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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric’s house is autumn festive and he and Quinn welcome everyone to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. Steffy even hugs Quinn so that seems a good start. Quinn thanks Steffy for organizing this whole thing and for inviting Wyatt and that makes her so happy. Liam chimes in that they certainly wanted it to be as painless as possible for Wyatt. He overhears and joins in and asks if they are discussing the broccoli casserole. He will eat it and be delighted. Ivy tells them she tried to help but was thrown out of the kitchen. Bill walks in and thanks Eric for inviting him. He is talking to Wyatt when he glances up and sees Quinn’s portrait now over the mantel/fireplace. Some Thanksgiving he mocks. Then it gets worse when Brooke walks in with Ridge and RJ. He says he is sorry if she needed a ride but he will be taking her home. Katie and Will come in next and there are hugs and kisses all around. Things are a little frosty between Nicole and Zende. He tells her she looks beautiful and that he has the ring. He will always have it with him when she changes her mind. She says she cares about him so much but a lot has happened so they do not need to go there today. Maya and Rick see then sitting together and says it looks promising. It’s mentioned that Thomas is in NY with Caroline. As usual with Pam and Charlie in charge in the kitchen the place is in chaos with Brooke and Katie added to the mix. Then Eric sends RJ in to gather everyone for a picture or two. He thanks them and says they are for the ones who are not here today and they are missed and at least for this one day they can all put aside their differences. Steffy says she thinks she can speak for the entire family when she tells Eric that she is so grateful that he is healthy again and happy and together with them. And for that they can give thanks.

Around the dining table Steffy starts by saying they can each look to their side and say something nice and truthful about that person. When it is Charlie’s turn he turns to Pam and calls her his Sugar Plum and the light of his oven and his special ingredient. Pam tells Katie that she admires her and she reminds her of Stephanie in so many ways. Katie says some lovely things about Eric. He in turn tells Quinn that she has been so supportive and given him something to fight for. He will treasure her til his last day on this earth. Ivy tells Wyatt that there are several things she likes about him. He is dedicated and committed and knows exactly what he wants. And he has been willing to forgive a girl who did some pretty awful things. She is honored to call him her friend. Wyatt takes a deep breath and looks at Liam and says Steffy did this on purpose. But there is enough brotherly love and friendly competition that they can make it work. He almost chokes on it but admits that Liam is a good man and a good brother. And of course Liam gets his turn to tell Steffy that look at all she has accomplished today. It’s inspiring and infectious and he is never more grateful that having her in his life. Pam and Charlie wheel the turkey in and all the trimmings and the chowing down begins. Alone Liam tells Steffy that she made all of this happen and he is so proud of her. It’s like for this one day they all managed to put the bad stuff aside and have this wonderful day of thanks.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ asked Gabi for another chance to prove himself to her. He promised to treat her better than anyone was ever treated. Chad talked to Thomas about his growing feelings for Gabi. Chad didn’t think Abby would want him to be alone. Abby was about to approach Chad, but changed her mind. André told her to talk to Chad. Theo was upset when he found out that Abe was dating Valerie. Theo explained why she lied to her boss. Abe told Theo that he had to drop his issue with Valerie. Gabi decided to give JJ another chance. André reminded Abby that she was better and that she shouldn’t let Chad live his life alone. Abby agreed with him until Gabi met with Chad. Abby ended up running off. André caught up with Abby and she told him that he’s falling for Gabi. André assured her that Chad loves her. Gabi told Chad that JJ wanted another chance and that she’s going to give him one. Chad pretended to be happy for her.

Abe and Valerie went on their date. Abe wasn’t that happy that she lied to her boss, but he understood. Gabi told Chad that she changed her mind about JJ. She reminded him that he wanted to be friends. Abby told André that Chad doesn’t love her anymore. She thought she might have had a chance with him if he were alone. André reminded her again that she’s the love of Chad’s life. André told her that she should be there for Thomas if she didn’t want to be with Chad. Ciara and Claire talked to Theo about Valerie. Claire agreed with Theo and wanted to help him get dirt on her. Ciara thought that Valerie was a nice lady and telling the truth. Shawn overheard them and wondered what they were doing. Abby decided to go back to Jennifer’s place. Shawn told Ciara to be strong for Hope. Shawn advised Claire not to get involved with Theo’s plan for Valerie. She wanted to help him because she was suspicious of Valerie. Ciara advised Theo not to listen to Claire about Valerie, but he was sure she was up to something. Chad talked to Sonny about his relationship with Gabi and Sonny’s relationship with Paul. JJ saw Gabi at the town square and walked her to her car. Abby went back to Jennifer’s house and saw a gift from Thomas on the table. It made her realize that she should be there for Thomas.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Tracy steals her family's most treasured possessions to ensure their presence at Thanksgiving dinner. Monica, Ned, & Dillon finally come around to Tracy's way of thinking and decide they have to stick together. They happily merge into a group hug. As they sit down to dinner, they can't believe that the curse has been lifted and they're actually having turkey this year. Then they realize that their turkey was not steeped in brine, but rather Dr. Finn's "bacteria" solution. Thankful that they were not poisoned, the Quartermaine family order their old standby: pizza. As they wait for its delivery, they each state what they're thankful for. Ned thanks his mother for amply filling his grandparents' shoes. Just before they start eating, Ned leads everyone in the hymn "We Gather Together."

At Carly's house, Michael, Josslyn, Jax, and Nelle enjoy a delicious dinner. Olivia stops by to drop off some paperwork and notices the closeness between Carly and Jax. Sonny sits alone in his house and appreciates Dante's call wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving. Laura goes to visit Sonny and urges him to let his family back in when they return to him. Sonny tries to call Carly, but she doesn't answer, because she's too busy hugging Jax. Nelle notices and doesn't miss the opportunity to run to Sonny's and tell him that she saw his wife and Jax kissing. Laura joins all those gathered at Lulu & Dante's house, including Kevin, Maxie, Nathan, Olivia, & Rocco. Everyone is happy when Kevin officiates Lulu & Dante's surprise wedding. At a dive outside the city limits, Julian tries to convince Alexis to stop drinking so much and seek help, but she insists that he leave her alone. When he threatens to call Sam, Alexis breaks his phone. As she gets behind the wheel of her car, Julian tries to stop her, but Alexis accidentally runs him over.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City celebrate Thanksgiving with their family and friends and are thankful for being together. Billy brings food to the Abbott cabin for Jack and things are going pretty well until Billy mentions that Phyllis told him that he was alone at the cabin. Jack gets angry because he doesn't think Phyllis should stick her nose in his personal life. When Jack tells him to leave, Billy suggests he give Phyllis a second chance because she loves him. Jack goes down to Crimson Lights to serve food to the homeless. Victoria decides to take a leap of faith and accepts Travis's marriage proposal. Billy tells Victoria and Travis that he hopes they will be very happy together and doesn't tell her that Travis slept with Michelle. Dylan struggles to deal with the pain of losing Christian and keeping Sharon and Nikki happy. Dylan gets angry when he hears Sharon talking to Michael about suing Nick for visitation with Christian. Dylan storms out of Thanksgiving dinner at Chloe's and heads to the Newman Ranch to tell Nick he will be suing him for visitation rights.

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