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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tries to point out to Steffy what Quinn is doing – she is trying to get Steffy on her side. He reminds her that is exactly what will happen as she is dangling this carrot in front of Steffy to become CEO and using her grandfather to do it. Steffy argues that her grandfather would never do that if he did not believe she was ready to lead FC. Liam says he knows she is ready and the company would flourish but that is not why Quinn is pushing this. She says there were a lot of hurt feelings but this being CEO is a way of them getting past all of that again. Over and over Liam says Quinn is manipulating the situation and Steffy cannot let her do that. He does not want Quinn getting into her head. She replies that her grandfather is the most important thing to her and he still has confidence in her despite months now of being at odds. He points out again that her grandfather is asking her to accept Quinn and totally disregard all she has done in the past. And Quinn wants her back with her son. Steffy says that is not going to happen. Liam retorts they may know that but you could chisel that in stone and Quinn will not accept it. She argues again that her grandfather’s offer was sincere and this matchmaker thing is not going to work. And she cannot turn this offer down especially if Quinn ends up running the company if she doesn’t. He could have asked Rick or Ridge or even Thorne but his confidence has been shaken and he asked her so how can she turn that down? Quinn tells Eric and Wyatt that things are looking good and she hopes to see both Steffy and Wyatt running the company as husband and wife. Eric tells Wyatt that his mother does not want to compromise his marriage over her own. Ridge walks in and wants to see his dad alone. He starts off that he has good news – he and Brooke are back together. Eric thinks that is good news. Ridge says that signals a new beginning for him and Eric and for the family. He thinks he and Brooke should lead the way for FC into the future. Quinn makes Wyatt a sandwich and says she would love to be a fly on the wall right now if Eric is telling Ridge that he picked Steffy for CEO and watch Ridge’s head implode. Eric tells Ridge that a husband and wife team is a good thing for the company. Stephanie was more than a wife to him, she was a good partner for the company, but she is gone now and he has Quinn. But she is about to step aside. She knows how important it is that a Forrester sit in that CEO chair. Eric has chosen someone he knows and loves and has forgiven for recent events. Ridge thinks of course he is speaking about him and thanks him. Eric says no, is it not Ridge. He has picked Steffy. Quinn tries to get close enough to hear through the walls and wants to hear the explosion when the Prodigal son gets passed over in favor of his own daughter. Eric tells Ridge that Steffy has everything she needs to lead this company into the future and Ridge cannot expect him to brush aside all the differences and disrespect he has had for him recently. It was all very hurtful. And Ridge should know it was Quinn who suggested this and he knows Steffy has the business savvy and will make a great CEO if she accepts it.

Liam recounts to Steffy that he is not against her grandfather but he wants her to remember Quinn and all her crimes and manipulations she has maneuvered. This is the way she conned her way into Eric’s life. And he is worried that Quinn will do that or even worse if she takes the position. She replies that she shares his concerns and reservations and that is why she has not said yes yet. She wants Quinn gone but if she turns this down it will only solidify her position in the company and her grandfather’s life. If it were just Quinn offering she would say no but it is her grandfather who tells her she is just like Stephanie and this is a wonderful opportunity. Liam argues that he knows that but it all comes back to Quinn and how she operates so do not let her do this and draw Steffy in. Quinn tells Wyatt that she does not believe whatever Liam says will sway Steffy. Steffy tells Liam that her eyes are wide open and she knows Quinn has ulterior motives and this is no exception. Liam still cannot believe that Quinn is in total control of the company now and is willing to give that up without something in return. She is brokering for Steffy and Wyatt to get back together. Steffy says maybe but that is not why Eric is doing it. Liam says she cannot know what Eric wants as he is still recovering. Eric told her exactly what Quinn wanted him to. She programmed Eric to believe that Steffy was just what the company was waiting for. She’s hurt. She just had the most special moment with her grandfather and Liam is now saying they were just words that Quinn put in his mouth. But she will not let him degrade that. He rails at her that yes she deserves the job but not like this. Do not take the job. Ridge tells Eric that his daughter will know it is his time and hers will come later. He gets it – he has hurt his dad and all he can do now is try to be a better son and a better CEO just as Eric has groomed him for all these years. Now he is ready. He would like the chance to prove it with Brooke at his side. He outright asks his dad to appoint him CEO.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos wanted Brady’s help with a project sat work, but he didn’t want to help him. Nicole was back from Paris and ran into Brady. They talked about what Theresa did. Kayla told Adrienne about her condition. Kayla told everyone what would be done to help Adrienne. Lucas and Justin offered to take Adrienne to the hospital. Kayla wanted Steve to take her to the hospital. Lucas blamed himself for what happened to Adrienne. Kayla assured him that it wasn’t his fault. Justin told Sonny that Adrienne would be okay. Brady ran into Paul and he told him about Theresa leaving him. Nancy showed up in Salem to talk to Philip about Chloe. Lucas went to talk to Kate. He told her that she had a cancer. Brady continued to talk to Paul about what Theresa did to him. Paul assured Brady that Tate would be okay.

