Wednesday 11/30/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/30/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill smugly tells Steffy that it is a done deal. Brooke will soon come through that door and they will be off to their wedding. She is only with Ridge now saying her final goodbye. Mr. Drama finally has his last curtain call. He gloats that he has been patient and even realistic and given Brooke time to resolve things with Ridge and allow RJ to come around with his feelings. Once Brooke does that no one will ever come between them again. Steffy says he is lucky, Dollar Bill 2.0 and it’s better than the last version. Bill says he knows Brooke did not have to forgive him for leaving her at the altar and Ridge has pulled everything in the book to get her back but she knows what Bill offers will last a lifetime. So that is why she is saying goodbye to Ridge and will become Mrs. Bill Spencer. Brooke is surprised that Ridge did this for her – the heart in the sand. He says RJ helped too. He knows how important this is – the next chapter in their lives if that is what she wants. She admits it was a wonderful gesture. He says it is more than that, they will always be connected like that heart. They will always end up together. He says she can fix all of it. Just go back to Bill and give him that Gawd-awful ring and come back to him. Now they can be a family. Maya manages to find a room so that she can talk in private with Nicole. Nicole says she cannot keep doing this any more. And the worst part is now Sasha is now defending Zende and saying what a great guy he is. In fact both Zende and Sasha have apologized over and over but it does not change what happened. Maya says she understands and it is not the first time this has happened, there is a pattern. Nicole says she cannot be with a man like that where she cannot make her own decisions.

Sasha tries to ask Zende a question but he clearly does not have his mind on work. She tells him she knows he is still upset with Nicole but if she is not going to forgive him and take him back maybe it is time for him to move on. She will not keep letting him beat up on himself. Nicole has put him through the ringer time and time again and acts like he is just supposed to take it. She says he needs a woman that will put his needs first. She won’t badmouth Nicole but he deserves a woman who appreciates him and understands that people aren’t all perfect. And you can enjoy each other when life is unpredictable and you do not know what is going to happen next. He says that sounds good but it is not that simple; he cannot just move on. Steffy tells Bill goodbye and she wishes him well but she is afraid he is in for a fall. She recalls the many times she heard the same from her mother. Bill should not underestimate the powers of Ridge Forrester. He’s on the phone making more plans and tells that someone to stock his yacht like there is no tomorrow. Brooke walks in. Bill finishes up his call with they are the only two people on this earth. He tells Brooke that the jet is ready, and the Stella Maris is ready to sale and the captain is brushing up on his skills and will have them married the minute they reach the ship. He makes sure that she saw Ridge. She nods yes. He says he is sure he was upset but he will have his dad and Quinn to worry about and that will keep him busy and in control mode and she won’t have to deal with it. And they do not have to deal with everyone else’s feelings but just focus on themselves and what a future they are going to have as they can make it anything they want it to be. And that starts right now. Zende admits he only made the situation worse by turning to Sasha. She says she understands that he made a decision based on wrong information but that does not make him an awful person. Or Nicole the right to make him feel like one. She makes a move toward him and he pulls back and says he can’t. She says okay but he knows where to find her and she will be there for him. RJ questions Ridge of what happened. He says Brooke stood there thinking about their history and what they meant to each other but she did not give him an answer. He is hoping she went back to see Bill. Brooke tells Bill that she really loves him and she needs him to know how important he is and how he helped her not to hide from the truth but with his passion and understanding he helped build her up and be a better version of herself. He laughs when she says he inspires her with his strength and stubbornness. He tells her that he loves her and wants her to be happy as his wife. Then he senses she is pulling away and asks if RJ got into her head. Surely she is not postponing the wedding again. Whatever Forrester said she needs to forget it – fate, destiny, they are just words. He really does not want her back. He just does not want her with Bill. And that is what this is about. They are going to get on that jet and get to the ship and say their vows. He needs to hear her say that still wants to be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe wanted Black Patch to help Hope get out of prison. Rafe asked Steve to find dirt on everyone involved in Hopeís case. Justin, Lucas, and Sonny wondered if Adrienne made a decision between them. Steve agreed t help Rafe because he promised Bo he would look out for Hope and the kids. Sonny pulled Adrienne aside to ask her if she made a decision. She hadnít made one yet. Steve told Kayla that Rafe asked him to help Hope with her case. Hope was approached by two inmates who wanted to use the computer. They gave her a hard time about it. One thing led to another and they jumped Hope. Ciara seemed bothered to see Claire and Theo together. When Theo left, Claire asked Ciara for her help. Adrienne was upset with Lucas and Justin because they teased her about grinding her teeth. Adrienne finally made a decision. Hope was able to handle the inmates. Hattie helped Hope with the inmates.

