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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill holds a sprig over Brooke’s head in the elevator and pulls her to him and gives her a big passionate kiss. She laughs that is not mistletoe. He says no, it is parsley. It was on his Thanksgiving plate. He tells her that he has everything arranged and all she has to do is show up. He gave her needed space for RJ and Ridge. It is their time now so he needs her to agree to that. Just call Ridge and tell him this time tomorrow she will be a Spencer. Ridge calls and says he needs her. He and RJ high-five. Bill says it is almost like Ridge read his mind. Zende thanks Nicole for meeting him. He was not sure she would. She asks curtly what he wants. He pulls out the ring again and says he knows he made mistakes but they both did and he’d like to move on with his life and with her. She reminds him again of what happened with Sasha and she cannot forget that so put the ring away. He begged for a second chance before and that it would never happen again yet it did. She says it matters and people say time will make a difference and it will go away but it hasn’t yet. She just knows that what he did she would never do to him.

Zende says he can change. Nicole says he does have a beautiful heart inside and out but it is not that simple of her forgiving or forgetting. Rick and Maya discuss it and hope they did not ask too much of Nicole and that she and Zende can find their way back to each other. Zende pulls out the ring again and says he knows he does not deserve her but he needs her to say yes and he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her by loving her and only her. She says she has had so many daydreams about this moment but it does not work this way. He hurt her too badly that she cannot keep from crying and cannot go to sleep. He will say he is sorry and then he will do it again. She shoves the ring at him and tells him to take it but he refuses. She says she cannot accept that he loves her when things are easy but then turns to someone else when it is not. Bill tells Brooke that it isn’t a lot of time but she has five hours to get it all together and they will take off. By phone he makes special plans. Ridge meets Jake on the cliff. Then Brooke shows up and wants to know where everyone is. She sees they are alone and says she cannot stay. She’s engaged and should not be here. He asks her not to marry Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman, Kimberly, and Kayla went to the cemetery to visit Bo’s gravesite. Shawn and Ciara went to visit Hope at the prison. Everyone gathered at Jennifer’s house and the pub for Thanksgiving dinner. Jade told Claire that she and Joey were having a baby. Claire thought that Jade was trying to trap him. She didn’t think Joey should stay with her, but Steve didn’t agree with her. He believed that Joey is the type of man who would take care of his responsibilities. Ciara and Shawn gave Hope a pic of the three of them together when a guard yanked her up. Julie made catty remarks about Gabi and Chad defended her. Julie and Chad ended up arguing over Gabi and Hope’s crimes. Theo was upset that Valerie was at the pub. The Bradys said what they were thankful for. Rafe visited Hope at the prison. Hope wanted Rafe to move on with his life. Jade announced to everyone that she’s pregnant. Everyone was shocked by her announcement.

Jennifer tried to convince Abby to see her son on his birthday. Abby thought it was too late for her to go downstairs. Chad called up to her and Abby panicked. Jennifer went downstairs to keep Chad from coming up. Jennifer was surprised to see Gabi at the house. JJ told her that Gabi gave him another chance. Julie apologized for her behavior. Rafe didn’t want to move on with his life. He was determined to help Hope. She was going to show Rafe the pic that the kids brought her, but the picture was ripped. Rafe warned Hope to watch her back. Abby was almost caught watching everyone celebrate Thomas’ birthday. Chad sensed someone on the steps. Jennifer stopped Chad from going upstairs. Gabi told JJ that Arianna was a little jealous because Thomas was getting toys. JJ offered to give Arianna something from the attic. Kayla saw a screenshot of Jade’s records and found out that she’s pregnant. Joey wanted her to stay with them. Jade pretended to be okay with staying with friends. Kayla wanted Jade to stay with them. Rafe told Shawn that they have to help Hope. Abby regretted her decision to leave her family. JJ was surprised to see Abby in the attic.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Nelle gets Sonny all riled up with the suggestion that Carly & Jax are sleeping together. She spikes his drink then helps him to his bedroom, where she helps remove his clothes. While an unconscious Sonny lies under the covers, Nelle removes her own clothing and gets into the bed next to him. Jax gets word that his mom is very sick, so he must return to Australia immediately. Josslyn is very unhappy at losing her dad and even more so when Carly begins to soften about Sonny again. Alexis' drinking spirals out of control when she accidentally runs over Julian then flees the scene. As soon as she's home, Jax stops by and advises her to get into rehab immediately, but she wants to put it off until tomorrow. Jax calls the hospital and assures Alexis that Julian will recover.

Sam wonders where her mother has been all night and doesn't buy the story that Alexis is taking care of Diane. Jordan is angry at André for not telling her that Curtis called. She doesn't feel that she needs to be protected from anyone and breaks up with André. Curtis meets with Sam & Jason as they brainstorm some more clues regarding the car bomb. At the hospital, Julian is afraid he's dying and wants to see his children one more time. He's about to tell Ava something important about him rejoining the organized crime family when his drugs kick in and he falls asleep. Ava tells Valerie that the same person who placed a bomb in his car has tried to kill Julian again.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria loses her wedding ring while she is trying on wedding dresses. Chelsea finds it but can't help noticing something is bothering Victoria. Victoria tells Chelsea that it bothers her that Travis wants to get married so quickly and that he didn't tell her that his ex-girlfriend Michelle came to town. Victoria tells Chelsea that Travis never talks to her about things, and she is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Travis tells Victor that he doesn't want him interfering in his relationship with Victoria, then he quits his job at Newman Enterprises. Travis asks Jill and Billy for a job at Brash and Sassy and tells Billy he wants to be the one to tell Victoria the news.

Chloe allows Sharon to see Christian while Chelsea is with Victoria helping her try on wedding dresses. Chelsea figures out what happened when Sharon shuts the door too hard while she is sneaking out of the condo, but she doesn't tell Nick that Sharon was there. Michael advises Dylan that he would have a better chance at getting visitation with Christian if he left Sharon out of the case, but Dylan refuses and is determined to fight for visitation with Sharon. Leslie advises Nick to give visitation to Dylan but not Sharon. Nick refuses to share Christian with anyone and prepares for a court battle. Jill tells Victoria that Travis came to visit and has some news. Victoria insists that Billy tells her what Travis talked to him about. Billy tells her Travis quit his job at Newman Enterprises and wants to work for Brash and Sassy. Victoria is upset that Travis didn't discuss it with her and knows that Billy knows something else he isn't telling her, but Billy tells her she needs to talk to Travis.

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