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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam, Steffy and Quinn all sit and plan ahead for Thanksgiving. Eric wants to be sure they are all there and put aside their differences for the holiday. Pam wants to make a fresh batch of lemon bars which Quinn is not sure the doctors would advise but Steffy and Pam agree that one bar isn’t going to harm Eric so lemon bars it will be. Eric says he is thankful for his three favorite girls all together to make this day special. Quinn says she knows one person who won’t be here – Wyatt. Quinn says Wyatt lives here and he is suffering. They have much to celebrate this year but it will be very hard for him to sit across the table from her and Liam. She says she has no right to ask but she wishes Steffy would ask him to join them. She may be the only one who could get him to come. Maya and Rick talk to Zende and he says he knows they are mad at him, but they have one baby by Nicole and yet they asked for another. He did not think that was right. Maya accuses him of sleeping with Sasha. He says yes and he wishes he could take that back. Nicole is outside the door and hears him say that he loves only Nicole. It will always be Nicole. She tries to duck out but Zende sees her and again starts up how sorry he is. Nicole says the Avants will not be there for Thanksgiving as Viv has the flu and Julius wants to stay with her. Maya and Rick agree that in the spirit of the holiday they should forgive Zende and just hope that he and Nicole can get back together. Wyatt comes home and Steffy manages to catch him alone and asks him to please come to the Thanksgiving dinner. All he has to do is just be there; she wants him to be with his family. He shrugs it off and says the last thing he wants to do is sit across the table from her and Liam and say what they are thankful for. He has suffered enough and that would just be more. It will always be too soon. She says both she and Liam understand but maybe it will help in the long term if not for right now. She says what they had was real but his own mom put all the pieces in place.

Maya admits that all she saw was the smile on her baby's face and thought another child would only make it grow. Now she is worried that she has ruined things for Nicole and Zende. Nicole tells Zende that she walked in on him and Sasha and she cannot get that out of her head. He says this does not have to destroy them. He regrets how he handled things but he still loves her and is fighting for her right now. She is the only woman he will ever love. She says God knows she wants to believe that and she knows he does too, but they are just words she cannot believe. He says he has more than words. He pulls out a ring box and hands it toward her. Eric is so happy that Quinn and Steffy have put aside their differences to all be here tomorrow. Steffy tells Wyatt that she will always cherish her memories with him and does not regret a minute. Her feelings for him were real but before him she was in love with his brother. And except for his mother’s dirty tricks she and Liam would be married. He says being with her was the best days of his life but that seems to be water under the damn or over the bridge, anyway it is over. She says she would like to start a new beginning and that can start tomorrow if he promises to be there. He says maybe he can stop by. He quips he does not want to miss out on the mystery seating arrangements. Nicole says she does not know what he has there but do not even open it. She cannot trust him. That all stopped when she saw him and Sasha. He says he wants to tell the family tomorrow that they are engaged and the next baby she has will be his. She listens but says she can’t. He says then at least come tomorrow. It will mean so much to his grandfather. And someday she will be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne was torn between Lucas and Justin. Adrienne was upset that Justin ruined her wedding. Sonny told her that he was the one who talked Justin into going after him. Justin talked to Victor about Adrienne until he got a phone call. Lucas was at the pub and ran into Anne. She almost tempted Lucas with a drink. Jennifer and Abby talked about Chadís feelings for Gabi when Andre showed up. Andre didnít see Abby at the house. Chad and Gabi were making out until her phone went off. They realized they made a mistake and wanted to keep their distance from each other. JJ told Rafe that he cheated on Gabi. Rafe was upset with JJ but would forgive him in Gabi did. Andre wanted to give Jennifer a story, and he noticed that she tried to get rid of him. He also noticed a fork on the table, but Jennifer said that she and JJ had dinner together. Andre sent her out of the room so he could take the fork. He left out of Jenniferís house. Chad and Gabi continued to talk about needing space from each other. JJ told Rafe he would do what he could to get Gabi back. Justin and Lucas showed up at the hotel to meet Adrienne. They were all surprised to see each other.

