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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he has always treasured her and that is what his mother would want for them to be together and lead FC into the future. RJ says he does not need any more impressive moves by Bill. He just wants to know if he does marry his mom if Bill will keep her happy. Bill says despite the fact that Ridge is still in the picture they are going to get married and he promises to keep her happy. Katie tells Quinn that she is over-reacting. Quinn replies that there are hundreds of houses on the market and some in this area and she is not going to have her as a neighbor. Katie explains that it is ideal for her….in a good neighborhood, close to Will’s school and has a splendid view. She would be a fool to pass it by. Steffy drops in on Eric and says she still has major issues with Quinn but she’d like to spend the holidays with him. They were wrong to boycott his wedding but it was not to hurt him but out of a place of love. They hug and he says he wants her there at Thanksgiving along with her dad and everyone else. RJ tells Brooke that his time with Bill was not awful. He gave him a different perspective. He’s better than he thought. Brooke says good, just give him a chance. Ridge tells his mom that the talk with Brooke went well. Suddenly Bill shows up and chides him for trying to court Brooke at his mother’s gravesite. Ridge asks doesn’t Bill have a business to run and not follow him around. Bill says it is not going to work….no matter how many tricks Ridge pulls out of his bag. He needs to knock it off otherwise he might want to add a space to the family plot. Bill says he knows what he and Brooke have and Ridge is just using RJ now that he is home. He and Brooke always find their way back to each other and Bill knows that.

Eric tells Steffy about Katie moving in next door and he thinks that is where Quinn is. He thinks she saw the text from Katie and is not too happy about that. Quinn tells Katie that she is not insecure; she trusts Eric, but it is Katie that she does not trust. Katie says this sounds like the old Quinn. She can take this or leave it but do not self sabotage herself. Quinn agrees that is the way she is wired and it always seemed she was up against the world so naturally with Katie coming over with red lipstick she thought she was conspiring to get her husband. Quinn thinks it over and says she is sorry. She was out of line and she hopes Katie does get this house. She gives Katie a hug. She knows she is Mrs. Eric Forrester and that is the woman she wants to be. When she goes back home Eric is there to question her. He says he knows she saw the text and went next door and he suspects gave it to Katie. She says not really; they ended on a good note. He says he is proud of her as Katie is a good person. The realtor tells Katie that the sellers accepted her offer; the house is now hers. Katie is ecstatic and can’t wait to begin her life there – her home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Andre that he had feelings for Gabi. He didnít want to pursue a relationship with Gabi because she just broke up with JJ. Gabi talked to Dario about her weird relationship with Chad. Justin stopped Adrienne and Lucasí wedding. Lucas wanted him out of the church, but Adrienne was willing to talk to him. Dario advised Gabi not to be close to JJ or Chad. He wanted her to choose between Chad and the DiMeras. Andre reminded Chad that he was still in mourning. Chad was upset that Andre brought Abby up. Andre also felt like Gabi shouldnít work for the company. Jennifer tried to convince Abby not to keep hiding. Abby never had any intention of being back in Salem. Abby only came back to town because she heard about JJ being shot. Jennifer wondered how she found out about JJ. Abby covered up and said that she read it online. Jennifer thought Abby was back for Chad. Justin told Adrienne that he loved her. He knew she felt the same way about him. He wanted to fix their relationship. Justin wanted another chance with her. Jennifer told Abby what Chadís been through while she was gone. Abby didnít want to tell Chad anything because heís with Gabi. Joey told Kayla that heís going to be a father. Lucas told Justin that Adrienne loves him and that they were getting married.

Jennifer let Abby know that Chad loves her. Abby thought Chad was over her because she saw him with Gabi. Jennifer told her not to believe what she saw. Gabi told Chad that she quit and Chad wanted to fire her. They were surprised by the other oneís response. They laughed at each other. Joey explained what happened with Jade to Steve and Kayla. They left the church. Adrienne admitted that she loved Lucas and Justin. Kate told her to make up her mind, but she ran off. Chad told Gabi that he wasnít ready to be with her. Gabi wasnít ready to be with him either. They decided not to work together anymore. Abby couldnít go to Chad after walking away from him and Thomas so easily. She mentioned again that Chad was moving on with Gabi. Jennifer told her that Chad and Thomas need her. Steve and Kayla wondered if Jadeís telling the truth about the baby. Lucas punched Justin in the face. Philip and Sonny kept them a part. Joey told his parents that he was going to drop out of school and take care of the baby. Sonny found Adrienne and she felt bad about breaking Lucasí heart. Andre was determined to be the one to bring Abby back. Chad and Gabi argued over him offering her severance pay and they kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Nelle pumps Kiki for information about Carly & Sonny's relationship. Nelle seems happy to hear that they've been married five times and hopes they'll break up for good. Carly is embarrassed at having thrown herself at Jax in her grief, so they decide to keep it strictly between them, but Nelle eavesdrops and smiles. To make Hayden feel better, Finn tells her that she may not have his disease, but Tracy knows better. She worries that now Finn will have to share his dwindling "medication" with Hayden. Curtis visits Hayden because he cares about her. After Finn asks Tracy to invite Hayden to stay at the Quartermaine Mansion, Hayden declines, because she knows she's not wanted there. Finn receives Hayden's test results. Curtis shares his surveillance camera footage with Jason, but there's a van blocking their view of Julian's car at The Floating Rib. They surmise that it was placed there on purpose. Diane succeeds in getting Sonny released under house arrest. Both Michael and Dante believe in his innocence and are there to support him. Sensing his bias, Jordan takes Dante off the case. Sonny is fitted with an ankle monitor and is glad not to be in jail. Dante goes to inform Carly about his father's release then he goes to Sonny's to check on him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe have an argument because he thinks that she should tell Bella's father he has a daughter. Chloe tells him her daughter is none of his business. Chloe later apologizes to Kevin and they make plans to spend Thanksgiving together. Billy watches as Travis proposes to Victoria in the park and later talks to Ashley about whether or not to tell Victoria that Travis slept with Michelle. Ashley tells Billy not to ruin Victoria's happiness since Michelle has left town. Nick and Chelsea help Faith with a video project for school about the first Thanksgiving. Chelsea and Mariah both advise Sharon to let Faith stay with Nick until she can come to terms with the fact that she took Christian away from Nick and lied for a year to everyone. Sharon thinks Chelsea is just telling her this because she has feelings for Nick and wants him to be happy. Victoria asks Billy for his advice about Travis's marriage proposal, and he tells her to trust her gut and she will make the right choice. Devon orders Hilary to do a story she doesn't want to do so that she can get her mind off Sharon, Nick, and Christian.

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