Tuesday 12/6/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy does not want to make a decision to run FC for the wrong reasons. She always wanted to but she never thought it would happen. She always thought it would be Eric and then Ridge. But now that she has his faith she is delighted. But she feels like there might be another reason as well. Quinn tells Wyatt that Steffy is too smart to work with her but not with Wyatt. Steffy is smart and charming when she wants to be and all the rest of them will rally around her. And if she works with Wyatt then what is the harm. And about fighting for his marriage the person who stays committed usually wins in the end. Katie drops by Liam’s and he reminds her that Quinn is living next door to her. Katie reminds him that she is a Forrester now and she has never seen Eric happier. She feels at home with Eric next door. And she had rather have Quinn as a friend than an enemy. Liam says he does not want to sound like a wind-up toy but she might want to invest in a Rottweiler. Eric tells Steffy that he loves his wife but he is not her puppet. He has been watching Steffy all her life and he always knew her time would come and that time is now. She says she is always learning from him and she would never try to replace him. He tells her he is more than proud of her but do this for herself. Steffy opines that Ridge will not like it being passed over. Eric answers that Rick is like no other in running International so he will be happy there. And Ridge still needs to get his personal life in order. Eric feels he is looking at the only person who is capable of running FC.

Wyatt thanks Quinn for the sandwich and says he moved in with her but feels like his life has come to a standstill. Steffy tells Eric that she does not want this to go to her head so can she think about it. And will she be CEO in name only or answering to Quinn. He says he is not looking for love but if she wants the job she will have to change a few things in her language and temperament, get along with people even if they do not like each other. But he knows she can do this. They hug after she says she loves and respects him. Eric fills Quinn in on what Steffy ended up doing by thinking it over. And Quinn does not have to leave the building. Quinn says good, then maybe she will see firsthand that Quinn has changed. Wyatt says Steffy is smart and she might just be one of the best CEO’s he has ever had. Quinn now seems to be like a force of good in all their lives. Steffy comes home and Liam says his playdate with Will was cancelled since he had a fever but Katie came by. She tells him that Eric still has headaches from time to time and now has decided not to come back to FC. But Quinn is not picking up that slack at the office as she has become a real homebody. Liam says she must want something. Steffy says well she does not want to run FC, she has other plans. Steffy says it won’t be Ridge as he and Eric have a lot of repairs to do. Eric offered her the job. Liam says this is the way Quinn operates and Steffy will of course have to say no.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer tried again to convince Abby to come out of hiding. She didnít want to do it. Lucas showed up at Jenniferís place to tell her about Adrienne. He noticed that she had two cups on the table and wondered if someone was there. She lied and said JJ was there. Lucas knew she was lying because JJ would have told her about Adrienne. Lucas started looking for Adrienne at the house. Jennifer didnít want him to see Abby so she stopped him from going upstairs. He thought she was hiding Adrienne, but she told him that she wouldnít do that if she knew she was sick. He seemed to believe her and let it go. Andre and Gabi got into an argument over how close she was getting with Chad. Andre threw up in her face that she shouldnít go to dinner with Chad because she was in prison. She told him that he was being a hypocrite. Andre mentioned how she was trying to take Abbyís place in Chadís life. Chad arrived when Andre walked out. Gabi told him that she couldnít go with him to the dinner and that she didnít want to work for him anymore. Chad didnít understand why she changed her mind about working with him. He wondered if it was because of whatís happening between them, but she didnít tell him. Sonny and Justin were worried about where Adrienne went. Adrienne was at the chapel praying. She left her phone at the chapel. Chad tried to stop Gabi from quitting on him, but she refused to work for him anymore.

