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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells his father that he is his dad and he has always managed to work things out between them. Steffy is incredible but it is not her time; it is his time…..make him CEO. Liam tells Steffy this should not even be a conversation. If it involves Quinn then she needs to say no. Yes it is her grandfather’s words but put there by Quinn. Steffy is incensed that he thinks Steffy cannot speak for herself. He says bam Quinn is manipulating their life again, something that Steffy wants this much. He is tired of this woman always appearing in their lives. He says he has to do something about that woman. Quinn tells Wyatt that she is not hiding her feelings for Steffy, but do not give up on her, everything will be fine. Quinn thinks if Steffy takes this job offer she will spend more time with Quinn and see that she has changed and his marriage could still be intact. Eric tells Ridge that he made the offer to Steffy and it was not his feeble mind and he understands it is difficult for Ridge when he does not get his way…..but he turned his back on him and Quinn. He offered the job to Steffy and it is hers if she chooses it. Ridge storms out and says he is making a big mistake. He almost knocks Rick over as he comes in. Eric says he is not returning to FC and Ridge did not like and he expects Rick will not either that he asked Steffy to be the new CEO. But he could not pick Ridge as it has been one egregious attack after another. Wyatt tells Quinn that he loves Steffy and it sucks that they are separated but he cannot invest his future on something so uncertain. Ridge goes to see Steffy and she guesses that he has heard. She says she is just as surprised as he. He tells her it was not her grandfather that offered her the job, but Quinn.

Liam charges in and wants to see that woman face to face. He wants to tell Quinn to stop interfering in Steffy’s life. Wyatt says he will not call her down until Liam calms down. Liam rants that he knows Wyatt must be on in this too, giving Steffy the company so the two of them can work more closely together. Ridge tells Steffy that Quinn wants something from her and Eric will back anything she says. He cannot accept that. She wonders if he really wants her to turn down the job that she has wanted so badly because whatever Eric is not going to pick him instead. Rick tries to persuade Eric to make him CEO again as it was profitable before. But he manages to upset Eric by mentioning Quinn. Eric tells him again that he will not have all of them disrespect Quinn. They argue until she hears it and comes in and asks if Eric is okay. Rick tells her that he knows there is something in this for her so she is not fooling anyone. Quinn tells Eric this is her job; she will always be there loving and protecting him. Wyatt tells Liam that he is way over re-acting here. How could Quinn gain from this? Liam tells him do not even start that his mother has changed. Liam says there is something more self-serving and she is just playing matchmaker. Wyatt reminds him they are not even divorced yet and Liam is living with his wife, so do not come in here all Morality Police. Ridge tells Steffy that he loves her and he knows she loves him but that does not have to include Quinn. If Steffy accepts this Quinn will be in their lives and she will continue to match make. Liam finds Quinn in the kitchen and says Steffy is not interested in any offer so Quinn can take the offer that she is making to get Steffy for her son as that is not happening. She robbed Liam from marrying Steffy and gave his life to Wyatt. Quinn says Steffy wants to be CEO and Liam wants to keep her down and keep her from being the woman she wants to be. Wyatt would never do that. Liam laughs that there it is, Quinn cannot suppress her desires even now between them. She wants Wyatt and Steffy together but that is not going to happen. He warns her sternly to stay away from Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Shawn brought Dr. Kline to the station to talk to Chad. Dr. Kline tried to downplay what was wrong with Stefano. Rafe told Chad how the insurance company’s physician wouldn’t let Stefano get away with fraud. Doug and Julie went to see Hope in prison. Chille approached them and introduced herself. She promised them that no one would put their hands on Hope. She told Doug and Julie that Deimos made Chille protect her. Gabi told Dario that she’s back with JJ. Dario wondered what happened with Chad. Gabi tried to deny her feelings for Chad. Gabi bumped Dario and knocked a bag on the ground. Gabi wondered what he was doing. Chad demanded to know what happened to Stefano. He wanted Dr. Kline to tell him about Stefano. Julie went up to the attic to get the Christmas tree. Abby panicked when she heard Julie’s voice. Gabi noticed that the bag was the hottest one on the market so Dario lied and said it was a Christmas present for her. She wanted to get the bag now instead of waiting until Christmas. Dario hesitated, but eventually gave her the bag. Shawn and Rafe threatened to send Dr. Kline to jail if he didn’t cooperate with them. Dr. Kline told them that Stefano was terminally ill when he died.

