. Quinn tells Liam that he is in her kitchen trying to bully her. And maybe that would be okay if she was the woman she used to be but that is not true anymore. Steffy tells Ridge that she will have to work with Quinn but not so much as she will be in charge of the jewelry line. Eric will finally see her for what she is and she will be right there to help push her out. Eric tells Katie that she is always welcome and he expected her to be popping in more than she has. And do not let Quinn scare her off. Liam tells Quinn that by dangling the CEO job in Steffy’s face means she has not changed at all. She does not see what is so wrong in trying to solidify this family. He says the job is only the first step. The next thing is she will lock someone in a cabin or push them off a cliff. He says no one knows what she is up to until it is too late and he is not taking that risk. Eric is now just as much a hostage as he was. She asks him to go out the back door as she does not want Eric to see him and be upset. She says that Eric will never get rid of her. Liam says never say never.

Steffy confirms to Ridge that there is a way to get Quinn out of the company and out of her grandfather’s life too. He does not want her to owe the job to Quinn. Liam walks in and says he just came from seeing Quinn and she is just barely holding it together. She is dangerous and someday a gentle person is going to get on her bad side and there is no accounting for what she will do. Katie tells Eric that she is ready to move on and it no longer upsets her that Brooke and Bill are together. Her marriage to Bill was toxic. Quinn sees around the door and listens in as Katie confides in Eric. Alone Liam tells Steffy that she knows he supports her but not this with Quinn. She says she has thought about being CEO for years, not someday, but the offer is now. He says yes but from Quinn. It should be on her own terms but not from Quinn. Please say no, he does not want her anywhere near Quinn when she goes berserk again. Katie gives Eric a little kiss and thanks him for his friendship. She wants him to take care of himself and be his neighbor as long as possible. Eric goes upstairs as Katie retrieves her phone and when she turns around she is confronted by a very angry Quinn. They exchange words with Quinn accusing her of trying to steal her husband. Finally Katie can’t take it anymore and says yes, Quinn does not deserve him. She is crazy. As she turns to leave, Quinn grabs a heavy silver candlestick and strikes her multiple times over the head and then panics when she sees her lying on the floor with the blood flowing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby threatened to go to JJ to tell him what Dario was doing if he told that sheís alive. Dario didnít think she was any better than he was since sheís hurting her family. She explained what she was doing, but he called her a coward. Chad told Gabi that he was upset with his father for what he did to Hope. Gabi tried to make Chad feel better about what happened to Stefano. Abby let Dario know that he would lose his leverage if she went to the police. Dario warned Abby that Chad would move on with his life if she didnít say something soon. Abby thought he just wanted her back with Chad so Gabi wouldnít be with him. Abby demanded that Dario tell her what was going on with Chad and Gabi. Gabi called out to Dario so she hid. Chad told Andre what Stefano did. Andre didnít know the truth, but he still thought Hope belonged in prison. Abby managed to hide so Gabi didnít see her. Gabi told Dario that her pocketbook was fake. He tried to take it back, but she wouldnít give it to him. Gabi heard a noise while Abby was hiding.

Brady went home and saw Eve there. She felt bad for him because of Theresa. He wanted to know why she was there. Dario managed to keep Gabi from seeing Abby. When Gabi left Abby and Dario agreed to keep each otherís secrets. Chad didnít understand how Andre would want Hope to suffer knowing the truth about Stefano. Andre wanted their family to come first. Harold gave Chad something from Stefano. Eve offered to stay with Brady through the holidays. He didnít want her to do that. He didnít want her helping him for Theresa. Eve was disgusted with Theresa for leaving Tate when she lost her daughter. Harold gave Chad a gun that Stefano bought. Harold told him how Stefano said he didnít need it if he played his cards right. Dario told Eduardo that Gabi had the bag with the missing chip. Abby told Jennifer that she saw Dario. Jennifer told her to come clean and Abby finally agreed with her. Chad wanted to know why Harold waited to say something. He thought Stefano was kidding. Chad wished Stefano told him the truth about his condition.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Sonny returns Nelle's necklace to her and makes her an offer of a teaching job back in Atlanta. Getting teary-eyed, Nelle refuses to return to a place where she has no friends or family. Sonny backtracks and says it was just an option not an order to leave town. Nelle records Sonny promising to keep their secret from Carly. Curtis and Jason search for evidence of a bomb in dumpsters near The Floating Rib. Jason is amused by Curtis' fear of disease-spreading rats. Once Jason finds what he was looking for, he takes it to Sonny while Nelle is still there. Once she leaves, Jason and what is going on with Sonny, because he's so distracted.

Ava can't believe that her injured brother wants Alexis to take care of him in her penthouse, but Julian would rather suffer Alexis' contempt than apathy, because at least there's passion. When Griffin also questions Alexis' motives, she claims she's trying to forgive her murderous ex-husband. Meanwhile, she keeps sipping her spiked coffee. Dr. Bellamy finally releases Lulu and Maxie once Valentin gets to his office. Nathan & Dante soon follow and hear Valentin confesses that he and Lulu are Charlotte's parents.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Sharon's home, Dylan and Sharon discuss how the interview went. They notice how quiet the house is without Faith and Sully. Hilary and Devon kiss and make love. At the Athletic Club, Michael and Lauren go downstairs, but he can tell something is bothering her. Chelsea and Chloe talk about how that Chelsea thinks that Chloe may go after Hilary. Lily tells Cane that he needs physical therapy when there is a knock on the door and it is his therapist, Jessie. Lauren orders 2 vodkas. Michael inquires about the phone call she received from the bank. Lauren feels that the sales from Christmas will get Fenmore's in the black. Mariah explains to Sharon and Dylan about the interview that Dylan gave to Hilary and how she changed everything. Mariah lets them know that she quit GC Buzz. Sharon blasts Hilary for what she does to people. Chloe and Chelsea discuss the upcoming fashion show. Chloe tells Chelsea that she misses them. Hilary tries to get romantic toward Devon in order to change his mind about her and GC Buzz, but Devon tells her that she is still fired. Cane begins his physical therapy with Jessie and he watches her very romantically. Devon and Hilary discuss her being fired. Hilary tries to persuade him to give her job back but he still refuses. Sharon blames herself for all of their problems. At GCPD, Paul and Dylan discuss the judge's ruling and how he wouldn't change his mind. Lauren goes to visit Chelsea and Chloe and wants to handle their entire line of clothing at Fenmore's. Chloe wonders what is in this for them.

Jessie is surprised when she finds out that Cane is in no pain from the physical therapy and then she spies the medicine bottle. She asks how much of the medication he has taken. Neil joins Lily at the Athletic Club dining room and asks her about her holding the foundation banquet there, but she refuses. Sharon reads article about her and what she did on the web. Devon goes to see Mariah and tells her that he had fired Hilary. Paul and Dylan discuss Dylan's feelings over losing Sully.  Paul urges Dylan to get help from him or from Nikki. Michael joins Paul and Dylan in the office. Michael tells Dylan there are no do-overs in this case. Neil sees Hilary come into the dining room and beckons her to join them. Neil and Lily find out that Devon fired her. Lily is excited. Neil asks her to host the foundation banquet. Hilary readily accepts. Devon asks Mariah to host GC Buzz. Mariah hesitates to accept the offer. Cane eyes the meds in the garbage can that Jessie threw away. Michael explains why the judge ruled the way he did. Sharon visits Chelsea and asks for her job back to which Chelsea agrees and immediately puts her back to work. Hilary watches Mariah as she rehearses for GC Buzz.

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