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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy drops in on Bill while he is working out in his office. She says she will come back. He says it is not like she hasn’t seen him without his shirt on before. He ends up telling her that her old man is not going to keep him and Brooke apart; the wedding is on within a few hours. Sasha tells Nicole that she gave her some space and did not come around on Thanksgiving. She is not going to make excuses what happened between her and Zende but it would not have happened except for what Nicole did – made the choice to be a surrogate again. But he really loves her and she hopes she will not hold that against him and give him another chance as he really loves her. Nicole tells her that she could never trust Sasha again and she knows she is not happy about the possibility of Zende and Nicole getting back together. Ridge tells Brooke to take off that joke of a ring and tell Bill the engagement and wedding is off. Come be with him. She tells him the reason she came today was to tell him she was leaving in a few hours to marry Bill. Ridge asks her to make sure that is what she wants, to walk away from RJ and from him. Sasha tells Nicole that she still cares for Zende but if they get back together she will respect that. Nicole says what she cannot accept is that Zende keeps popping back to Sasha when he is upset. Sasha replies that he is even more crazy for her than before so there must be a way that Nicole can forgive and forget. Nicole says she told Zende she could not trust him again. Zende was hurting and Sasha took advantage of him. What kind of sister does that? She took her future. And the only reason she even knows Zende is because of Nicole. Sasha tells her Nicole has always been coddled and there is no such thing as Prince Charming out there so if she throws Zende aside that will all be on her.

Bill asks Steffy why she came by. She said she really came to see Liam but he was not in his office. Bill quips that if she looks out the window she can probably see Liam helping little old ladies across the street. They get on the subject of Quinn and Steffy says her opinion of Quinn has not changed. She has only accepted it for now for her granddad. He reminds her again that he will never let Ridge ruin his happiness with him ever again. Brooke tells Ridge that he knows she always wanted to be a Forrester and she will always love Ridge but he and RJ will have to accept this is what she wants. Bill is what she wants. Nicole tells Sasha to just go, do not even look at her direction again. And stop blaming their dad for everything that has happened in her life. Nicole says she made a decision and Sasha was there to take advantage. Sasha admits that she has feelings for Zende but if Nicole wants him she better speak now or risk losing him forever. Brooke follows Ridge to the top of the cliff and he makes her look down. There in the sand in big letters wrapped in a heart is Brook Loves Ridge just like he did once before. She is in awe and he tells her she is never going to leave him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie was worried that Brady wasnít reacting to Theresa leaving him. Brady snapped at Maggie when she wanted to help him. Victor told him about the way he spoke to Maggie. Jennifer noticed the way Gabi and Chad were talking to each other. JJ saw Abby in the attic and was happy to see her. She tried to tell him not to tell anyone, but he ran back downstairs. Chad told Jennifer that JJ went to the attic. Jennifer saw JJ and took him outside. She didnít want him to tell Chad that Abbyís alive. Brady snapped at Deimos, Philip, and Victor because he wasnít informed about a business deal. Chad was glad that Gabi decided to give JJ another chance. Jennifer told JJ that Abby wasnít completely sane and didnít want to lose her again. Chad wanted to know what was wrong with Jennifer and JJ.

Jennifer and JJ covered so Chad and Gabi wouldnít know they were talking about Abby. Philip admitted that he went behind Bradyís back for a business deal. Brady was upset with Philip, but he stood up to him. Brady continued to yell at Philip until he hit him. Gabi was suspicious about Jennifer and JJís behavior JJ wanted to know why Jennifer kept the truth from him. She wanted to talk to Abby, but JJ went upstairs. Victor called Marlena so she could talk to Brady. Deimos thanked Maggie for helping him see the light about Nicole. Marlena found Brady at the chapel. He talked to her about what happened with Theresa. Philip felt bad for the way he treated Brady. Maggie tried to make him feel better about it. Philip mentioned Chloeís secret, but he couldnít tell her what she did. Marlena tried to be there for Brady. Philip told Maggie he would do anything for her. Gabi didnít want things to be awkward with Chad and didnít want to lose him as a friend. JJ wanted to know why Abbyís hiding from Chad. Abby told JJ that Chad moved on with Gabi.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Back at work at the hospital, Bobbie tells her daughter that she has a gut feeling about Nelle being up to no good, but Carly refuses to believe it. After drugging him, Nelle manipulates an unsuspecting Sonny into believing they had sex. She hides when Carly comes to visit, offering Sonny her support. She is eager to find out who is responsible for Morgan's death, so they can have some peace. When she notices two glasses on the table, Carly asks Sonny who was with him last night. Dr. Obrecht counsels Franco not to take the offensive against Tom Baker. He panics when his GPS tracks the rapist to the hospital.

Finn tells Hayden that tests confirm she has the same disease which is killing him. Feeling helpless, Hayden goes to work but breaks down on Elizabeth's shoulder. Tracy offers to call her contacts for more Zen-Zen, but Finn decides he has to find a cure immediately. Still at the hospital with many serious injuries, Julian does not answer Jordan's queries about his "accident" which he can't remember. Alexis doesn't feel she can confide in Molly that she ran over Julian and insists it's just the holidays getting her down. Jordan informs Alexis and Molly about Julian's hit and run. Molly wishes he'd been killed. Alexis is relieved that there's no evidence against her and thinks she's in the clear until Julian calls and insists she come see him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan and Sharon prepare for their day in court with Nicholas over visitation rights for Christian. At the Athletic Club dining room, Victor assures Nick that Dylan and Sharon won't get visitation rights. Devon and Hilary come downstairs at the Athletic Club and they discuss her being in court today for the hearing. Hilary is just about to try to get a statement from Nick and Victor about the hearing when Nikki joins her. Hilary changes her mind and tries to get a statement from her, but Nikki tells her that this is a family matter and walks away. At the condo, Chelsea and Chloe argue over the fact that Chloe went behind Nick's back and let Sharon see Christian. Lily prepares to go to work but she makes sure that Cane has his pain medication handy in case he needs it. Cane calls Jill and finds out about the meeting was cancelled since Victoria wouldn't be able to attend. Jill also tells him that she has a meeting with Travis. Travis and Victoria arrive at Brash and Sassy. Jill greets them and tells Travis that she is ready for him. When they go into the meeting, Victoria attacks Billy that he is not for Travis at all. Everybody begins to arrive at the courthouse for the hearing.

Dylan and Sharon argue over the fact that she went behind Nick's back and saw Christian. Dylan insists that he will not do this without her. Nikki defends Dylan's actions to Victor and Nick. Jill refuses to hire Travis. Cane arrives at work so he won't lose his position with the company. Jill assures him that no one will take his place. Kevin assures Mariah that Hilary will try to stir up trouble at the hearing. Nick remembers his talk with Dylan and Sharon when he had found out that Christian was indeed his son. The hearing begins for visitation rights with all expressing their sides of the story. Chelsea lets Nick know that Sharon saw Christian and he wasn't told about it. Billy breaks down and tells Victoria that Travis was unfaithful to her.

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