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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Over Stephanie’s gravesite, Ridge tells Brooke that RJ is back and they can have their family together. She has flashbacks of her last days with a dying Stephanie. She’s just glad at the end they got over their differences and loved each other. Ridge tells her to be with him as she cannot be part of the Forrester’s if she is married to Bill. Brooke admits she did not make it easy but in the end Stephanie accepted her and put her in charge of the family. Ridge says yes they both screwed it up but they can make it right now. Meanwhile Bill is showing RJ his office and tells him to sit down in the big boy seat and look at Spencer Publications. RJ seems impressed. Liam drops in. He tells RJ to keep an open mind; Bill might surprise him. He’s an acquired taste but his mom gets him and they are good for each other. In bed, Eric tells Quinn that he was next door with Katie as she is thinking of buying the place. She would be crazy not to. Katie puts in her bid with her realtor who tells her this is ideal as she already knows her neighbor. Eric asks Quinn if there is a problem with Katie living next door. Quinn says there could be. She does not think it is appropriate for a woman, any woman, to keep dropping by to see him especially when Katie knows she is not there. She knows she had a good reason once but then she keeps showing up and now buying the house so she is suspicious.

Eric starts to say Quinn is his wife so there is no concern. Quinn interrupts and says he just cannot see how this looks. He says he does see. But no other woman can come waltzing in here with red lipstick on her lips so no more concern for Katie. Quinn says the old Quinn would be seeking revenge right now and putting Katie in her place, but she is not going there. Quinn goes downstairs and happens to check Eric’s phone. He has a text from Katie who tells him she is next door and making an offer on the house. She ends it with XO. Katie is surprised to find Quinn at the door. She says Rick told her about the place and it is ideal. Quinn says that is good but she could have looked longer and found a better one suited for her. She asked her to stay away and she will not let her buy this house. Wyatt finds it interesting that Katie has bought the house next door and wonders how Quinn will welcome Katie. Brooke tells Ridge that they never worked out so it probably won’t now just because Ridge decrees it. She says what she has suddenly found is that she does not need anybody. He surprises her when he pulls out a box and it has Stephanie’s ring. She asks if he is asking to marry her?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa said goodbye to Shane, Kimberly, and Tate. Kimberly was worried about how she was going to take Mateo down. Shane believed she would be back in a month. Philip approached Brady and thought he was sucking up to Deimos, but he was wrong. Brady snapped at Philip when he started talking about how the family is treating him. Adrienne and Lucas prepared for their wedding. Brady let Philip know that he wasnít worried about Titan. Theresa went to the mansion to get her things and say goodbye to Tate again. She asked Victor to look out for Brady. She also asked him to keep Brady sober. Victor told her that he was proud of her. Joey met Jade in the park. He wanted her to look him in the eye and tell him that sheís pregnant. Justin was upset that he lost Hopeís case, but Sonny wondered if he was upset about Adrienneís wedding. Sonny thought Justin could stop Adrienne from marrying Lucas. Steve asked Adrienne if she was sure that she was ready to marry Lucas. He wasnít sure she was over Justin. Kate wondered if Lucas was doing the right thing by marrying Adrienne.

Brady talked to Philip about what happened with Theresa. Philip apologized to Brady for what he said. Brady felt like something was off about her. Theresa said goodbye to Tate again. Jade was surprised that Joey didnít believe her. Joey reminded her that she was on the pill. Jade intended to have the baby so Joey had to figure out what to do. Joey walked away from her. Justin thought about when he proposed to Adrienne. Brady saw Theresa with her bag. He was convinced she was hiding something. He asked her not to leave. Adrienne and Lucasí wedding was about to start. Joey arrived at the church and told Steve that he had to tell him something. Theresa took off her ring and gave it back to Brady. He could understand that she wanted to leave him, but not Tate. She reminded him that his ex snatched him from her womb so she didnít give birth to him. She continued to pretend not to care about Tate. Brady wanted to know where she was going and when she was coming back. She told him not to leave the light on for her and walked out of the mansion. Joey told Steve that Jade was pregnant. Justin interrupted the wedding. Theresa met Mateo and they prepared to leave town. Shane let someone know that they were leaving. Brady walked to the alcohol and smashed it on the floor. Victor saw Brady and hugged him.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Tom Baker accosts Elizabeth near Kelly's and informs her that her boyfriend tried to kill him. Back at the hospital, she confronts Franco about having lied to her again and doubts their future relationship. Franco gives Sam his heartfelt apology for the horrible things he did to her, but she will not accept it. Sam and Jason get help from Spinelli on a critical lead to find out who set the bomb in Julian's car that killed Morgan. Unhappy with the progress of Curtis' investigation, Julian fires him and reports to his secret boss. Diane goes to the jail to escort Sonny to his arraignment and is happy to hear that he will fight the charges against him in his quest for justice.

Judge Rawles questions Charlotte and sees that the little girl loves her "Papa." After Anna makes a strong case against Valentin, the judge retires to consider the evidence. Out in the hall, Griffin loses his cool when Valentin suggests that Claudette is gone for good and punches him. After the judge witnesses the physical violence, she finds there isn't enough corroborating evidence to keep Valentin away from his daughter and awards him custody of Charlotte. Valentin happily takes Charlotte off to live at Wyndemere. Josslyn plays matchmaker with her parents and succeeds in getting Jax to stay at their house through Thanksgiving. Remembering all their good times together, Carly and Jax kiss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Chelsea spend time together at the Newman home. He wants her to stay awhile with him so he can share the pictures that he took at the birthday party. Travis tells Victoria about seeing Michelle and spending some time with her. At the Athletic Club, Ashley and Billy discuss the fact that Travis and Michelle slept together. Billy becomes furious and wants to get revenge on Travis. Lily visits Cane in the hospital after his surgery, but all he wants to do is to get back to work at Brash and Sassy. Chelsea shows Nick some pics of Connor at the birthday party. Faith tells Sharon that she no longer wants to live here and wants to live with Nick and Christian. Sharon is upset by this news and leaves Faith to talk to Dylan. Nick admits how he misses Sage at Christian's birthday party. Chelsea tells him that Sage will be here in spirit. Victoria wonders why Travis hadn't told her about Michelle sooner. Travis tells Victoria that he only loves her. Faith reminds Dylan how mean Sharon had been to everyone concerning Christian. Faith also tells Dylan that she doesn't want to be around Sharon right now. Nick and Chelsea discuss how they go on with their lives despite the fact that they have lost their loved ones.

Lily calls Victoria and Billy for a conference call on Cane's behalf. Ashley tries to make up excuses for Travis sleeping with Michelle. At Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Billy handle the conference call from Lily. Victoria tells Billy that Travis told her everything about Michelle. Billy doesn't understand how Victoria can be this calm about the fact that Travis slept with Michelle. Dylan takes Faith to Nick's and tells him that she wants to live with him. Chelsea takes Faith upstairs and talks to her about her own childhood with her mother. Mariah tries to calm Sharon after she tells her that Faith wants to live with Nick. Dylan and Nick have a heart-to-heart talk about Faith and Sharon and what is going on. Dylan goes home, but when Sharon finds out that he took Faith to Nick, she forces him out.

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