Claire wanted to know more about what Theo likes. Ciara gave Claire an idea of what to get him. Hope thanked Hattie for her help. Hattie told Hope that sheís glad that she killed Stefano. Hattie warned Hope that she needed friends in jail. Hattie told Hope that she would be her friend. Ciara told Rafe that he had feelings for Theo. Rafe suggested that she talk to Theo, but she didnít want to do it. Rafe suggested that she move on with her life. Theo told Claire that they could invite Ciara to the concert, but Claire didnít want Ciara to feel like a third wheel. He wanted to help Ciara, but Claire needed his help. Adrienne told Lucas and Justin that she loved both of them. She knew who she wanted to choose. Steve and Kayla to reminisced about Joey and how Steve wasnít there in the past. He said that he would always be there. Theo ran into Ciara and asked her to go to the concert Ciara turned him down. He suggested that she try online dating. She said she did. Claire went to Paul to help her find Theoís Christmas gift. Hope thanked Hattie for her help. Hattie wanted Hope to introduce her to Roman so he could help with her record. Hope agreed to the deal. Claire asked Paul if he could lend her his spy gear. He couldnít lend it to her. When he left to make a call, she was determined to get them another way. Theo helped Ciara set up her online dating account. Rafe showed up at the prison to see Hope. He was confused when he saw Hattie. Hope told him who Hattie was. Adrienne passed out before she decided who she wanted.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Carly visits Sonny and comes clean about kissing Jax. Even though he doesn't remember it, Sonny feels guilty about sleeping with Nelle but refuses to burden Carly with a confession. He apologizes to Nelle, taking full responsibility for what happened, and makes her promise not to tell Carly. As soon as she leaves his house, Nelle listens to a recording she made of Sonny and is pleased with her accomplishment. After finding Kiki reading a depressing novel, Dillon tries to cheer up Kiki with a Crimson article, but she quits her job at the Metro Court, since she can't deal with Carly's accusing glares anymore. Nathan tells Griffin that they may never locate Claudette who has vanished in Canada.

Franco is livid that Tom Baker is now working construction at General Hospital on the same floor as Elizabeth. Promising he won't get away with frightening his girlfriend, Franco attacks Tom. Griffin tries to break them up. Nina visits Wyndemere with a gift for Charlotte to cheer her up. She names her new doll Giselle. Valentin is grateful and hopes that his daughter will soon forget Claudette. As he's kissing Nina goodbye at the door, Anna barges in and asks what he meant by advising her to keep her eyes open. She recalls that the Latin phrase he uttered is the WSB training camp motto but can't figure out how Valentin is connected with the spy organization. In order to get Nathan to tell her what he's ordered her from Paris, Maxie tries seducing him, but he won't crack.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick is upset that Chelsea didn't tell him about Sharon's visit with Christian before they got to the courtroom. Later Chelsea decides it's time to reconsider her living arrangement with Chloe, because she is upset about her argument with Nick. Billy tells Victoria that Travis slept with Michelle and later feels guilty that she is hurt by the truth. Travis tries to explain to Victoria that he felt hurt and upset, because she always puts her family ahead of their relationship, and he went to Michelle's room to talk then they ended up in bed. Victoria throws Travis out of the house and heads to the office where Billy apologizes for being the one to tell her the truth about Travis. Hilary tries to persuade Mariah to help her tell Sharon's side of the story, but Mariah tells Hilary there is nothing more to tell. She is impressed when Hilary refuses to air speculation from a nanny that Sharon hired a few times to take care of Christian. Nikki continues to be torn in the battle between her two sons. Nick is hurt because he feels Nikki is taking Dylan's side and doesn't care that Christian is his son. The judge decides to grant a temporary restraining order against Dylan and Sharon while he makes a decision about visitation rights.

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