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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is not saying anything. Bill tells her that she needs to tell him that she still wants to be his wife. She replies that she has a lot to say to him. He says fine. They can get married and she will have all the time in the world. She says she will always appreciate how he feels and be grateful for that. He says it sounds a lot like she is saying goodbye. Ridge fills RJ in on what happened and RJ wonders if Ridge told his mom that he loved her and that Bill has no chance. Why would she want to be with Bill when she has Ridge? The heart in the sand was one of her fondest memories; they had something special. Bill is all flash and no substance. What his mother and Ridge has is real, not the same with Bill. Ridge says he knows what RJ wants to hear but he does not know what Brooke is gonna do. Bill tells Brooke they have much to experience yet but they have their whole life ahead of them. Right now it is about her happiness. She has spent years making others happy and she does not need to settle for RJ’s fantasy of getting her and Ridge back together. She cannot believe a word that Ridge says. Within three months he will leave her again. That is what he does. But she can count on Bill now and forever. They need to go now and seal their future.

Steffy and Liam enjoy the day in the ocean. He asks about her tattoo, if it is still hurting. She says only a few more sessions and it will be fine. Liam says then they can put a real ring on her finger and should start talking wedding plans. She says she is ready but they are not the only one in the family with that in mind. Bill is expecting to whisk Brooke away to do the same. Except then there is Ridge. Liam says this time he does not think Ridge has a chance against his dad. Brooke tells Bill that family is so important. First, Bill broke up his marriage and Will has a father not living with him. Now RJ wants his family back together and she needs to consider that. She does not love Ridge more than she loves him but she needs to think of the children. He argues the children will have more love than they can handle, but they are talking about themselves now. She says all her life she followed her heart and it never caused her anything but trouble. She does not need to put herself first but the children. He tells her that she is blind. Ridge has used every trick in the book including RJ and it is heartbreaking to see her like this. He feels he has been so understanding and patient but he cannot do this anymore. He cannot hear her say one more time they cannot be together. She sobs as he walks away. Ridge tells RJ that he hopes he has not lost Brooke forever. There is nothing more that he wants to do than spend the rest of his life with Brooke. Their names…..meshed is Brooke and Ridge – Bridge and that is what they have a connection a bridge for each other. He takes a walk and Brooke spies him and calls out. She walks toward him and he looks first at her hand and sees no ring and she nods yes. He knows she has chosen him. She then says she is back and here to stay….his Logan.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Lucas tried to help Adrienne when she passed out. Sonny called the hospital for help. He also called Kayla to tell her what happened to her. She and Steve rushed to the hospital. Chad and Gabi almost kissed after they saw the Christmas lights with the kids. JJ was worried that he would lose Gabi to Chad and went to meet her. Laura showed up at Jenniferís and saw Abby. Jennifer noticed that Laura wasnít shocked to see Abby. Jennifer was upset that Laura didnít tell her the truth. Jennifer walked out of the house. JJ found Gabi with Chad at the town square. Abby apologized to Laura for what happened. Laura reassured Abby that it was okay and Jennifer was mad at her. Justin, Lucas, Sonny, and Steve waited to find out what was going on with Adrienne.

Adrienne assured Steve and Sonny that she was okay. Sonny told Justin and Lucas that she wanted to see one of them. It turned out that she wanted to see Justin. Adrienne was about to tell Justin who she was going to choose when the nurse came in her room. Jennifer went back to the house to talk to Laura about what she did. Laura told her that she promised Abby she wouldnít say anything to anyone. Jennifer went up to Abby to tell her that she understood what Laura did. Abby realized that she should come out of hiding. Adrienne chose to be with Lucas. They were going to take things one day at a time. Kayla went to her room to tell her about her condition. JJ assured Abby that Gabiís back with him.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Laura surprises Lulu & Dante with a mini-honeymoon at the Metro Court while she babysits Rocco. When Kevin calls for a date, Laura turns him down but has second thoughts. With Tracy's encouragement, she surprises Kevin by showing up at his door wearing just a fur coat. She is surprised in turn when Kevin answers the door in a Santa suit. Maxie & Nathan are worried about the company Nina has been keeping, but she is insulted by her brother's lack of confidence and defends Valentin. Anna confronts Valentin about his motto and his childhood but gets nothing out of him. She then approaches Nina for information and gets the name of his childhood boarding school.

Franco feels out of control in his hatred for Tom Baker and assaults him at the hospital. Griffin pulls him away and calls security. When Monica gets wind of the situation, she throws the ex-con off the premises then does the same to Franco who is upset that Elizabeth won't defend him. Elizabeth tells Franco that he frightens her, so he goes off to visit Heather and ask her advice. His mother thinks his problem is Elizabeth and his attempt to be something he's not. Dillon advises Kiki to follow her dream, but she doesn't have one. While applying for a waitressing job at Kelly's, she decides to take a career aptitude test online and sees something that interests her. As she leaves Kelly's, Tom points out she's dropped her wallet. Kiki gratefully takes it and leaves, but Tom follows her.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick took Christian to Crimson Lights, unaware that Sharon and Mariah were already there. Sharon tried to get Nick to agree that they didn't need a restraining order. Mariah lead Sharon out of the coffeehouse after Nikki arrived and threatened to call the police. Nick accused Nikki of taking Dylan's side in the fight over visitation, but she denied choosing sides. Nick said he couldn't let Dylan visit Christian because Dylan had lied about Sharon's visit with Christian. Sharon felt bad about everything going on in her life, but Mariah cheered her up by pointing out that Sharon still had Mariah and Dylan. Sharon vowed to start thinking with her head and not her heart, so she wouldn't hurt Dylan again. Nikki came to the cottage and told Sharon that if she really loved Dylan, she'd divorce him, so that he could have a relationship with Christian.

Cane tried to hide his pain from Lily and assured her that he was fine. Phyllis and Michael had breakfast together, and she told him that she wasn't giving up on Jack. Michael was concerned that she wasn't being realistic. After a talk with Neil, Jack realized something was missing in his life. Jack decided to get back into charity work and to consider helping Neil run the Abbott-Winters foundation again. Jack told Phyllis about his plan to change his life, but he told her that nothing would change between the two of them. Jack gave Phyllis a job assignment that would take up most of her free time. She gladly accepted the new role. Victoria was on edge, at work, because of Travis cheating on her. Billy admitted he should have turned to Victoria, when Delia died, instead of cheating on her with Kelly. Cane returned to work, and Billy noticed that he was in pain. Victoria told Nick that she broke up with Travis. Nick tried to convince her not to give up on finding happiness. Lily sent Jessica, a physical therapist, to Brash and Sassy so Cane could do rehab at work. Lily told Neil that Cane was off his pain medication. She was unaware that Cane had taken the pill bottle with him to work. Mariah told Michael that she thought Nikki was hindering Sharon, Dylan and Nick's chances of calling a truce.

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