Julie managed not to see Abby in the attic because she went out of the window. Hope told Hattie that Roman was going to help her with her case. Hattie was excited at the idea of Roman seeing her. Nicole told Deimos about her relationship with Daniel. She also told him about Chloe being her surrogate. Deimos thought Nicole was dreaming about Daniel because of Chloe’s pregnancy. Dr. Kline told Chad, Rafe, and Shawn that Stefano had colon cancer. Rafe and Shawn realized that Stefano wanted Hope to kill him. Doug found the sheep Abby was holding in the attic. Julie thought there was an intruder in the house. Doug thought there was a logical explanation for the sheep being outside and they seemed okay with it. Abby saw the illegal deal Dario did at the pier. Nicole didn’t blame Chloe for what happened and she didn’t know why Chloe wouldn’t talk to her anymore. Deimos had a theory and thought that Chloe lied and got pregnant with her baby. Hope was afraid that Deimos put a bigger target on her back by having Chille protect her. Nicole told Deimos that it was impossible for Chloe to be having her baby, but she appreciated what he tried to do for her. Myron wanted the other bag so Dario said he’d get it back. Myron said the deal would be off if he didn’t get it back to him. Dario heard a noise and found Abby. Someone let Deimos know that Philip was captured. Gabi met Chad and he told her what happened to Stefano. Rafe went to see Hope and told him about Stefano. Dario wanted to tell Chad that Abby was alive, but she threatened to tell what she saw him doing with Myron.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Dante & Nathan go to Wyndemere to try to get information from Valentin about Claudette. Nathan gets upset when he realizes that Nina has spent the night with Valentin. Nina once again states that she's an adult and can sleep with whomever she likes. When Nathan points out that Valentin killed Nikolas, Nina doesn't believe Ava while Valentin claims it was self-defense. After finding her clothes, Nina leaves to go to work just as Valentin receives a call from Dr. Bellamy about Maxie & Lulu being held captive in his office for seeking information on Claudette & Charlotte. Lulu & Maxie rejoice at finding out that Claudette was the surrogate, not Charlotte's biological mother.

Hayden is trying to cross skating off her bucket list while Elizabeth is at the skating rink with her boys. When Franco approaches her, Elizabeth informs him that his violent tendencies frighten him. He promises it won't happen again, but she can't believe him. At the hospital, Tracy informs Elizabeth & Monica that Hayden & Finn are dying. Elizabeth alerts Finn as to Hayden's location then calls her father. After talking to Finn about her recent adventures and future wishes, Hayden faints in his arms. Tom Baker gives Kiki his contact information, so she can model for him, but Franco & Dillon warn her about Tom's past. Franco enlists Kiki in an attempt to make Port Charles safe for all women.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy had it out with Jack, after Jack changed the locks barring Billy from the family home. Billy felt that Jack was a hypocrite who was trying to push Billy out of the family. Jack felt that Billy was an embarrassment. Traci cried that their father would be ashamed of them both. Billy left after telling Jack that he'd always be his brother. Traci went with Billy. Jack's treatment of Billy dredged up Ashley's insecurities about not being a blood Abbott. Ashley noted that John, Billy and Traci didn't know Ashley was the product of her mother's affair. Jack assured her that she was family in every way that mattered and he told her that the truth wouldn't have made a difference to John. Jack decided to evict Brash and Sassy from Jabot. Ashley urged him to fire Phyllis too. Victor and Nikki supported Victoria after she revealed that the wedding was off. They were concerned when Victoria swore off men. Lauren got bad news about Fenmore's finances. Phyllis offered to help Lauren improve the company's online presence. Jack got a reluctant Lauren to agree to make a donation to the Abbott-Winters Foundation.

Phyllis told Michael that she hadn't appreciated her spouse, and she urged him not to make the same mistake. Michael and Lauren had a private early anniversary celebration at the Club. Jack asked Phyllis if Lauren was having money troubles with Fenmore. Jack told Phyllis that she needed to let go of him so that they could both find happiness. Phyllis realized the relationship was really over. Traci promised Billy she'd help him and Jack heal their rift. Traci and Billy decorated the Abbott Christmas tree. Billy confided that he never felt like a full Abbott, but Traci assured him that he was loved and this was his family. Ashley met with Victor at the park because she was worried about Abby going through a divorce. Victor promised to make the holiday special for their daughter. Nikki spent time alone with Victoria, who felt bad about letting Travis get so close to the kids. Nikki offered her reassurance. Later, Victoria found Travis's photo id and stared at it. Billy dropped by and asked Victoria if she wanted to have a joint Christmas with the kids, but she opted to stick to the original schedule and spend Christmas day alone. Ashley and Traci made a pact to heal the family rift, like John would want. Victor had a surprise for Nikki – the jet was gassed up and ready to fly anywhere she wanted to go. Nikki was excited about the spontaneous trip.

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