Nancy told Philip that Chloe told her everything. Philip didn’t want to talk at the Kiriakis mansion so they left. Kate apologized to Lucas for what she said about Adrienne. Lucas explained what happened with Adrienne. Kate reminded Lucas that she had lung cancer and survived it. She also told him that she knew people who had breast cancer and beat it. Paul found Sonny at the town square. Sonny explained what happened to Adrienne. Brady tried to get nasty with Justin until he went off on him. Paul assured Sonny that he saved his mother’s life by locking her up in a room. Justin blamed himself for what happened to Adrienne. Brady tried to convince him to be hopeful that Adrienne will get better. Brady knew she was going to beat cancer. Nancy let Philip know that Chloe wasn’t thinking straight when it concerned the baby. Philip wanted to be there for Chloe. Kayla assured Adrienne that she was going to beat the cancer. Philip told Nancy that he told Chloe that he loved her. Later on, Philip was back at home and told Nancy he wouldn’t tell Nicole anything. Deimos overheard Philip talking to Nancy. Kate showed up at the hospital to be there for her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Passions ignite between Nina & Valentin when she's stranded at Wyndemere by a storm and they draw emotionally closer. Anna goes to André for a profile on Valentin. Learning that he was abandoned in an English boarding school at a very young age, André theorizes that Valentin would have returned there to take his revenge on a place where he felt lonely and powerless and set it on fire. Feeling as though Valentin knows something about her, Anna decides to visit the rubble of Bedlington Academy herself.

While Maxie & Nathan practice dancing for their wedding, he takes a tumble in their living room and hurts his back but goes to work anyway. Dante asks for his help in proving if Charlotte is Lulu's daughter. After Curtis gives Jordan the information that he and Jason uncovered about Julian's van, she reciprocates by letting him see footage of The Floating Rib parking lot from another angle. Curtis finds something very interesting. After a visit with Dr. Lee, Jason & Sam brace to learn the sex of their baby but are interrupted by Curtis' call.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Abbott family has breakfast together like they used to when their dad was alive, and they tell Abby stories about her grandfather. Traci and Ashley try to persuade Jack to start to mend the rift between him and Billy, but Jack refuses and tells Billy that he is no longer an Abbott. Jill tells Billy she is going on a brief business trip and also persuades Billy not to give up on Jack and forgive him, because no matter what happens, they will always be brothers. The judge decides not to give visitation to Dylan and Sharon. Nick, Victor, and Victoria are happy while Nikki still feels torn between her two sons. Nick and Nikki apologize to each other for their recent argument. He assures her that he understands the reasons she feels badly for Dylan. Sharon can't forget about Christian while Dylan wants to move on and doesn't see the point in dwelling on the pain. Victoria goes to Victor's office and tells him about her break up with Travis. She asks him just to be her father and resist the urge to tell her I told you so.

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