Abby thought about when she and Chad wanted to move into the mansion. Chad got upset with Andre because he thought he was why Gabi quit working for him. Andre denied saying anything to her. He did suspect that Gabi quit because she knew he was ready to stand on his own. Gabi talked to JJ about not working for Chad anymore. JJ wondered why she quit and she told him about having a prison record. Steve found Adrienne at the pub. Steve tried to make her feel better about leaving the hospital. Chad talked to a priest about Abby and how heís falling for Gabi. Andre showed up at Jenniferís to see Abby. Justin and Sonny were relieved that Adrienne was back. Steve brought Adrienne to his place. Adrienne apologized to everyone for leaving. Adrienne asked Kayla what was wrong with her. The priest advised Chad that Abby would want him to move on with his life. Andre told Abby that she needed to reunite with Chad soon. Kayla told Adrienne that she had cancer.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Nelle talks with Kiki about her relationship with Michael while she was seeing Morgan. Kiki tells her that the reason she broke up with Michael was because she knew a secret involving Ava and Sonny. Carly goes to Sonny's to pick up gifts for Josslyn she had left there and can sense something is wrong with him. Sonny is distracted by finding Nelle's necklace under his bed. Once Carly leaves, he calls Nelle wanting to talk. Michael asks his mom to give Carly the day off so he can take her to the gala. Seeing his parents together again, he's hopeful they'll get back together again.

After having met the little girl at the hospital, Lulu can't figure out why she's so interested in Charlotte. During a break from playing Santa, Kevin tells Laura he loves her. Valentin is grateful to Nina for her support. Seeing Uncle Valentin at Kelly's, Molly wants to confront the man responsible for Nikolas' murder, but Sam distracts her sister with the fact that Alexis went to see Julian at the hospital, and they fear she's softening toward him. Meanwhile, Julian blackmails Alexis into taking care of him during his recovery. Jason & Curtis find the van that was parked at The Floating Rib and vandalize it in order to get its driver to come. Once he's there, Curtis & Jason team up to get him to admit that he works for Julian who ordered him to park the van in front of the security cameras on October 7. Once the driver leaves, the guys realize that Julian planted the bomb in his own car.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick picks up Christian's toys off the floor when there is a knock on the door and it is Victor. Victor asks about Christian and why he hadn't been told earlier. Sharon and Dylan are at home when Faith comes downstairs all ready to go. Sharon tells her that she has prepared her breakfast, but Faith is going back to Nick's. Sharon is upset by this news. Michael pays Sharon and Dylan a visit to discuss the divorce and also to find out about the interview at GC Buzz. Stitch gives Cane an examination on his knee and tells him that he wants to see him again in three weeks. Lily asks Stitch about Cane going back to work. After Stitch leaves the room, Cane reprimands Lily for asking him about his going back to work so soon. Victoria and Billy come into her office at Brash and Sassy and find her desk filled with flowers. Victoria reads the card and finds out they are from Travis. Abby hears Travis on the phone planning a delivery for Victoria at her office. Abby confronts him about the phone call and trying to get her back. Billy and Victoria give the flowers away and get back to work. Faith tells Dylan and Sharon that Christian is at home but she needs to go there alone. Victor and Nick have a meeting with Leslie about the allergy to strawberries and why Sharon hadn't told them earlier. Nick worries that Sharon and Dylan will use this against him in court. Michael tells Sharon and Dylan that this could work to their advantage. At the hospital, Cane and Lily argue then he starts to call for a cab to take him to work and Lily stalking off.

Victoria gets another present from Travis and decides to put an end to this once and for all. She texts him to meet her in the park. Abby takes off her wedding ring just as Lily joins her and they discuss Abby's divorce soon becoming final. They also discuss Victoria and Travis and their trouble. Cane joins Billy in the office at Brash and Sassy. Victor tells Nick that they will use Dylan's interview at GC Buzz to their advantage. Dylan and Sharon discuss Michael's suggestion. Abby asks Lily about her marriage. Nick blames himself for not finding out about Christian's allergies. Lily comes home to find Cane on the sofa with his leg up. Victoria and Travis have a talk which leads Victoria to tell Travis to say goodbye and walk away. Victor and Nick confront Sharon and Dylan about what they are doing, but then Nick receives a call as does Sharon that they are due back in court.

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