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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge kiss and he tells her that he missed her. He thinks they need to get out of here. She says he has work to do; he replies he certainly does. He needs her house key to give him a head start. Quinn tells a surprised Steffy that she is the only viable person to carry on her granddad’s legacy and she should be CEO. Eric tells Wyatt do not give up on Steffy. Zende congratulates Liam for being back together with Steffy. He just wishes it were that easy with him and Nicole. Steffy stays and runs into Wyatt. She says Quinn is persistent if nothing else. He quips about her ring tattoo and says that he figured his would be faded and gone too after about 50 years of marriage. They talk about the office and Steffy tells him that she feels it is ridiculous what Quinn proposed and she is just dangling that in front of her to keep her with Wyatt. Quinn goes upstairs and tells Eric that her time with Steffy went well and she did something she hopes Eric will be okay with. She wants to keep Steffy with Wyatt and that is why she offered the CEO chair as a power house to FC. Steffy would be perfect for the job. She belongs strongly in this. Steffy is the one who can help heal and bring this family together. Wyatt tells Steffy that she sure has her blinders on tightly. Quinn does not want to be CEO so this is not a ploy for her to get Steffy on her side. Eric and Quinn walk downstairs and he wants to talk to Steffy alone. Eric repeats again that Quinn has changed. He would like not having to keep saying that. What Steffy fells is simply untrue. Wyatt has accepted the transformation and their marriage so who better to judge than her own son. Eric says Quinn has never hinted to him that she wants to run the company so who else besides Steffy.

Brooke comes home to find rose petals strewn all over the floor up to the bedroom and in the bed. Ridge is inside and hands her a perfect rose with many candles aglow. She kicks off her heels, he unbuttons her blouse. She takes off his shirt and gets in the bed. Ridge starts by kissing her leg and works his way up. Steffy can not believe that Eric would even entertain the idea of what Quinn is offering. He assures her it is true and that Rick and Ridge and even Thorne will always have a place in the company but he agrees that Steffy should be the one. She cannot blame Quinn for marrying Wyatt or leaving him. He does not want to tell Steffy how to choose her life partner but her marriage to Wyatt is not over and she needs to give that more time before making a rash decision. She can be the next CEO of FC so just think it over. Afterwards, Ridge says he has never been happier. It does not matter how they drifted apart, only that they are back together now. It does not get more exciting than that. He loves this room, some things stay the same. She knows him better than anyone and this is their journey. He remembers the first time he saw her – his Logan.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn and Rafe investigated Stefano’s emails. They noticed that he was emailing the same person. Hattie told Hope why she was in jail. Hattie was arrested for embezzlement. Hope suspected that her boyfriend set her up. Coco and Sheila watched them talking. A new inmate spotted Hope and Hattie together. The inmates told her that Hope is high and mighty. The inmate wanted to take Hope down a peg. Rafe and Shawn talked to Kate about George Kline. Kate wondered if Stefano was sick before he died. Chille approached Hope about her seat. Hattie defended Hope from Chille. Chille thought Hope was enough meat for her. Abe, Theo, and Valerie spent time together at the town square. Valerie’s phone messed up so Theo offered to fix it for her. While he was looking at her phone, he read her text messages. Chille pulled out a shank to attack Hope. Hattie threatened her, but she didn’t listen. Hope got the drop on Chille and pushed her down on the table.

Deimos showed up at the prison to see Hope. Kate called Dr. Kline to get info about Stefano. Hope pulled the shank on Deimos, but he wasn’t afraid. Deimos apologized for what happened to Bo. Hope hated Deimos for what he did to Bo. Deimos wanted to make up for what happened so he wanted to help her. He walked out of the room. The inmates came back in the room. Sheila and Coco approached Hope again, but Chille stopped them from going towards her. Deimos was on the phone with someone telling the person that someone would be paid weekly if nothing happened to Hope. Victor overheard Deimos’ conversation. Theo and Claire thought Valerie had a boyfriend and that they had to talk to Abe about it. Hope was suspicious of Chille because she stopped messing with her. Chille told Hattie that she was paid to leave Hope alone. Kate talked to Austin about Stefano and he told her that Stefano was turned down for life insurance. Kart was suspicious that Dr. Kline hung up on her when she asked him about Stefano’s health. Claire wanted to get spyware so she and Theo could spy on Valerie. He wanted to tell Valerie, but she reminded him that Abe took her side before. Deimos told Victor that he paid Chille to protect Hope. Victor blamed himself for what happened to Bo. Victor was grateful for Deimos helping Hope. Hattie thought Hope wouldn’t need her help anymore, but Hope told her that they were friends and that she would help her. Rafe and Shawn realized that Stefano goaded Hope so he could commit suicide.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Alexis answers Julian's summons and goes to see him at the hospital. After he confronts her about running him over, she admits it but asks him not to further endanger her career. Julian agrees not to say anything in exchange for a favor. Curtis & Jason compare notes about Julian. After Sam gets a picture from Spinelli of the parking permit on the van parked outside The Floating Rib on the night of the car bombing, Curtis and Jason go find it. Although they don't find anything helpful inside the van, Jason sees something of interest on the outside. Meanwhile, Sam goes to the hospital for her doctor's appointment then decides to go check on Julian. Searching for information about Valentin's early life, Anna questions Laura then speaks with Robert. She is shocked to learn that there was a terrible fire at Valentin's boarding school which killed the headmaster.

Carly supports Sonny against Ava's attempt to get custody of Avery. Unable to fight them both, Ava gives up and leaves. Carly tells Sonny that she left some Christmas presents for Josslyn under their bed. He quickly rushes up to their bedroom to retrieve the gifts and finds Nelle's necklace on the floor. At her office, Nelle agrees to go with Michael to the gala ball but bemoans not having an appropriate dress or jewelry. Suddenly, she notices that her necklace is missing, then realizes she left it in Sonny's bedroom. Kevin adeptly plays Santa at the hospital and listens to Rocco's long list of wishes. When it's Charlotte's turn, all she asks for is her mommy. Lulu is captivated by the sweet little girl.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christian is rushed to the hospital where Stitch tells Nick that Christian is allergic to strawberries. Nick is upset with Dylan and Sharon because they didn't tell him such important information. Faith persuades Nick to allow Dylan and Sharon to see Christian, because they were really worried about him. Mariah is upset that Hilary edited Dylan's interview in such a way that everything he said is twisted around to mean something else that he never said at all. Devon tries to persuade Hilary to air the original version of the interview, but she decides to air the edited version. Chloe is upset that Kevin packed up her stuff, so that she can move in with him, because she is worried that he will find out the identity of Bella's father. Once she finds out he doesn't know, however, she makes up with Kevin and finishes packing to move into his house. Nick watches Sharon and Dylan with Christian and considers giving them visitation but changes his mind when he sees Dylan's interview on GC Buzz.

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