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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Eric this is her favorite time – those small, quiet moments they have together. He says no moment with her is small. She asks if it is not time for him to go back to work. He is not sure he wants to; he likes this peace and quiet. Wyatt walks in and says he cannot compete with them but he also cannot keep thinking about her. Quinn says she is sorry and wishes there was something she could do. Quinn tells Eric that he did nothing wrong but Steffy left Wyatt anyway. She has to do something. Eric says he likes Wyatt too so if there is anything he can do, do not be quiet. Meanwhile Steffy and Liam are cuddled in each other’s arms on the couch exchanging passionate kisses. Before she leaves Bill…..a sullen Bill walks in and tells them that Brooke has gone back to Forrester. Ridge and Brooke go over the significance of Bridge and now they are on that bridge……that is destiny. Steffy tells Bill that for whatever it is worth, she believes Brooke does love him. Bill says yes but Ridge and RJ just got in her head with the guilt. Liam says he will offer scotch and not a pep talk. He tells Bill that he knew Steffy was the one and he never gave up and neither should Bill. RJ welcomes Brooke back with a hug and she says she is back. Ridge adds they are back. RJ tells his mom that she made the right choice. Now they are a real family again….group hug. Ridge tells Brooke later that when he came back from Paris his first thought was to get back with Brooke but it just was not their time. Now is their time.

Wyatt gives Eric Quinn’s special ugly glass of special nutriments. He mentions Steffy and that Quinn wants her to be the CEO and Eric says he could be too if he wants it. While Quinn is alone Steffy stops by to see Eric but Quinn stops her and wants to talk to her first. She says she and Eric were talking and he is talking about not coming back to work as he is happy with his life right now. Steffy guesses that she is angling for herself to be CEO. Quinn replies no, she had Steffy in mind. Eric tells Wyatt not to give up on Steffy, he has to fight for her even over his brother Liam. He has nothing to lose. Bill asks about Liam and Steffy and says just because his relationship did not work out does not mean he is not interested in Liam’s. Liam says nothing will stop them this time. They just need to get the divorce from Wyatt. Steffy feels like this is just a ploy of Quinn’s to put Eric off track so that she can get control of the company. Quinn says no, Steffy is qualified and was once just a heartbeat away from being CEO when she was President. She is more than qualified. She does not think Eric will disagree with her. And all together they could take this company way into the future. This can all happen. Forrester needs new blood at the top if Eric does not come back and that is Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby asked Jennifer if she could bring Thomas to her. Jennifer wouldn’t do it for her. She had to go by herself. Justin and Lucas argued over Adrienne until Marlena had to break it up. Adrienne heard them arguing and almost passed out again trying to go into the hall. Abby wasn’t ready to see Chad yet. Jennifer backed down and agreed to bring Thomas to see her. Kate tried to convince Chad to go after Gabi. Chad didn’t feel right going after her, but Kate convinced him to go after Gabi. Jennifer showed up at the mansion to get Thomas. Chad wanted him to stay there until Kate convinced him to let Jennifer take him home with her. Marlena advised Kayla to give Adrienne’s loved ones information about her. Kayla talked to Marlena about Adrienne fearing that she had cancer.

Adrienne assured Justin, Lucas, and Sonny that she would be fine and wanted them to stop fighting. She had to get more tests done. Jennifer brought Thomas home so Abby could see him. Rafe and Shawn asked Chad for access to Stefano’s things so they could find out what happened the night he was killed. Chad agreed, but he wanted to be done with everything about the murder. Sonny talked to Justin and Lucas about accepting Adrienne’s decision. They agreed to get along. Marlena talked to Adrienne about her situation with Justin and Lucas. Marlena wondered if Adrienne wanted to tell her what her decision was going to be. Chad gave Rafe and Shawn the information they needed about Stefano. Abby had a hard time with Thomas and realized that she shouldn’t have come back. Someone showed up at the house so Abby had to hide. Adrienne broke down with Marlena when she talked to her about her condition. It turned out to be a reporter at Jennifer’s door. She advised Abby to come out of hiding so she could be with her son and Chad. Kayla went to tell Adrienne about her test results, but she was gone.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Alexis helps Anna by giving her the name of the boarding school Valentin attended in England. Anna calls Robert to give him the lead. Sam is concerned that Jason's trust in Curtis is misplaced. Jason says that he needs Curtis to help him in his PI business since Sam's pregnant. Now that Carly's anger over Morgan's death has abated, she reaches out to Sonny, so they can help each other. She senses something isn't quite right with Sonny, but he doesn't want to share the fact that he thinks he slept with Nelle. Michael asks for Nelle's help in Christmas shopping for his mom then asks her to accompany him to the Quartermaines-sponsored gala to support Toys for Tots on Monday the 12th.

At the hospital, Nina helps host the Toys for Tots party for sick children, but Kevin's busy in bed with Laura and forgets that he's supposed to be Santa this year. Once he realizes, he dashes out of bed, spoiling Laura's hope for a leisurely breakfast together. When Valentin drops off toys and tries to get close to Nina, Lulu thinks it's scandalous that they are back together, but Dante urges her to make some good memories with Rocco. Due to Anna's warning that he will hurt her, Nina tries to keep her distance, but Valentin succeeds in charming her and gives her a kiss. Ava urges her brother to strike at Sonny while he's down, but Julian wants to bide his time. He continues to text Alexis demanding that she go see him at the hospital. Ava uses Sonny's house arrest to regain custody of Avery, but Carly stops her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the cottage, Faith asks Nick what happened in court and why he hasn't told her. At the GCPD, Dylan lets Paul and Kevin know that he and Sharon are under a restraining order. At the Coffeehouse, Sharon meets with Michael to sue Dylan for divorce. At GC Buzz, Mariah mentions to Hilary about putting Sharon's babysitter on the stand. At work, everything is quiet between Chelsea and Chloe and they make small talk until Chloe tells her that she is moving out. Chelsea and Chloe discuss Sharon and the fact that Chloe helped her to see Christian. Hilary tells Mariah that she cares about the truth and will get every side of the story. Paul tells Dylan that it is up to the judge now to decide what is in the best interest of the child. Dylan tells Paul that Michael suggested that he pursue visitation rights without Sharon. Michael asks Sharon if she discussed this with Dylan. Michael insists on knowing why she is doing this. Faith and Nick decorate cookies for Christmas, but Faith tells him that they need a professional and Nick calls Chelsea. Chelsea lets Chloe know that Nick is mad at her but then she receives a call from Nick for her to come over.

Michael sees through Sharon and knows exactly why she is pursuing divorce so Dylan can receive visitation rights for Christian. Mariah meets with Dylan and asks him to go on GC Buzz and give his side of the story. Dylan hesitates at first but then agrees to tell his side. Chelsea joins Nick and Faith at the cottage to help them make Christmas cookies. Kevin joins Chloe at work and they discuss her letting Sharon see Christian behind Nick's back. Mariah and Dylan arrive at GC Buzz to tell his side of the story. Sharon tells Michael to start the paperwork for the divorce. Mariah calls Kevin while Hilary eavesdrops on the conversation. Hilary thanks Mariah for getting Dylan to tell his side of the story. Paul talks to Michael about Sharon visiting with Christian despite the restraining order. Dylan comes home and Sharon finds out that he went on GC Buzz to tell his side of the story. Sharon and Dylan get a frantic call from Faith about Christian.

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