Sonny told Adrienne. Justin, and Lucas that they had to stay in the room until Adrienne made a decision. Justin suggested that they pled their cases. Abby snuck out of the house and ran into Andre. Andre knew she was with Jennifer. He wanted to know when she was going to tell him about her plans. Gabi overheard JJ talking to Rafe about her. JJ wanted to do right by Gabi. She walked in the room while they were talking. Gabi let JJ know that she was devastated by what happened. Abby let Andre know that she didnít tell Jennifer that he and Laura helped her stage her death. Andre was glad that she didnít tell her the truth. Andre thought she should tell Chad that sheís alive, but she thought he was in love with Gabi. Kate advised Chad to go after Gabi. Justin expressed his feelings for Adrienne. Lucas pled his case to Adrienne. JJ asked Gabi for another chance. Kate advised Chad to go after Gabi. He felt like he was betraying Abby. Andre tried to downplay Chadís relationship with Gabi. Andre told Abby to go to Chad again. Abby finally agreed to see Chad. Adrienne couldnít choose between them, but Sonny wouldnít let her leave without making a decision. Andre and Abby saw Chad at the town square. She tried to leave, but Andre urged her to talk to Chad. Abby walked towards Chad.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Alexis hosts Thanksgiving dinner for her daughters, TJ, Jordan, Andrť, & Curtis. Watching everyone else drinking alcohol and having to abstain because of her promise to Sam upsets Alexis, so she makes an excuse to leave the house, then another one to stay away. Julian receives a cryptic call and meets Gray at the roadhouse where he runs into Alexis who's drinking at the bar. Andrť has to leave because of a patient, and Jordan learns from Curtis that her boyfriend ordered him to stay away from her. Scott comes through for Ava when he gets hold of Morgan's pill bottle by seducing Lucy and replaces the placebos with real lithium pills.

Ava takes Avery to the Metro Court to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kiki during her breaks from work as a waitress in the restaurant. Kiki has fun teaching her little sister she can make her wish come through by pulling on an end of a wishbone and ending up with the larger part. Dillon is at the Metro Court pretending he has to work, so he doesn't have to go home to be with his family. When he orders a turkey dinner, Kiki delivers a turkey burger instead, which they end up sharing. Scott delivers the good news to Ava and looks forward to the favors she's going to provide him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

A Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate is held at Crimson Lights with Esther and Phyllis helping. Neil, Cane, and Lily spend Thanksgiving together at the house. Cane is lying on the sofa just being released from the hospital. Devon gives Hilary pointers on how to deal with Esther and Phyllis. Hilary joins them and starts up a conversation with Phyllis after Esther departs for the kitchen. At home, Jill and Billy discuss how Travis proposed to Victoria. Jill and Billy both leave for Crimson Lights. Abby and Summer join Jack at the cabin to share Thanksgiving dinner with him. Jack tells Abby that Traci will be joining them but then he finds out that she isn't feeling well. Cane and Neil start to talk "shop" until Lily puts a stop to it. Billy and Jill join the others at Crimson Lights. Jill asks Esther to hand out pamphlets for Brash and Sassy but Esther refuses. Hilary confronts Phyllis about her affair with Billy, but Devon soon has to stop them. Esther notices that Billy has arrived and so does Hilary. Hilary tells Mariah that there is bound to be fireworks.

Summer gives Abby instructions on how to deep-fry the turkey until Summer reads that you should never deep-fry a frozen turkey. Smoke fills the entire kitchen. Abby tells them that at least they have the pies. Hilary asks Jill why Billy and Phyllis are there. Devon stops Hilary from harassing Jill. Billy and Phyllis discuss Jack, Ashley, and Traci. Back and GC Buzz, Hilary looks at the camera footage and realizes that Mariah saved them. Devon calls Lily to watch the segment on GC Buzz. Billy visits Jack at the cabin and brings him Thanksgiving dinner.

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